20 December 2007

Blog Encyclopaedia Challenge & Merry Christmas!

The wonderful Jo over at PBP issued a challenge to compile a blog encyclopaedia about yourself, she said "It's not going to be a weekly, monthly, daily thing. You update as you want. If you do A-Z all in one week then so be it. Otherwise just take your time and work through the alphabet, no set number of topics per letter or anything."

Well I was always one to love a bit of a challenge. BUT I can't promise that I will faithfully post every week (I'll try Jo I promise!) but I'm going to give it a damn good try. So here we go - my first post in my Blog Encyclopaedia!

Credits - "A" from Pauline Rossi & Aries charm by Lemonaid Lucy

I also wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas - we are leaaving tomorrow to go to Hervey Bay and we won't be back unitl after Boxing Day so I wanted to send you all a big Christmas Hug!

Everything in the Card from the Christmas Magic kit by Paint the Moon and Holliewood Studios

So to all of you, my friends and my family, Merry Christmas, be happy, be safe be loved! And I will be back before the New Year! Ta Ta
Hugs A!

17 December 2007


I have been taking advantage of the peace and quiet around here and I have done a little bit of scrapping LOL. The kids are nice and rested now and are at the stage where they will need entertaining soon so I won't have as much time to laze around creating LOs! So anyway I'm enjoying it while I can - which is good because Natalie has been putting out a few awesome little goodies for me to play with.

And here is the LO I did with it for my Dad (told you didn't I Dad LOL!)

Another new goodie is the Live your Life mini -

And this is my darling Bella having a good laugh on the Chair Ride at the Brisbane Ekka this year!

Credits for both LO are everything by NATALIE BIRD (except the Sanded Edge Action by Atomic Cupcake)

Well anyway I have to go - I'm visiting my friend Kelly and her lovely new little baby boy (mmmm I love babies - oh and Kelly LOL) and I have a few things to do before I leave. So hugs to you all and I'll chat soon! Ta ta.

14 December 2007

Back again so soon? LOL!

Peace has finally decended on our house! Ahhhhhh the kids are on holidays at last and we have had a pretty restful week. The kids are now officially DVDed out after a couple of marathon sessions of the latest new releases, and I never want to see the inside of a DVD shop again - hah hah well at least until they want to go back! I have done MOST of the Christmas shopping, all the Christmas cards are done and ready for posting, and those of you who receive pressies from me, rest assured they will be in the mail tomorrow LOL. So I am feeling relatively before-hand with the world at the moment, but that wont last. We may, or may not, be in Brissy for Christmas, we MAY be heading up to Hervey Bay for the Christmas period, it all depends on my FIL's health. There is some talk amongst the doctors here that he may be sent back for Christmas but they haven't made any final decisions as yet but hey! there is PLENTY of time! It will be wonderful for him to be back in Hervey bay for Christmas though :).

Well I finally got some time to myself and I have finished a couple of LO's for Natalie *smile*. They are pretty different from each other as you will see but that is the beauty of Natalie's stuff - so versitile!

Sea World
Credits here and

Art is Subjective
Credits here.

Anyway I got the all clear to share with you some exciting scrapping news! Ha ha! Sorry about teasing before but I had to check LOL. Well the news is that Natalie has opened her own store! You can find all her lovely goodies at Natalie Bird Designs and for a short time only she has a wonderful sale going on and you can pick up this delicious freebie too

- so run! don't walk over to check it all out!

Well I have to go now, the kids are watching Santa Clause 3 and I promised to watch it with them so I'll be back later with more thrilling news LOL! Ta ta for now :)

10 December 2007

Ahhhh - the worst is over!

Well after a mind-blowingly busy week, it is all over! The kids are now officially on seven weeks holiday and all the break-ups and parties are done! We are going to relax and have a quiet week, catching up on some quiet time, watching DVDs and trying for some afternoon naps LOL. Well we will relax until the play-dates and friends-over things start LOL!

Do you know the best bit about Summer holidays (sarcasm alert!!!) - the kids get off school just in time for the temperature to climb to an average of 31 degrees C (if we are lucky or it might average at 35!), and the humidity leaps to about 95% (LOL) making everyone hot and cranky! Did I mention that I hate Summer? hate it, hate it, hate it! Oh well, I have an air-conditioned bedroom and so do the kids LOL.

This weekend not only marked the end of the school year at our place, but it also marked a time of birthdays here too :). Hubby and Tasha share the same birthday, Tasha turned 6 and hubby turned a little bit older than that LOL! Well Tasha had a wonderful day being the centre of attention, which is her favorite place to be! Hubby says it's just another day and he doesn't know what all the fuss is about, but I saw that he clutched his bottle of Kahlua to his chest happily LOL!

So happy birthday to two of my favorite people in the whole world - I love you both so much!

So with all this activity, I haven't had a chance to do any new LO's sorry - shhhh don't tell Natalie LOL, but I will be getting on to some asap, I promise!

Oh and I have some exciting scrapping news but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say yet, so I might have to get back to you tomorrow LOL!

One last thing before I go, I just wanted to say thank you so very much for your lovely comments, it means so much to me that you take the time to say "Hi!" and I just wanted to *hug* you :)

06 December 2007

Sorry about that - life got in the way!

OK I have been absent from my blog for a little while but I have been busy, busy, busy! I'm really wondering people, how did I do it all when I worked? I just don't know LOL!

Well since I last blogged the silly season has taken off in full swing. I honestly don't know where to start in listing what we have been up to but it includes things like, birthday parties, Christmas Litergies, Guide Camps, Christmas Concerts,Carol Singing, Christmas Card photo shoots, Christmas shopping, birthday present shopping for Tasha and hubby (who is very hard to buy for can I just tell you!), break-up parties at school and for hubby's work, CT LO's AND trying to find time to actually speak to my friends and family before December 25th! I still have a list of outstanding things to do and a couple of presents left to but after tomorrow (Bella's class break-up in the morning, a pool party at her friends place in the arvo and then an Irish Dancing concert for my Goddaughter in the evening) and most of the craziness will be OVER!! Horray!

BTW Tasha was an Angel for the Prep Christmas Litergy and I have to share with you how totally cute she looked, Mum made the costume for her (thanks so much Mum!).....

OK, on the CT front I have finished another couple of LOs using Natalie's gorgeous products. Details of which products I used and where they can be purchased can be found in the credits links - thanks for looking!
Don't forget to check Natalie's blog for a list of her great new products including
- Spring is in Bloom and
Twist It Ribbons and
Hardware Pack. Ohh do you like the new packaging? It looks really classy don't you think?

Here are my recent LO's -

Using Natalie's Dude! kit - Credits here

Feeding the Red Deer
Credits here

Little Miss Attitude
Using Natalie's Cool Attitude kit - Credits here

Tasha and Tiger
Using Natalie's awesome Hardware kit - Credits here

I had best get my act together and do some more LO's with those new goodies of Nat's before she fires me from the CT LOL. Seriously, Natalie is a designing machine and is just in a designing frenzy at teh moment - it's hard to keep up ahahahahhaha! I'll manage though because I love it all so much!

Well that is all from me today, I have to go and pick up my big girlie from school soon (Tasha finished Prep yesterday so she's at home - crazy tired after a birthday party this morning LOL), so I'll say good-bye for now!

23 November 2007

New CT stuff

Just popping in to say a big "Hi!" and to show off another couple of new LO's using the lovely Natalie Bird's products. I just love using her wonderful mix of grungy, magical goodies! I can't wait to see what her new stuff will be *wink*

A trip to the Park!
Credits are here


Fairies at the bottom of my Garden!
Credits here

Well in other BIG CT news, Natalie and I have decided that we like each other's stuff so much that I'm staying on as a permanent CT member! I can't begin to tell you how excited and thrilled I feel, being able to work with such a wonderful designer who is also a really lovely person. I can't wait to see what the future is going to hold *happy dance*!

18 November 2007

Another LO!

Seriously........ it is so easy to do lots of LOs with Natalie Bird's lucious stuff *smile*

This LO features Natalie's Together Forever kit, aren't the colours lush? Such a pleasure to work with!

Credits are here - if you like it feel free to leave me a little love LOL!

Hmmm I wonder if I have time to do another one before dinner??????? maybe not lmao!


I have some VERY exciting news to share with you all! I am so pleased and proud to announce that I have been accepted to do a Guest CT spot for the lovely and talented Natalie Bird (and the crowd goes wild!). Thanks so much for giving me this chance Nat!

For those who may not know (seriously! where have you been?), Natalie sells her designs at both Desigins in Digital and Pickleberrypop and her designs are filled with amazing colours and textures. I really hope that I can do her talent justice *smile*.

So without further ado - here is my first LO featuring Natalie's goodies.

Details on Natalie's products used in this LO can be found here.

Well I had best be off, I have more LOs to do and the happy dance to finish *snicker* so ta ta for now!

Oh and "HI Dad" - Thanks for reading *wink*

15 November 2007

I love this song......

I found this clip while scrounging around looking for a new Coldplay song for my blog! I was a child of the eighties and I was also a mad keen Cyndi fan. This song just spoke to me when I was an angst riddled teen and it still makes me feel all gooey when I hear it now (in my 40's LOL), I hope you like it too :)

12 November 2007

Well, I have a few things to chat about...........

In family news, on Wednesday, the Preps went to the Trevena Glen Farm for their excursion and I tagged along for a look. It didn't rain that much while we were there, thank heavens, and it was a lovely day. Tasha and the kids had a great time, they milked a cow, fed pigs, lambs & poddy calves, cuddled baby chicks and sat on the worlds most placid bull. This year the horse rides were out because of the Equine Flu but the kids didn't mind because they got to sit on a very strange eight legged cow (man-made LOL). Here are a couple of pics of Tasha, these are the only ones that don't have any of the other children in them LOL.

In other family news, my FIL seems to be getting better every day and today his tracheotomy (sp?) tube came out at last. So hopefully, after eleven long weeks, he is on the mend, fingers crossed.

In scrapping news, I was delighted to find out that I was actually awarded some points in the SUAS contest! I received a total of eleven points (2 points for week 4's LO & 9 points for week 5's LO) - how amazing is that, I never expected to get anything at all! I can't tell you how much it meant to me that a couple of judges thought that two of my LOs were worthy of their attention in such a crowd of amazingly talented scrappers! *blush*

Other scrapping news was that on Sunday I had the opportunity to meet up with a couple of the Brisbane ladies from Designs in Digital IN REAL LIFE! It was wonderful to meet up with such lovely people who also happen to share my love of digital scrapbooking (or is that obsession?). So the get together included me (of course), Pauline (leenie), Leonie (Honie), Heather (heathermum) and Sylvia (messytigger). Bella came along so that we could go Mother/Daughter shopping afterwards for some summer clothes and she ended up taking a couple of photos of us all(and she did a pretty good job too LOL!). So here we are, internet pals meeting in real life - it really IS a small, small world LOL!

Credits are here
Well this has been a huge post, so I will finish off now so, ta ta to anyone reading, be you friend or family :)

06 November 2007

The SUAS winners have been announced!

Congratulations to the 6 wonderfully talented scrappers who took out the top three places in each category, they are all very well deserved winners, their work is just amazing! You might be able to find out their galleries from the SUAS blog in a couple of days if you are interested. And now that the big reveal has taken place we are all allowed to show the world our LO's. I have decided that I will only put mine in my DID gallery because DID is my "home gallery" (and because I'm lazy LOL!), oh and here on my blog. I put a lot of work into these LO's and most of the time I was really happy with them (even though I never placed once ha ha ha). I am bummed about leaving a "w" out of the journaling in the final week #6 LO argggh, I was so tired when I posted it I missed seeing it! I might fix it before I post it here lmao. Oh what the heck, you can see what a twit I was and anyway, I think that I flattened the damn text before saving it so I can't change it without re-doing all the journaling *sigh!*.

So without further ado - here are my LO's for the SUAS Contest.

Challenge #1
Dream Free

Credits here

Challenge #2
Sweetness in everyday moments

Credits here

Challenge #3
Sing a Song

Credits here

Challenge #4

Credits here

Challenge #5

Credits here

Challenge #6

Credits here

Well that is enough posing for one night so I'm off to bed! I had a big day with the Preppies today and I'm pooped! We made some cool paper hobby horses and had a pretend Cup Race on the Oval, and we coloured in and cut out farm animal masks to wear too. Tomorrow is the Prep excursion to the Trevena Glen Farm so another big day ahead LOL. Ta ta to you all.

04 November 2007

I can take a hint!

Just for you Carol, here is the recipe for the Carrot Cake LOL. It isn't anything wildly exciting but it does taste yummy. All pieces in the recipe card are from Kay Miller's All Organic kit.

I hope that you can read it - if not click on the card and it will show up bigger!

Must buzz - I'm for an early night tonight, I have a date with the air-conditioner lmao. Ta ta!

02 November 2007

Twice in a week - I'm on a roll!

Well hello there! It has been such a busy week for me and I can't believe that it is finally Friday and I can't believe that I am actually blogging twice in one week LOL. I have been so lucky to have special visitors this week - I had my darling niece and her Mum (who is also a dear friend), staying for a couple of nights on their way back home from a holiday. It was so wonderful to see them both and all three of the girls got on like little house fires LMAO! I couldn't get over how alike my niece and Tasha are, in temperament and in looks. Needless to say I took loads of photos.

Anyway I thought that I would post a photo from Mum's birthday dinner the other night - it's a cute photo of Mum (my step-dad & dd are in the pic too!) and you can check out my fab carrot cake (bwahaha!).

On the scrapping front I was thrilled to read about this great challenge over at DesignsInDigital . This is Pauline's challenge to us - "I would love for everyone to get in touch with their own ‘inner beauty’ and create a layout about their beauty. Let’s all feel beautiful and good about who we are and shout it out to the world!". There is a fantastic posting reward if you do a LO and you can read all about it here. Pauline created this challenge after being inspired by Ngaire Bartlem's “Beautiful, Like a Rainbow” project. You can see Ngaire's blog here, it is really inspiring stuff! I very rarely do LOs with myself as the focus and it was pretty confronting but I am happy with the end result -

Credits can be found here

Well I had best get moving, dinner to cook and the kids to get in the bath, no rest for the weary LOL. Ta ta for now

PS - Happy birthday Maree for Wednesday - hug hug hug hug

29 October 2007

I've become a weekly blogger LOL

Well it looks like I have become a weekly blogger doesn't it :). It has been pretty quiet here and there hasn't been anything major to report, sorry. OK to sum up the week just gone - On the home front I spent another day with the Prep kids on Tuesday and I am beginning to think that the teacher has it in for me (ha ha ha). We did paper mache (sp?) ladybettles and the glue was EVERYWHERE! One sweet darling had it all over the front of her uniform and I have been hiding from her mother ever since LOL! Good thing it is only flour & water glue! Seriously though it really is a rewarding day! I get to spend time with my youngest DD and watch her interact with other children and I also get to see my eldest at lunch when she is swarmed by little Preppies wanting to hug her (now that is FUNNY!).

Other family news is that we had Mum & Joe over for dinner on Saturday night for her birthday (which is actually today) and I made a carrot cake from scratch. Doesn't sound a lot does it? Well let me tell you that I am normally a packet mix cake kind of girl and cakes made from scratch are not usually a feature of my household. So I was as pleased as punch that I managed to make something that was actually edible :).

Lastly, my poor FIL managed to get out of ICU for a night before being rushed back again the next day with fluid built up around his heart *sigh*. Poor guy, I bet he is totally sick of ICU by now. On the plus side, they managed to get it all sorted pretty quickly and they let him spend some time out on the veranda over the weekend so he could look out at the world he hasn't seen for over 2 months.

Now the scrapping front has been a bit quiet too (my MIL really does love to do housework with me!!!) but I managed to finish the SUAS contest. I posted Challenge #6 last night and although it isn't as dazzling as many in the gallery, I was really happy with the message. We were supposed to tell of what we were going to do to "change the world" & I spoke about my children's fear that the drought will go on and I talked about the things that we can do to help conserve and protect our environment. So that was six weeks of my scrapping life finished with and I hope that I won't slump back into mojo-less land :). I can't wait until we can reveal our LO's, I really think that a couple of my LO were the best I have done.

I did manage to get a LO done for the Pickleberrypop Meme Challenge for October and it was lots of fun.

Credits are here

Well time is getting on, so I had best go get my darlings out of bed and ready for school! Can you believe that it is raining? The kids will love having to use their umbrellas :). Ta ta for now.

21 October 2007

Half bad & half good!

That about summed up my day! The half bad bit, was the horrid migraine that I had this morning, it was the worst one I have had in a LONG time. I was so ill I couldn't go to my dear friend Kelly's Baby Shower (which broke my heart!), I couldn't see properly and I had to take more pain killers than I usually do for migraines. And so this afternoon I was a bit of a space cadet. I am feeling better though, I just have a headache now.

The good bit was that by the afternoon, when hubby had to take his Mum up to the hospital for her daily visit, I sat at my computer (well I rationalised that it helped the nausea to focus on the screen LOL) and popped over to Scrap Artist to see how the Fiesta was going. I downloaded the fantastic Fiesta Kit giveaway and the colours are just brilliant! While I haven't ever been to Mexico, so I won't be able to scrap it but those fresh, bold colours can be used for any type of LO. While I was there, I checked out the challenges and decided to take part in the Pinata Contest. You had to complete four tasks to be eligible to get all four pieces of the Pinata prize and I thought "why not".

Here are the two LO's that I did for the Pinata pieces -

Hot Tamale!


Everything from the Scrap Artists Fiesta Kit

Admittedly they aren't my best work (what can I say, I had a migraine LOL) but they were fun and they helped take my mind of my throbbing head. The other two tasks were a Festive avatar & a Mexican recipe card - they are a bit too small to show to advantage here sorry, but if you are dying of curiosity here is my scrap artist gallery.

Anyway, I must go to bed because the old head is beginning to pound again *sigh!* - ta ta for now, my friends and family.

16 October 2007

A day with Prep!

I spent the day with Tasha's Prep class today and they have worn me out! I am now officially a shattered husk of a woman and I can't BELIEVE that I put my name down for EVERY Tuesday until the end of school! I must be crazy! Seriously it was exhausting but I had the best day.

The kids recorded a couple of songs for the Chrismas CD that the school is putting out this year and they were so well behaved and even though the auditorium was hot they did a wonderful job! Tasha just loved having me at school and gave me kisses and hugs every time she passed me. I must have been hugged about a hundred times by all the kids today, it's a good thing I'm chubby otherwise I would have bruised ribs. I also got to see my eldest daughter playing Tiggy in the school yard having a great old time. It was lovely to see her racing around laughing her head off because she is such a serious little thing most of the time :).

BTW - yesterday was my brother's 39th birthday. I sent him a birthday email yesterday with a LO that I did for him of the two of us at my wedding (ohhh so long ago!), I guess that because we don't talk much at all anymore I just wanted him to know that I was thinking of him. So, Happy Birthday Mark for yesterday, I hope that you had a great day. If I get a chance to resize it I will post it here for you to look at (no laughing though because seriously, bows were BIG in the '90s) LOL.

Soooo......as I am VERY tired I am heading off to bed but first I have to show you this cute little blinkie that Leenie has for snagging over at DesignsinDigital - it's adorable! Look, it's over on the side, over there, look on the right, oh never mind :).

Sorry no LO's tonight, I'm waiting for the next SUAS challenge to be posted LOL - but thanks for dropping by :)

14 October 2007

Ouch! It's been ages..........

Ok, sorry about that, I am now officially a bad blogger! Life has been very, very busy and I guess time just got away from me. Well to recap on the last few weeks; we have had the best school holidays EVER (according to the girls LOL) and the girls have happily gone back to school perfectly content that the Christmas holidays are going to be just as good or even better (help I'm under pressure now!).

It's funny but the time seems to go even more quickly now that I have finished work, my head is spinning by the end of some days. I think that people's expectations of you change when you don't WORK and they think that you have heaps of time to do things for them (ha ha!). Seriously the next person to say "so how is the lady of leisure" is going to get a slap! But I have to say that I am happy right now and even though I am busy, I feel content. I do miss my friends at work though. I was lucky that during the holidays I had the opportunity of catching up with some of them at an Intimo party run by my pal Kelly. It was great to see them AND to get fitted properly for a bra *blush* (rotflol!).

My FIL is still in hospital at the moment but every day is slowly better than the day before. The doctors have said that with good luck he may be home by Christmas. Fingers crossed! My dear MIL thinks that we are getting tired of her company but she is a delight to have here (she does my ironing! What's not to love?) and anyway, that's what family is for!

On the scrapping front, I am up to week 4 of the SUAS contest and so far I have been pretty happy with my entries. I haven't placed at all in the past 3 weeks (no surprise there LOL!) but I have really enjoyed the challenges well, up to now anyway! This weeks challenge is a monocromatic LO and I am finding it harder than the others. But on the plus side I really feel that I have scrapped LOs that I can be proud of. I can't wait for the big unveil at the end of the competiton so I can show them to you. I haven't really had much time to do any other LO's because the competition is pretty demanding but I did do one for Tasha the other day because she said that I only do LOs of Bella! BTW she demanded to be a Fairy Princess so here you are:

Journaling reads:
Princess Tasha wasn't going to wait around for her Prince to come! She was off into the dark, scary forest to go get him, herself!

Credits are here

Well I guess that is all the catching up from me, so I will say ta ta for now to you my family and friends!

24 September 2007

Just wanted to share

Hi there my family & friends

I really just wanted to share a LO that I did tonight of my hubby and I. The photo is ghastly and out of focus but I grunged it up with an Urban Acid Action to give a bit of ompfh. I had to use it because it is one of the rare photos ever taken of just the two of us (that happens a lot when you have kids LOL). I was feeling all lovey tonight and I was thinking of the things that have changed over the twenty-two years that we have been together and smiling over the one thing that hasn't - Love.

So I'll leave you with it, I'm not posting it anywhere else so the credits are everything by Christina Renee. Nighty, night!

23 September 2007


I really should be in bed but .... I thought that I would quickly post before I go because I am not (repeat NOT) going to turn on my computer at all tomorrow! I spend WAY too much time on the damn thing LOL!

So for my family & friends who have no interest in digiscrapping - a quick note about the family! School holidays have just started and my cherubs are delighted to have me home for the whole two weeks :). I am happy to BE home lmao! We started the holidays by sorting out the winter clothes and putting them away, and pulling out the summer clothes and making sure they still fit! What fun! Tasha is very much improved thankfully and she seems to be able to hear much better with her sore ear now. Bell is fine, just acting like a typical pre-teen girl at the moment (but enough about that LOL). Apart from that, my dear MIL is still here as my FIL is STILL in ICU, so we went and spent some lovely girly time yesterday, window shopping and sipping Chai Lattes at Westfield - heaven!

As for digiscrapping, I have finished my first LO for the Stand Up and Scrap Contest (SUAS for those of us too lazy to type it out all the time) and while I can't show it to you, I am happy with it (now). So just to keep busy, I did this OTHER LO for a challenge at Pickleberrypop and I rather like how this one turned out!

So on that note I will leave you with it as I am yawning so much my jaw is aching :)
You at 2

Credits can be found at my Pickleberrypop Gallery here.

Night night.

19 September 2007

Quick hello

Just a quick HI before I go and pick up the eldest girl from school :). Well poor old Tasha had a middle and outer ear infection and now that we are all dosed up with antibiotics, drops, Nurofen & Claranaise (sp) syryp all is now well on the home front - LOL. That girl MUST go back to school tomorrow as she is going stir-crazy at home and she really is well enough to do so - but she is a bit deaf in her sore ear so I kept her home for another (and the last!) day.

On the scrapping front - I thouhgt that I had best give my creative juices a work out because the Stand Up and Scrap Contest starts tomorrow and I didn't want to be stale. So I tried my hand at the LO you can see below. It is a bit busier than I am usually inclined to do but, what the heck, live a little I say!

Credits here

Well I had best get on my way because it is nearly that time - take care my family & friends - ta ta :)

15 September 2007

Fixing the Mojo

I think I may have found the answer to my missing Mojo! With much encouragement (read nagging LOL) from my pal Deb, I registered today for the "Stand Up and Scrap Contest".

It is a wonderful concept that gives participants the opportunity to contribute to The Alliance for Climate Protection and buy the most AMAZING kit I have ever seen! Now I know that I have no chance in hell of winning, or frankly even get a place, but I really enjoy the challenge of stretching myself artisticly and forcing myself to do things that I wouldn't normally attempt. So there you are - I'm now an anonomous number in a sea of other participants (who are incredibly talented and equally anonomous!) - I can't post my LO's here on my blog because then you would know they were by me LOL but I am so looking forward to it :).

On the home front, all is good. Amazingly my dear FIL is hanging in there!!! It is so wonderful and he has even woken for the first time in a fortnight, so fingers crossed for his recovery!

I had a lovely day on Friday because the Prep kids had a display of their Museum project that they invited the parents to come and view. This is the first time that I have been able to go to something like this for so long and I loved it. The kids put on a little dance which was just adorable! I LOVE not working!!! Bella had a "totally MAD' night (her words not mine!) on Friday night because the school had a year 5/6 & 7 disco and she went and cut a rug (my words not her's - lmao!). The noise was incredible, we could hear it from our place, but she had a wonderful time. She looked so grown up that I felt all misty eyed but she just laughed at me!

Tasha has developed a temp, upset stomach and an ear ache this weekend so she has been kept on the couch with movies all day. Anyway I will have to go to bed soon because Tash was up last night throwing up and I need to catch up on my beauty sleep (lots and lots of it!). So good night family & friends - ta ta!

11 September 2007

Hi there!

It has been a little while since I last blogged because real life has been so very busy up until now! I finally finished work on Friday and it was a lovely, sad day. Everyone made a fuss and I felt very loved and very sad to go - after all I had been there for eleven years (but I still went LOL).

My FIL is still in ICU after his surgery and we are taking my dear MIL up there daily to sit with him. The whole business is so very exhausting for everyone and my poor MIL is worn out with worry and stress. But sadly, all we can do at the moment is be there for them both, that is what families are for.

I wish I could find my mojo (has anyone seen it around???) as I would love to do a scrap for my MIL of my FIL in his bowls rig but when I sit down at the computer I find myself staring off into space. So if you see my mojo lying around please return to sender OK!

Well I had best get back to staring off into space as it is nearly time to pick up the kids from school...... ta ta for now ......

01 September 2007

Ouch! It's been a while!

.....and so I had best catch up! Well as you might remember last weekend it was my darling Bella's 10th birthday and we spent the day at Sea World to celebrate. We had a fantastic day and the weather, the crowd numbers and the kids were amazing. Bella went on the corkscrew for the first time ever and while I think that it might be a while before she goes near it again (lmao!) she is now starting to think that it might have been "sort-of" OK. She had a great day and if I don't get a chance to send you all emails (I'll explain later in the post) I just wanted to thank friends and family for their cards and gifts - she was spoilt appallingly! But I still love you all :).

Here are some photos from the day - there were so many to chose from!

I haven't spent much time on the computer this week sadly, because hubby's Mum is staying with us while her partner is having surgery, and my computer is in the guest room - I am having serious withdrawls and I am trying to sneak time online when ever I can. I love having her here as she is the sweetest dear but damn, she goes to bed early LOL! This of course means that there has been no scrapping at all for me and I'm afraid I might start twitching soon! Thank heavens the ADSR has finished otherwise I might be in tears by now.

Speaking of the ADSR here are my last two entries :)
Challenge # 11 - was to scrap your favorite movie & what it meant to you, so anyone who knows me would know that this was a "no-brainer" for me! Lord of the Rings trilogy!!!

Challenge # 12 was the last LO for the race and was a scrap-lift of your favorite LO, by your partner, done during the race - that was easy! I loved Deb's Challenge # 3 LO

As usual credits are available at my DST gallery here
I am sad the race is over - I had a great time and I really enjoyed doing the challenges with my wonderful scrapping partner Deb! So all I can say is CONGRATS to the GIGI Girls for wining and "bring it on" for the next race.

Well I had better go, real life and house work are still to be caught up on, so I have to say ta ta for now!

22 August 2007

Wild & Windy Wednesday

Well as you might already know it is blowing a gale here and has been since yesterday! I am loving the rain (not enough of it though) but the wind is starting to make me feel a bit wild :). The poor cat can't stand it and jumps on the bed with me the minute I get in and at the moment she is sitting there glaring at me, waiting for me to go to bed LOL! Not a lot to report apart from the crazy wind, we are all well and life is rolling along as it does. Boy this working full time does eat away at your week though and leaves you spending the whole weekend cleaning. But we have something special to do this weekend that doesn't involve cleaning - it is my darling eldest daughter's tenth birthday and we are heading off to spend the day at Sea World. It is her favorite place to go because she just LOVES sharks and adores the Polar Bears there too! I will definately have to post some pics! Thank heavens I managed to talk her out of a party! Yikes :)

On the scrapping front I am gathering my thoughts for ADSR #11 which is about your favorite movie and how it has affected your life - that bit isn't hard - hello LOTR all the way - but I'm just trying to pull it all together in my head :)

So I will say ta ta for now and I'll talk/post later because the cat wants me to go to bed LOL!

19 August 2007

Paper Moons Rock!

I wanted to shout out a big "Horray" because a wonderfully talented friend of mine, Anna Benjamin (aka Paper Moons), is breaking out into selling her gorgeous designs and I am so excited for her - go and check out her blog to get all the details but .... here is my first LO with her beautiful new marbled bookbinder papers! Don't they just ROCK!

These papers were all hand painted by the talented Anna and they have so much amazing detail that I'm just speechless (yes me! speechless!). If you do pop over to her blog she has these papers at a fantastic price of only $1.00US for a pack of ten papers. One pack is made up of soft pastel colours and the other pack is stuffed with lovely & rich colours.

PLUS there is a little freebie treat there just for stopping by!

Now it doesn't get any better than that does it! Good luck my friend, I know you will take the scrapping world by storm :)