23 November 2007

New CT stuff

Just popping in to say a big "Hi!" and to show off another couple of new LO's using the lovely Natalie Bird's products. I just love using her wonderful mix of grungy, magical goodies! I can't wait to see what her new stuff will be *wink*

A trip to the Park!
Credits are here


Fairies at the bottom of my Garden!
Credits here

Well in other BIG CT news, Natalie and I have decided that we like each other's stuff so much that I'm staying on as a permanent CT member! I can't begin to tell you how excited and thrilled I feel, being able to work with such a wonderful designer who is also a really lovely person. I can't wait to see what the future is going to hold *happy dance*!

18 November 2007

Another LO!

Seriously........ it is so easy to do lots of LOs with Natalie Bird's lucious stuff *smile*

This LO features Natalie's Together Forever kit, aren't the colours lush? Such a pleasure to work with!

Credits are here - if you like it feel free to leave me a little love LOL!

Hmmm I wonder if I have time to do another one before dinner??????? maybe not lmao!


I have some VERY exciting news to share with you all! I am so pleased and proud to announce that I have been accepted to do a Guest CT spot for the lovely and talented Natalie Bird (and the crowd goes wild!). Thanks so much for giving me this chance Nat!

For those who may not know (seriously! where have you been?), Natalie sells her designs at both Desigins in Digital and Pickleberrypop and her designs are filled with amazing colours and textures. I really hope that I can do her talent justice *smile*.

So without further ado - here is my first LO featuring Natalie's goodies.

Details on Natalie's products used in this LO can be found here.

Well I had best be off, I have more LOs to do and the happy dance to finish *snicker* so ta ta for now!

Oh and "HI Dad" - Thanks for reading *wink*

15 November 2007

I love this song......

I found this clip while scrounging around looking for a new Coldplay song for my blog! I was a child of the eighties and I was also a mad keen Cyndi fan. This song just spoke to me when I was an angst riddled teen and it still makes me feel all gooey when I hear it now (in my 40's LOL), I hope you like it too :)

12 November 2007

Well, I have a few things to chat about...........

In family news, on Wednesday, the Preps went to the Trevena Glen Farm for their excursion and I tagged along for a look. It didn't rain that much while we were there, thank heavens, and it was a lovely day. Tasha and the kids had a great time, they milked a cow, fed pigs, lambs & poddy calves, cuddled baby chicks and sat on the worlds most placid bull. This year the horse rides were out because of the Equine Flu but the kids didn't mind because they got to sit on a very strange eight legged cow (man-made LOL). Here are a couple of pics of Tasha, these are the only ones that don't have any of the other children in them LOL.

In other family news, my FIL seems to be getting better every day and today his tracheotomy (sp?) tube came out at last. So hopefully, after eleven long weeks, he is on the mend, fingers crossed.

In scrapping news, I was delighted to find out that I was actually awarded some points in the SUAS contest! I received a total of eleven points (2 points for week 4's LO & 9 points for week 5's LO) - how amazing is that, I never expected to get anything at all! I can't tell you how much it meant to me that a couple of judges thought that two of my LOs were worthy of their attention in such a crowd of amazingly talented scrappers! *blush*

Other scrapping news was that on Sunday I had the opportunity to meet up with a couple of the Brisbane ladies from Designs in Digital IN REAL LIFE! It was wonderful to meet up with such lovely people who also happen to share my love of digital scrapbooking (or is that obsession?). So the get together included me (of course), Pauline (leenie), Leonie (Honie), Heather (heathermum) and Sylvia (messytigger). Bella came along so that we could go Mother/Daughter shopping afterwards for some summer clothes and she ended up taking a couple of photos of us all(and she did a pretty good job too LOL!). So here we are, internet pals meeting in real life - it really IS a small, small world LOL!

Credits are here
Well this has been a huge post, so I will finish off now so, ta ta to anyone reading, be you friend or family :)

06 November 2007

The SUAS winners have been announced!

Congratulations to the 6 wonderfully talented scrappers who took out the top three places in each category, they are all very well deserved winners, their work is just amazing! You might be able to find out their galleries from the SUAS blog in a couple of days if you are interested. And now that the big reveal has taken place we are all allowed to show the world our LO's. I have decided that I will only put mine in my DID gallery because DID is my "home gallery" (and because I'm lazy LOL!), oh and here on my blog. I put a lot of work into these LO's and most of the time I was really happy with them (even though I never placed once ha ha ha). I am bummed about leaving a "w" out of the journaling in the final week #6 LO argggh, I was so tired when I posted it I missed seeing it! I might fix it before I post it here lmao. Oh what the heck, you can see what a twit I was and anyway, I think that I flattened the damn text before saving it so I can't change it without re-doing all the journaling *sigh!*.

So without further ado - here are my LO's for the SUAS Contest.

Challenge #1
Dream Free

Credits here

Challenge #2
Sweetness in everyday moments

Credits here

Challenge #3
Sing a Song

Credits here

Challenge #4

Credits here

Challenge #5

Credits here

Challenge #6

Credits here

Well that is enough posing for one night so I'm off to bed! I had a big day with the Preppies today and I'm pooped! We made some cool paper hobby horses and had a pretend Cup Race on the Oval, and we coloured in and cut out farm animal masks to wear too. Tomorrow is the Prep excursion to the Trevena Glen Farm so another big day ahead LOL. Ta ta to you all.

04 November 2007

I can take a hint!

Just for you Carol, here is the recipe for the Carrot Cake LOL. It isn't anything wildly exciting but it does taste yummy. All pieces in the recipe card are from Kay Miller's All Organic kit.

I hope that you can read it - if not click on the card and it will show up bigger!

Must buzz - I'm for an early night tonight, I have a date with the air-conditioner lmao. Ta ta!

02 November 2007

Twice in a week - I'm on a roll!

Well hello there! It has been such a busy week for me and I can't believe that it is finally Friday and I can't believe that I am actually blogging twice in one week LOL. I have been so lucky to have special visitors this week - I had my darling niece and her Mum (who is also a dear friend), staying for a couple of nights on their way back home from a holiday. It was so wonderful to see them both and all three of the girls got on like little house fires LMAO! I couldn't get over how alike my niece and Tasha are, in temperament and in looks. Needless to say I took loads of photos.

Anyway I thought that I would post a photo from Mum's birthday dinner the other night - it's a cute photo of Mum (my step-dad & dd are in the pic too!) and you can check out my fab carrot cake (bwahaha!).

On the scrapping front I was thrilled to read about this great challenge over at DesignsInDigital . This is Pauline's challenge to us - "I would love for everyone to get in touch with their own ‘inner beauty’ and create a layout about their beauty. Let’s all feel beautiful and good about who we are and shout it out to the world!". There is a fantastic posting reward if you do a LO and you can read all about it here. Pauline created this challenge after being inspired by Ngaire Bartlem's “Beautiful, Like a Rainbow” project. You can see Ngaire's blog here, it is really inspiring stuff! I very rarely do LOs with myself as the focus and it was pretty confronting but I am happy with the end result -

Credits can be found here

Well I had best get moving, dinner to cook and the kids to get in the bath, no rest for the weary LOL. Ta ta for now

PS - Happy birthday Maree for Wednesday - hug hug hug hug