30 December 2008

A little something for you ....

Well today was another quiet one here at my place, the family is still away - but boy was it a hot and humid one, and apparently tomorrow will be worse - 34C!! YUCK! I will almost be glad to be at work tomorrow in the air-conditioning. I haven't done much around the place today, some washing of sheets and towels and I watched the last movie of The lord of the rings this afternoon. My all time favorite movie, ever ever! I still cry like a baby at the end - silly hey?

But I am really just popping in to let you know I have actually been a little productive over the last couple of days and I wanted to share my flurry of activity with you. Over at DST one of the Aussie girls let out a call for Summery desktops for January because lets face it people, all the lovely freebie ones are all sparkling and glistening with snowy prettiness, which while nice in the right setting, looks damn odd on a computer where the owner has a line of sweat rolling down her back while she creates LOL.

So Annette being the wonderful and motivated person that she is asked the CT to come up with some Summery goodness for all our Down Under kin and well, as I had nothing else to do, I stuck up my hand ROFL! As soon as I saw the Summery theme I thought of Sharon's fabulous Beach Play kit over @ Pickleberrypop. So off I went and here is the result: Umm did I mention it was free??

If you like it click on the image and it will take you to the PBP store where you can get it for free! How cool is that? I am so in love with the preview Annette made for it! Isn't it the most fab thing you have seen?? I am so excited, I never thought that I would ever see anything I created in a store, anyway enough gushing from me!

Talking of Sharon - have you been over to her Etsy store yet??

It is called Sugared Bling and there are some absolutely gorgeous earrings in there that have been made by Sharon and her talented daughter Tash. I have drooled over these earrings for a while now but one of my fabulous friends sent me a pair for Christmas which I love to bits (seriously woman I don't know how you knew!!!!). So if you are in the mood for some totally adorable handmade earrings head on over to Sharon's Sugared Bling, you will be glad you did!

Well it is still stinking hot here and I have a line of sweat rolling down my back but in a minute I will be looking at my lovely Summery Desktop (yes the preview image is the one that is on my computer too LOL) and hopefully feeling a bit cooler. If that doesn't work I am going to put on the air-con in my bed room and head off early tonight - so ta ta from me!

29 December 2008

Is it wrong?

Well.............IS it wrong to waste the quiet time you have been given by your family going away for a few days by either sitting in front of your computer or watching movies? Seriously Mum and I only made it through the first two extended Lord of the Rings movies (Nearly 7.50 hours of movies magic!!) yesterday before we collapsed from exhaustion LOL! But itsn't it funny that when they (the kids and hubby) are here all I want is some peace and quiet to do what ever I like but when I CAN do whatever I like I just don't know what to do with myself! But I DO know I am sure as heck not doing any housework LOL - thank heavens for msn otherwise I would be lonely as well as bored ha ha. Thanks for saving me from my own company Deb LOL!

With New Year fast approaching I have been fiddling around thinking about resolutions for next year and I have decided that I might try to do the Project 365 again. I know I struggled early on into it this year but I noticed that while I was doing the project I had heaps of photos to scrap with and then as the time went by I had less to choose from - so I have decided that it behooves me as the member of a CT to do this project! Well I need SOME sort of motivation don't I :) - anyway we shall see what happens with that won't we.

One of my serious New Years resolutions for 2009 is to lose some weight and to try to manage my blood pressure without the medication! I have finally gotten the medication all out of my system and I am having my good and bad days as my blood pressure goes up and down like a roller coaster! SO as I am now the proud owner of a super cool Cross-Trainer I have no excuse not to exercise. Isn't it great? Bella has decided that you aren't serious about working out unless you have your mp3 player going full belt - I have even set myself up a rocking playlist on my Nano so that I can hop on and be driven by the beat! You would laugh if you could hear my songs - Black Eyes Peas, Flock of Seagulls, and a bit of AC/DC just to name a few haha but it gets my motor running and thats the main thing. I would REALLY really like to be a bit thinner for my beach holiday at the end of January and that is going to need a bit of motivation on my part to shake of the bad eating habits of the Xmas break and get back on track! But I can do it - well I think I can LOL!

And one of my other serious resolutions is to be a bit more ummm "real life" I guess is the best way to put it. I have some super fantastic real life friends who really don't "get" this whole on-line life of mine and I feel that perhaps I haven't been there as often as I have tried to be for my on-line friends. I'm not sure, maybe it IS easier sending a loving email than picking up the phone, I'm really not sure but I haven't been as present in their lives as I feel that they deserve - soooo I resolve to make late night calls, and send loving notes via snail mail and visit with those people who are both the rock and anchor of my real life.

But that does not in anyway lessen my love and affection for the wonderful on-line friends I have made. I can't tell you how very treasured and remarkable these wonderful people make me feel. Come on you all know who you are - BIG HUGS to you all! Even those of you who are notoriously bad posters *cough* Deb!!! ROFL

Anyway I had best go as while I have vowed to not do any housework today I DID wash all the sheets and it is beginning to cloud over so I had best get my lazy bottom off this chair and downstairs to the line. Take care!

27 December 2008

Fantastic festive fare!

Merry Christmas and a very, VERY happy New Year to all my blog readers (yes the two of you hahaha) I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Christmas!!!


It's been a while I know, sorry about that. This time of year is a busy one for us - we have hubby and Tasha's birthdays both on the 9th December and then before I know it I turned around and Christmas was right upon me! Added to the mix this year, I applied for a new job and my lovely In-Laws came to stay for Christmas LOL so yes, hectic is the word I'm looking for LOL!

So - Tasha and hubby's birthday went off without a hitch. No birthday party for her this year but she had a fabulous day anyway. I took the day off work and we made a cake and set up an afternoon tea for her. Grandma and Grandpa came over to share in the treats and none of us can believe our sweetie is finally seven! She was hideously spoilt and ended up with what amounted to a small fortune in gift cards and cash, and we had to rush out to Toy R us that afternoon and spend some of it haha! It has taken ages and AGES, well as far as she is concerned it has anyway - she can legally sit in the front seat of the car now!! BUT now it is on for young and old each time we go to the shops over who sits in the front of the car with me!!!

And here is Tasha about to blow out the candles on her cake! I did take lots of photos but it was a bit overcast that day and the photos appear very grainy - rats!

Next up in my "wow life is busy" saga was the new job. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not that keen on changing jobs. My motto has long been "better the devil you know ..." LOL and I stayed over ten years in each of my first two jobs. But I have allowed temptation to take me and after only 9 months at my current job I am moving on to what (I hope) is going to be my dream payroll job. It's only three days a week (one day a week less than I am now) and I will be looking after the end-to-end payroll for 250 people by myself so I am pretty excited! I start on the 28th Jan after our beach break. I have been pretty stressed over telling my current boss about my deciding to leave and I was feeling a bit blue about it but I am finding it gets easier as the days go by, hopefully she will forgive me in time LOL and now I am trying to focus on the new job and I am trying to feel less guilty!

My parents-in-law arrived the Tuesday before Christmas and my MIL helped get things ready for Christmas dinner. It was lovely to have help getting all the salads and stuff ready on Christmas Eve afternoon, things were so much more relaxed on the big day. My MIL loves to go to Church at Christmas so we all toddled up to our local for Children's Mass on Christmas Eve and I even managed to drag hubby along, oh my was it packed! We had to go into the adjoining hall because there was no room in the church for everyone - luckily they had a live video feed so we didn't feel too left out ROFL!

As to the big day itself - what can I say? The kids were up early and opened Santa's presents on our bed before their poor Dad had even cracked open an eyelid! Next it was complete bedlam as the present opening went into full swing when Nanna and Poppy got up. It was a great day, the kids got way too much as always and they are desperately in love with their Wii and the games. the Wii turned out to be a great crowd pleaser and we had not only the kids playing but all the grandparents as well LOL the funniest thing was seeing my MIL playing a game of snooker with hubby - I was worried she might throw out her shoulder or something lmao!

Santa very wisely gave them an extra remote and nunchuck (sp?) so that there would be no fights LOL. Linner (lunch around Dinner time) with Nanna, Poppy, Grandma and Grandpa was fabulous and we all ate much too much. Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely!

Ahhhhh and now another Christmas has come and gone and all that is left is a rubbish bin full of crushed wrapping paper and shorts that are now too tight LOL. Roll on New Years Eve.

In amongst all this I have been trying to scrap a bit as now I am officially part of the PBP site CT (woohoo!) as well as Right Hand Gal at PBP and seeing as we have no newsletter for December I thought I should earn my keep some how ROFL! It certainly is no real effort to CT for the designers over at Pickleberrypop, they are all such talented ladies!!

So here are some LOs that I have whipped up over the last week or two:

My Wild Child - using DYP design's sumptuous new kit Viridian - I HAD to use this photo of Tasha as it suited the colours of this beautiful kit perfectly!

Credits here

We Wish You a Merry Christmas - using Victoria Greenlees's adorable Crafty Christmas kit. I did this LO for Kirstie's fun template Challenge! Loving those cute tree shapes LOL

Credits here

Love that Tree - using Krisitn Aagard's fabulous kit "Twas! I did this page for Sharon's great Christmas Challenge over at Pickleberrypop that challenged us to scrap Christmas through "new eyes". I had to do Bella's fist Christmas and her love affair with the Christmas Tree!

Credits here

And last but not at all least - A Magic Wood, using Dawn Inskip's fun and inspiring Woodland Doodles and Wild Thing papers : it was such a fun page to make!

Credits here

Well that will have to be all from me for now as my family (sniff sniff) are all away for a few days - thye left today - and I have decided to take myself off to bed early to sulk LOL! My Mum and Step-Dad are coming over early tomorrow and we are going to have the whole day given over to watching all the Lord of the Rings movies - all extended versions and guaranteed to take approximately 12-13 hours ROFL so I need my sleep tonight!!! I shall go to my sleep tonight to dream of Legolas and Aragorn and their gorgeous eyes! So ta ta!!

09 December 2008

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas ....

There are toys in all the stores and even some in my cupboard right up the very back where sticky fingers and curious eyes can't find them *wink*. Yes I have very nearly completed my Christmas shopping, just a S.A.N.T.A gift for the girls and presents for Nana and Poppy and Grandpa and I am all done yahoooo. I have the tree up and decorated and I have nagged hubby about getting the outdoor Xmas lights up (to no avail so far sadly!) but I confess that I haven't started on the Christmas cards yet sigh! I really really REALLY need to start this BUT ......

I did do a couple of Christmas pages so I AM feeling the Christmas spirit moving I just need to get motivated to sit down and write up the cards!

The lovely and talented KateF very kindly let me have a play with her GORGEOUS Stocking Stuffer Grab bag which is just jam packed with some of the most fabulous stuff. My special favorite is the Raining Deers kit - yes there is a whole kit in that grab bag ACTUALLY there are !!!! Check it out here! Or click the preview ...

Isn't the preview cute? Dawn Inskip, one of our clever designers at PBP designed it for the Stocking Stuffers! So cute!!

The minute I saw Kate's bag I knew exactly what I was going to do with it! Now I don't usually scrap myself because the girls are much prettier than me but it was a story that had to be told ROFL!

Credits here

I had to do the fun Sing-A-Song of Christmas Challenge at Pickleberrypop and of course I had to scrap my all time favorite song - Silent Night. Silent Night was always a favorite of mine when it came to Carol by Candlelight nights and I would always sing as loudly as I could so that I could hit the high notes . But when I had Bella the song became more than just a lovely Christmas Carol – it became a symbol of the beauty, hope and innocence of children – and it became even more special to me.

Silent Night
Credits here

And my last bit of scrapping for the week is this page I did for the latest Pickle Jar Challenge that wanted us to scrap about our traditions at Christmas. One of my favorite Christmas traditions is the placing of the Angel on the tree. One of the girls gets to put it on the tree and the other one takes it off after Christmas. The next year they swap over. Part of the tradition is that my DH has to lift them up so that they can reach the top. I noticed this year that Bella is getting a bit big for the lifting part of this particular tradition

Placing the Angel
Credits here.

Ok that's all from me right now - I will be back later because it's a special day today and I will post in more detail later on. But at the moment I actually want to be PART of the special day and not just talking about it on here iykwim?

So ta ta from me for now :)

29 November 2008

And another week (or two) scuttles by......

Well I suppose when I said Brisbane had a bad storm in my last post I MIGHT have understated things just a teeny tiny bit. Apparently it was, in some parts, as bad as a category two cyclone! Wow! I am so glad that we don't live in the impact area because those poor people where then hammered the following Wednesday by the worst downpour since the 1970's! Again we were lucky because although we got loads of rain and thunder we had no flooding (we live on the side of a hill!). And then another storm hit the next night and again we were lucky because we only had a bit of rain, some very tiny hail and LIGHTNING! omg was there some lightning I can't say I have seen that much for ages and ages and ages WOW! Was Mother nature chucking one great big tantrum! I was watching a TV special on the storms last night and I was honestly shocked at the level of destruction that people had experienced only suburbs away from us! I wish them all a speedy recovery process!

The school year is winding down to a close and the girls only have one more week. I am thrilled to be spending a little bit of time off with them as my boss has kindly let me take a day of work here and there so the kids and I can do stuff together! how lucky am I? I am glad that the year is nearly over for them, they are both rather ratty at the moment LOL. Tash had her Year 1 liturgy at the school church on Friday and while most of what I got was video I do have this sweet photo of Tasha with her halo on (I honestly don't know how that thing didn't strangle her LOL).

I was thrilled that my Mum and my Step-Dad could be there too and here are a couple of cute photos of them hugging their little angel!

Sorry about the slight slurryness of the photos, the lighting is never good in the Church and I haven't worked out the best way to take photos in that sort of light - I really do need to pick up my game if I am ever to progress to a big girl's camera (DSLR LOL) - the school principal made a few comments about the paparazzi being there which were hilarious! After the Liturgy I retired to my bed as I was sick with another sore throat - luckily it seems to be easing off today and I just have an annoying tickle and a cough. Thank heavens I thought it was going to be Pharyngitus again!

Report cards came home on Friday and I was really proud of both my girlies - they aren't Albert Einstein's but they are doing consistently well and I am so pleased with them both!

And yes! I have scrapped! LOL I have managed to fit in some scrapping this past fortnight for the various challenges going on at PBP, and for a couple of new releases over at PBP too.

And now you are Two was a two-fer for Kirstie's great Template Challenge AND Ann-Marie's fab Birthday Challenge

Credits here

Tweet Tasha is a funny whimsical page

Credits here

I had so much fun making it with Katef's totally sweet Tweet Tweet Birdy Bits

And lastly, I made this page of Tasha making a splash at the Gold Coast

Credits here

using the super adorable new kit of Sharon's Beach Play

So yes I have been very busy recently scrapping away and probably not doing as much as I would normally do with other things. But it's kinda fun just scrapping because I feel like it. And now I have wasted enough time slobbing around I had better get on and do some housework? So ta ta from me!

16 November 2008

Phew...I'm pooped!

Wow such a busy day today. Bella and I went to church this morning as the year 6's were participating in the mass. It was soooo hot very early this morning, it seemed to leap from plesant to boiling in about 20 minutes - phew! When we got home hubby had made us bacon and eggs for brunch, which was really nice. Then my dear sweet husband decided he had had enough of our mangy old lounge room carpet and we were going to see what was under there - right now, today. Have I mentioned it was boiling today?? Yikes. Luckily (or unluckily if you were feeling as lazy as I was this morning) the floor boards under the mangy carpet were amazing so we spent the rest of the day moving furniture, throwing hacked-up carpet pieces and underlay over the veranda into the trailer, pulling up nails and staples, washing walls and vacuuming! All I need to do tomorrow is mop the floor, the lovely timber floor!Yay!. I'm not saying it doesn't need a going over by a professional but it certainly looks better than our old carpet!

here it is, my new - old floor:

You have to realize that we are pouring all our cash at the moment into our home loan so there isn't a lot of cash left over for renovating LOL so we make do with what we have as much as we can!

This evening a massive storm came over Brisbane and it turned very dark at around 4.30pm in the afternoon which is why this photo has come out so badly but I have to show you what my girls HAD to do the minute that water started to POUR down LOL

It's a bit hard to see in this shocking photo but Bella has her foot in the gutter and the pressure of the water pouring down the hill is causing a spray that is reaching her mid-thigh LOL. Bear in mind this is 4.30pm in the afternoon and I had to crack out the flash coz it was so dark LOL!They really enjoyed playing in the rain but it got a bit scary when the wind really picked up and they bolted back inside ROFL.

As for scrapbooking I have to share some exciting news with you! The Pickleberrypop Kit Bash Vol 4 is out! Hooray! And the best thing is that it was sooo huge that PBP decided to break it up into 3 parts so you can come back later and grab the other pieces as they come out!

Isn't it lovely! Go here to find out all about getting your hands on this lovely sample pack free!

I have been having some fun with the challenges over at PBP over the last couple of days. But I have been cheating a little bit by doing "two-fer's" LOL. This is what my pal Deb likes to call LOs where you meet two challenge criteria in the one page hehehe. And I did it for the last two LOL.

This is a page that I did as a "two-fer"called "My Tasha" for the 1-2-3 Challenge AND Kirstie's template challenge. Hehehe Kirstie's template made the challenge a little bit easier LOL

Well I think that is all from me for now because I am beat - so take care of yourselves and those you love and I will be back later ta-ta!

12 November 2008

It's been a while ....

I feel bad because it's been a while since I blogged but I have had a very busy few weeks. The weekends have been full of family busy-ness and the weeks full of work.

I have also avoided blogging until my dear step-dad had had his specialist appointment as I wanted to avoid worrying any family that might be reading my blog until I had more information. You see my step-dad was diagnosed with Prostate cancer three weeks ago and even though the prognosis is a good one in the circumstances, we have been a bit shell shocked. I was reluctant to post about it until I knew more about what was going to happen, but he saw his specialist today and he will be having surgery in the new year to remove the cancerous gland. At this stage there is no need for radiation treatment and should there be no problems with the surgery - all should be well. I have my fingers firmly crossed as I love that goofy man to bits.

I know it's silly but I couldn't blog until I had more information about my SD because I thought it would be callous to post about trivial things when we were all so worried about him. But things are more ok now than they were and we are all feeling pretty optimistic so I can blog about less dramatic things without feeling weird.

Last week my darling Bella sat for her first ever piano exams (Level 1) both practical and theory. She was a bit worried about her practical as she had never played on a grand piano before and was a little intimidated but she passed well (only 3 points under a merit) which is wonderful for her first time! I am so proud of her ~ I know it is hard for her to step out of her comfort zone with her anxiety issues but she was a real trooper! She also had to play a piece for the performing arts afternoon at her school, and this year the pianists had to play in the church on the church organ. Bella usually looks quiet sick before these events but this time I think she was actually excited! She played her piece beautifully and took a bow LOL, so cute!

Because this is such a big deal for the both of us - I think that it is natural that my only scrap page over the last couple of weeks would be about this!

A Piano Week

Credits here

I actually did this page for the current Pickle Jar Challenge using Ann-Marie's new kit Twigglepop which is new in the store at Pickleberrypop right here

Which reminds me ~ there are some really exciting challenges going on over at Pickleberrypop this month:

I'm sort of hosting this challenge but it is actually being sponsored by Danielle Corbitt who contributed a very sweet mini for everyone! It's a tricky one so if you feel like a real challenge you will love this!

Here is Ann-Marie's great Birthday Challenge with these cute buttons as a participation gift!

And Kirstie is hosting a great template challenge but you will have to hurry over to play this one as it ends on the 16th November

and if you aren't pooped yet there is always the famous Pickle Jar Challenge to keep you entertained!

and last but not least is PBP's Photography Challenge being hosted by yours truly! hmm I don't have a pretty image for you but click here and you can find out all about it!

In other exciting scrapping news a new website has launched recently called Scrapbook Hub! Scrapbook Hub is a new Australian website that is going to become 'The heart of Australian scrapbooking and papercraft'. And we at Pickleberrypop are thrilled to be helping out there with the Digital Scrapbooking side of things!

They recently sent out their first newsletter and Annette and I were invited to write an article on Digital Scrapbooking for it. If you haven't subscribed yet you can see our article called New to Digital? on-line and while you are there check out the Scrapper in the Limelight ~ our very own Annette! yay!

Well I think that I have caught up with everything - so I had better go, I'm pretty tired now after such a long post and I hope that you will forgive any typos you might see in here - I'm not usually so illiterate LOL. So good-night from me :)

18 October 2008

The hair - not the beautiful hair!

You know no one told me that the second child would be much more stubborn and insistent than the first one. My first child is usually biddable and will usually do what she is told but the second child delights in questioning everything and down right saying "NO!". The second child knows her mind and no amount of sweet reason will change her mind once it is set on something!

My darling Tasha, she of the golden hair, my second child! She decided a few months ago that she would like to have her hair cut - she's 6 and she has had nothing more than a light trim since the day of her first hair cut. She wanted it off to the shoulders! Now I consider myself a reasonable woman but when it comes to her hair I probably have ummm separation issues LOL. So when she first asked I told her I would think about it if she still wanted it done the next time our hair dresser came around, as I assumed that it was just a phase and she would forget all about it. No such luck! She remembered and in fact reminded me about it this morning. I wheddled, begged and nearly cried but she would not be put off again. And I am learning that with this child it is important to pick the fights you can and must win and to concead graciously on the fights that it's just not worth the ulcers to fight.

So here it is people, the before and after shots of my strong willed second child!
God help me in the future!

Here is the Long - in September this year

and the Short of it - today!

Look at her! Totally unrepentant for the anguish she caused me ROFL. Cheeky monkey!

And because I can't take photos of one and not the other one here is a photo I took of my sweet biddable eldest child - hmmmmm she isn't looking all that biddable in this photo is she ROFL!

Ok that's all from me tonight - nothing going on around here apart from hair dramas LOL. Oh I got mine all chopped off too - hubby keeps calling me Bob! Ta ta from me!

11 October 2008

Ohhh is that the time?

How can it possibly be the 11th of October? I'm not entirely sure how that happened because the last time I looked it was only September LOL. I guess that's what comes from having a tummy bug and having a week off work - you get all muddled! All better now so I can get back on top of things :)

Well the kids are back at school again and Tasha for one is thrilled to be back with her friends. She is not at all thrilled at the thought that it is SWIMMING this term for the Grade 1 kids ROFL! Bella is glad that her Japanese teacher has gone on leave and won't be replaced this term and so she doesn't have to do Japanese for a whole term! When I say whole term I really mean two months because that is all that is left of the school year for my two. Catholic school finish a week earlier for the Christmas break and so their term finishes the first week in December - eeeek! That means there is LOADS of stuff to squeeze in before the end of year! Well we will certainly be busy LOL. Bella has her theory and practical Piano exams in November and has been complaining bitterly about the extra practice she has to do hahaha - wait until high school girlie LOL!

I have been quietly plugging away at work and I can now confidently say that I have finally settled in. I am not a big one for change and I'm not really surprised it has taken me 6 and a half months to feel settled and not so restless - I am sure my family are glad I have stopped complaining too LOL.

There have been so many exciting things going on a Pickleberrypop that I'm really not sure where to begin! We have twelve fabulous new designers joining our site to compliment our existing group of fabulous designers! Have a look at who has joined us:

We have some great new challenges that have wonderful participation gifts AND a new newsletter due out in a couple of days - so it has been busy BusY BUSY! I can hardly keep up with the forum now that it is rocking and rolling and the gallery is just chocker block with fabulous AMAZING pages! WOW! Such a pleasure to work for one of the best digi-scrapping sites around!

I have been too sick/busy to scrap much recently but I did have a page that I wanted to share from one of last month's PBP challenges and I did it with my friend Carol in mind.......ROFL!
Carol had a tragic 80s perm reveal on her blog a little while ago and I promised that becasue she had been brave enough to flaunt the perm the least I could do was to share mine too! So here it is :

Credits here

Ok I had better post this before another day goes by - I'm off to finish my latest Pickle Jar challenge :) TTFN!

28 September 2008

Ahhhhh school holidays can be so relaxing

Yes even though I have been working the school holidays are still more relaxing than the usual grind - especially in the morning. No rushing around making lunches and ironing the uniforms you didn't feel like doing the night before, just a lovely breakfast chat around the table and then I swan off leaving the girls clasped tight to their Grandma's bosom! Ahhh life is good ain't it Kristie?? LOL.

But better than that is having a night out with ....*gasp* GROWN-UPS! Yes hubby and I went out on Thursday night with our friends P & J to see Toni Childs in concert! My head is still spinning from the sheer delight of going out with friends, having dinner at a pub, walking up to the Tivoli to listen to the glorious voice of Toni Childs, and then creeping back in the house at 11.30pm to find my mum cuddled up under a blanket blinking sleepily at me. ROFL it was like when I was soooo much younger sneaking in after a big night out only to find mum waiting for me with the frowny face hahaha. Now I know that a few of you might be scratching your heads wondering who the heck is Toni Childs (yes you Natalie!) so I have thoughtfully included these links to some You-Tube clips for your listening pleasure LOL

These were her more popular older songs and are still big crowd pleasers judging by the fact that everyone was singing along ROFL but I really liked the sound of her new album Keep the faith!

And to quote the great Molly Meldrum "do yourself a favour!" (now I am showing my age aren't I ROFL!)

So apart from being a dirty stop out - I had Friday off work and the kids and I slobbed around most of the day doing not a lot of much at all LOL. Bella took off to a friends at 1pm and then Tasha and I met some friends at a local park. When we got home hubby was arriving and he was wondering what we had done all day - NOTHING LOL! Ahhhhhh fabulous.

Oh and I have a scrapping front again! Yahooo. Thanks entirely to the delightful KateF who very kindly gave me some of her new stuff to play with, including these lovely papers -

They got me motivated to finish my page from Victoria's Title Work Challenge at Pickleberrypop and here is the end result -

Credits here

Then after posting the reminder over at DST that the Pickelberrypop challenges are finishing soon I realised that I still had the Template Challenge to do AND the latest Pickle Jar Challenge haha so while I was still inspired I did Len's Template Challenge straight away ROFL!

Credits here

AND then I was prowling around the internet yesterday afternoon and I stumbled across the grand opening of Vinnie Pearce's new Store/Forum- Pixel Canvas. Now I'm not sure if you are familiar with Vinnie's work but I was told about her by my friend Deb, and I fell in love with her gorgeous blog (Right Now) gifts! She does the most amazing work and I am really excited to support a fellow Southern Hemisphere dweller - Vinnie is from the land of the long White Cloud (New Zealand). Vinnie has a fun template challenge at her site and I had to give it a go using some of her gorgeous stuff -

Credits here

Well I think that that is all for now - I have to head off and finish my Pickle Jar Challenge today sometime because I want to take the girls out somewhere tomorrow - maybe over to the Redcliffe lagoon for a swim, I'm not sure. They are heading off with hubby to Hervey Bay on Tuesday for some Nanna and Poppy time and I will miss them so very very much *getting teary at the thought* so ta ta from me for now! Peace!

21 September 2008

Morning all!

Hi there! Yay the school holidays are here! Thank heavens! The kids have been so ratty recently, I am so glad that they have some quiet time at home these holidays - they really need the rest.

We did kick the holidays off in a grand way by going to see Wall-E at the movies. Tasha and I went together but Bella went with a group of friends and sat up the back of the theater ~ ahh those were the days when you sat up the back of the theatre, these days I need to sit a bit closer to the screen LOL. Tasha and I loved the movie but Bella reckons it was "really ummmm well the graphics were ok" I think she had more fun giggling with her pals. Tomorrow we are having a PJ day and are going to do nothing but sit in front of the TV in our PJs watching DVDs and eating Popcorn! Well that is the plan anyway LOL - and then it is back to work for me and the kids are going to be driving Mum and my Step-Dad up the wall for a few days. Good Luck Mum LOL~!

On the scrapping front, there is NO FRONT - LOL. I have not done a page for AGES! I just can't seem to finish them at the moment - I have about four started but none finished - grrrrrr. I have been helping Annette with the Designer Call going on at PickleberryPop at the moment and that is keeping me useful and busy (which I love). It closes on the 28th September and i can't wait to see who will be joining us!

I wanted to say a big Happy Birthday to my friend Deb who is having a Birthday tomorrow US time! So here you are my friend - a birthday card for you from me with love ;)

Credits: Everything by Ksharonk Designs except the bead alpha by Jen Ulasiewicz

September is such a big month for birthdays! I have a few friends that have their birthdays in September, my online friends Carol and Deb and one of my best-est real life friends Jane has a birthday in a few days AND four (yes FOUR) of my adorable God-Children have birthdays this month too. Two (J & H) are at the beginning of the month and two (M & B) have their birthdays today and tomorrow - I love you all!

And I just wanted to send Mel big squeezy hugs as she struggles to deal with some awful family troubles - you aren't alone Mel.

OK well that's it from me for today - I'm off to have another go at finishing a LO and maybe some housework - yeah right LOL.

Hugs to you all!

14 September 2008

Passing through again......

Just because it is Sunday I thought I would pop in and say "Hi!" sooo Um "Hi!" LOL. Not a lot going on here ~ work, home, work, home etc etc etc. I am looking forward to the school holidays coming up (even though I am working for 90% of them) if only to break up the routine a bit rofl. We all seem to have emerged from the cold & flu season at last and while there are lingering coughs around the house we are all pretty healthy at the moment. Tasha has finally lost both her top teeth and she looks absolutely adorable at the moment. Funny how it is cute to have missing teeth when you are six but not so much when you are an adult.


9th September 2008

Not a lot of scrapping going on I'm afraid ~ the mojo train has left the station well and truly although I did manage to do the latest Pickle Jar Challenge and it was plenty of fun!

Best Dad
Credits here

Hmm next I might have a go at Victoria's Title Work Challenge @ PBP ~ it looks like a great place to get some inspiration.

I have been having a blast working with Annette and Kate over at Pickleberrypop ~ they are a really fun and friendly pair of chickies! AND I have to show you my new blinkie! I feel very special! And big thanks to Tara for making it for me!

Oh and before I go, I just wanted to say - Happy Birthday Carol! Facebook reminded me it was your birthday and I couldn't let it go past with out making a little bit of a fuss LOL!
Credits: Kaye Winiecki - Paper Cuts & Alpha, Something Blue Studios - Paper Overlay, Katie Pertit - Tag & Staple.

Well I'm off to peel vegies for dinner so chow for now and take care ~ Thanks for looking!

08 September 2008

A tricky challenge .... but heaps of fun

I haven't scrapped for a while for one reason or another and I have really been lacking the motivation to scrap as well. So I was pretty damn excited to see the September challenges pop up over at Pickleberrypop. And ooohhhhh the Solids Only challenge hosted by Ann-Marie is FABULOUS! It's hard but then it wouldn't really be a challenge if it was easy now would it LOL.

And do you see those lovely papers by Ann-Marie?? Well if you pop over to this thread and check out the challenge you can get them for FREE! Yes free! Seriously, how cool is that?

Anyway I felt pretty inspired by the challenge and here is the page that I did for it!

Always be joyful!

Credits here

Well I had planned to post some photos of my big girl's birthday but soo many of them had other kids in them so I won't post them sorry. But there were lots of smiling faces and happy kids.

Ok, got to go, emails to send things & to do LOL