27 June 2010

Some awesome news!

I am so EXCITED!!
I have a new blinkie to add to my collection .... check it out ....... I'm now a proud member of Kaye Winiecki's CT!! Woot woot!

Thats right - I'm so thrilled! Kaye locked the door to the forum so I couldn't get away from her team which was hilarious as I was planning different strategies to get her to let me stay includung hanging on to the door frame as she dragged me out ROFL. Thankfully she is letting me stay and physical violence was unnecessary.

Its so much fun working with Kaye and her felty goodness! And she really has some amazing Collaboration partners too! This month I was overwhelmed to work with this AWESOME Birthday collab between Kaye, Karah Fredricks and Kate Hadfield called Bring on the CAKE!

and here is the page I made with it - Tasha's 8th birthday!

Credits here

Well I have loads of other things to say but its dinner time and Merlin is on in a minute so I had better rush off - I'll be back in a bit!

18 June 2010

A quick hello from me ....

Just popping in to say HI ... online is the only place I can say anything at all as I lost my voice a couple of days ago and I've gone from sounding like a chipmunk to sounding like a squeaky toy and now I am almost mute apart from grunting noises LOL ..... dont you love Winter and colds and flu????

Anyway I'm just stopping by to show you a page I made for the latest Template Challenge at Pickleberrypop starring my adorable Pippi!

Here is my page - Welcome Pippi! I thought you might like to see this Carol ;)

Credits here

Ok its not a great night for me coughing wise so I will leave it here for now and catch you on the flip side!

13 June 2010

I found my muse ....

and her name is Pippi! Say hello to the nice people Pippi!

She is a twelve month old black and tan Terrier X and she is the tiniest little thing, not a heck of a lot bigger than a chihuahua.

She is a Best Friends Rescue dog and has been fostered after being neglected and starved. We adopted her yesterday and we already love her to bits. It is taking her a remarkably short time to settle in, she was on the couch last night with the girls watching TV,

she slept on a little bed in Tasha's room (where both girls slept) and stayed there all night, no wandering around whimpering.

She waited until this morning to do her business which was a pleasant surprise as we were not expecting her to be house trained! It is hard to tell with adopted dogs where they are at with their training. Right now she is sitting in her bed having a nice grooming session at my feet after running around the backyard with Bella like a crazy dog until her toes got cold :).

I really want to thank you Carol for your lovely and supportive comment and helpful email - you are quite right in everything you said and it really doesn't matter if you are the only person in the world to read my blog because I do it for me (and you and Deb lol). I guess I was having a moment but I'm better now. And you are also right in that I have at least one photo each week and I can very easily scale down my ambitions with regard to P365 and settle (happily and less stressfully) with a P52! So thank you my friend, for being ... well ... my friend.

And now I guess I should catch you up with some scrapping news ... I have been guesting this month with the fabulously talented Kaye Winiecki ... and I have to tell you this woman is a talented and productive designing machine! So far I have had the privilege of working with her BYOC pieces and a fabulous collaboration with Sandra Edwards aka FruitLoOp Sally called Summer Skies and Fire Flies. its been a ball and here are a couple of pages from me using these wonderful goodies!

This is my page Touch Tank Fun Day - using Kaye's yummy BYOC pieces

credits here

and my page Water Park using the Collab - its so much fun to be doing Summery pages when you are wearing fluffy socks on your feet to keep your tootsies warm lol

Credits here

And I just had to use Kaye's fabulous scrap kit - Click 2 Scrap for this page the mamarrazzi!

Credits here

On the subject of scrapping my friend and scrapping cohort Deb badgered me into doing a digidare this week umm I think it was #182 a lift and flip challenge so I did my first dare page and lifted one of her fabulous pages (of course lol).

So here is my first ever digi dare page - My girls using Kaye's Spring Promenade Collab with Jena Desai

Credits here

and here is Deb's page that I lifted - Mexican Standoff

Well I think I have rambled on for long enough one day so I will go and pat the dog and do some other things before the day gets too advanced - bye for now :)

06 June 2010

Epic FAIL!

Yes another epic fail on my part - my P365 has gone the way of the dodo and become extinct .....sigh! I could offer a lot of excuses like - my point and shoot died a month or two ago and I couldn't be stuffed carrying my big one around everywhere - but its not the only reason. I had dropped off before my point and shoot passed away. I guess I just lacked the commitment and enthusiasm for the project this year, well at least the whole 365 part of it. So I probably COULD still do a project 52 or maybe a Project 12 instead. Hmmmm maybe all is not lost.

I also haven't blogged because sometimes I wonder if I am all alone here at this blog site? Apart from the lovely Carol and Deb I really don't think anyone really reads my blog so it all seems just a tiny bit pointless. I feel like I am waffling away to myself sometimes hehe.

Anyway ..... at the moment I'm thinking about blogging and whether to do it or not ........

Not sure...........