27 June 2010

Some awesome news!

I am so EXCITED!!
I have a new blinkie to add to my collection .... check it out ....... I'm now a proud member of Kaye Winiecki's CT!! Woot woot!

Thats right - I'm so thrilled! Kaye locked the door to the forum so I couldn't get away from her team which was hilarious as I was planning different strategies to get her to let me stay includung hanging on to the door frame as she dragged me out ROFL. Thankfully she is letting me stay and physical violence was unnecessary.

Its so much fun working with Kaye and her felty goodness! And she really has some amazing Collaboration partners too! This month I was overwhelmed to work with this AWESOME Birthday collab between Kaye, Karah Fredricks and Kate Hadfield called Bring on the CAKE!

and here is the page I made with it - Tasha's 8th birthday!

Credits here

Well I have loads of other things to say but its dinner time and Merlin is on in a minute so I had better rush off - I'll be back in a bit!


Carol said...

What absolutely fabulous news. And you know I think Kayes goodies and your style are made for each other. And I just love that birthday page there with all that layering, it's so darn tactile I can feel the layers.

amson said...

Congratulations Amanda! This is a perfect fit for you.