27 December 2008

Fantastic festive fare!

Merry Christmas and a very, VERY happy New Year to all my blog readers (yes the two of you hahaha) I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Christmas!!!


It's been a while I know, sorry about that. This time of year is a busy one for us - we have hubby and Tasha's birthdays both on the 9th December and then before I know it I turned around and Christmas was right upon me! Added to the mix this year, I applied for a new job and my lovely In-Laws came to stay for Christmas LOL so yes, hectic is the word I'm looking for LOL!

So - Tasha and hubby's birthday went off without a hitch. No birthday party for her this year but she had a fabulous day anyway. I took the day off work and we made a cake and set up an afternoon tea for her. Grandma and Grandpa came over to share in the treats and none of us can believe our sweetie is finally seven! She was hideously spoilt and ended up with what amounted to a small fortune in gift cards and cash, and we had to rush out to Toy R us that afternoon and spend some of it haha! It has taken ages and AGES, well as far as she is concerned it has anyway - she can legally sit in the front seat of the car now!! BUT now it is on for young and old each time we go to the shops over who sits in the front of the car with me!!!

And here is Tasha about to blow out the candles on her cake! I did take lots of photos but it was a bit overcast that day and the photos appear very grainy - rats!

Next up in my "wow life is busy" saga was the new job. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not that keen on changing jobs. My motto has long been "better the devil you know ..." LOL and I stayed over ten years in each of my first two jobs. But I have allowed temptation to take me and after only 9 months at my current job I am moving on to what (I hope) is going to be my dream payroll job. It's only three days a week (one day a week less than I am now) and I will be looking after the end-to-end payroll for 250 people by myself so I am pretty excited! I start on the 28th Jan after our beach break. I have been pretty stressed over telling my current boss about my deciding to leave and I was feeling a bit blue about it but I am finding it gets easier as the days go by, hopefully she will forgive me in time LOL and now I am trying to focus on the new job and I am trying to feel less guilty!

My parents-in-law arrived the Tuesday before Christmas and my MIL helped get things ready for Christmas dinner. It was lovely to have help getting all the salads and stuff ready on Christmas Eve afternoon, things were so much more relaxed on the big day. My MIL loves to go to Church at Christmas so we all toddled up to our local for Children's Mass on Christmas Eve and I even managed to drag hubby along, oh my was it packed! We had to go into the adjoining hall because there was no room in the church for everyone - luckily they had a live video feed so we didn't feel too left out ROFL!

As to the big day itself - what can I say? The kids were up early and opened Santa's presents on our bed before their poor Dad had even cracked open an eyelid! Next it was complete bedlam as the present opening went into full swing when Nanna and Poppy got up. It was a great day, the kids got way too much as always and they are desperately in love with their Wii and the games. the Wii turned out to be a great crowd pleaser and we had not only the kids playing but all the grandparents as well LOL the funniest thing was seeing my MIL playing a game of snooker with hubby - I was worried she might throw out her shoulder or something lmao!

Santa very wisely gave them an extra remote and nunchuck (sp?) so that there would be no fights LOL. Linner (lunch around Dinner time) with Nanna, Poppy, Grandma and Grandpa was fabulous and we all ate much too much. Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely!

Ahhhhh and now another Christmas has come and gone and all that is left is a rubbish bin full of crushed wrapping paper and shorts that are now too tight LOL. Roll on New Years Eve.

In amongst all this I have been trying to scrap a bit as now I am officially part of the PBP site CT (woohoo!) as well as Right Hand Gal at PBP and seeing as we have no newsletter for December I thought I should earn my keep some how ROFL! It certainly is no real effort to CT for the designers over at Pickleberrypop, they are all such talented ladies!!

So here are some LOs that I have whipped up over the last week or two:

My Wild Child - using DYP design's sumptuous new kit Viridian - I HAD to use this photo of Tasha as it suited the colours of this beautiful kit perfectly!

Credits here

We Wish You a Merry Christmas - using Victoria Greenlees's adorable Crafty Christmas kit. I did this LO for Kirstie's fun template Challenge! Loving those cute tree shapes LOL

Credits here

Love that Tree - using Krisitn Aagard's fabulous kit "Twas! I did this page for Sharon's great Christmas Challenge over at Pickleberrypop that challenged us to scrap Christmas through "new eyes". I had to do Bella's fist Christmas and her love affair with the Christmas Tree!

Credits here

And last but not at all least - A Magic Wood, using Dawn Inskip's fun and inspiring Woodland Doodles and Wild Thing papers : it was such a fun page to make!

Credits here

Well that will have to be all from me for now as my family (sniff sniff) are all away for a few days - thye left today - and I have decided to take myself off to bed early to sulk LOL! My Mum and Step-Dad are coming over early tomorrow and we are going to have the whole day given over to watching all the Lord of the Rings movies - all extended versions and guaranteed to take approximately 12-13 hours ROFL so I need my sleep tonight!!! I shall go to my sleep tonight to dream of Legolas and Aragorn and their gorgeous eyes! So ta ta!!

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Carol said...

What fabulous Christmas photos! I can see that Wii smile here! I've recognised it from my niece and nephew, LOL. Best wishes for the coming year for you too. The payroll job sounds exciting.