25 May 2009

Project 365 - May 18 to May 24

Well I can't believe it but here I am - on time and ready to post last weeks page! Woohoo. Feeling a bit proud of myself and I am hoping that this means I am finally getting my act together. I'm pinching myself that I am still going strong with the project and although some days are harder to come up with a photo idea than others (check out the peg basket rofl) I haven't lost my enthusiasm so far.

I have realised that I don't have a lot of interesting knick knacks around my house to take photos of though a
nd I thought that I should maybe invest in some to give me more stuff to photograph *grin*. I somehow don't think hubby will be very agreeable with that idea so I might pass for now. I am hoping to do a self portrait this week so you can tell me if my face is looking any thinner hahahaha as I can't really see any difference but then again I see myself every day.

So here you are - on time for once - Week ummmm 19? of my Project 365!

Credits - Paper & template - DebF, stitching,paper, & Staples - ksharonk, Alpha - FruitLoOp Sally & P365 stuff from Flergs!

I just wanted to say that I had a fabulous time at the Pickleberrypop Casual Chat on Friday night - the girls are all such a laugh and it was wonderful to chat, listen to great 80's music and discuss the love interests of Bob the Builder (you really had to be there!). They really are a great bunch of girls and I can't recommend enough that you come along and join us this time next month for a another fabulous evening of fun and laughter!

Ok that's it from me today - I have loads of housework to do now that it has stopped raining here and things are starting to dry out. It was just too hard to do the housework with the kids stuck inside as they made a mess as quickly as I tried to tidy up. In the end I gave up and plonked myself down in front of the computer for the rest of the weekend and caught up on my blog hopping LOL. I am trying hard to air out my car at the moment too as it still smells from the mini flooding it got last week - I have sprinkled Bi-Carb of Soda all over the carpets in an effort to de-stench it! But at least it didn't float away so I am not complaining one little bit! Ok that's good-bye from me for today!

24 May 2009

It's a fly by posting of the CT variety

Hi I'm just shooting past with a quick blog post - I'm doing a bit of blog hopping this morning and I hope that I make it to all your blogs to say Hi!!

I would like to post some of the pages that I have scrapped this week - I went on a bit of a scrapping bender late in the week and this is the result :)

The Sea
using Olga Unger's great new Sea Paradise

Credits here

There is something so magical about the sea. It is a vastly powerful force, untameable, unknowable and yet so intriguing. Here is my DD walking alone the beach at Hervey Bay pondering the mysteries of the sea.

Close to you
inspired by the Carpenter's song :) and using Dawn Inskip's fab new Strawberry Crush

Credits here

Looking at Natasha I often have this song just pop into my head, when she was little I would sing it to her with her Lullabies at bedtime. I think it's the angels appearing and sprinkling "moondust in your hair and starlight in your eyes of blue oooooh oh" that gets me every time!

The Beach
using Joanne Bain's delicious new kit Beachy Treasure

Credits here

One of the things Tasha enjoys most about our trips to the Gold Coast is the feeling of digging into the sand and discovering all the wonderful treasures hidden there.

Oh and I found these two pages that I created at the end of last week but forgot to post!

Mother's Day
using Joanne Bain's adorable new kit - Summer Dayz

Credits here

Every year the four of us pose for our Mother's Day photo - Mum, the girls and me. I love looking back and seeing us in our special Mother's Day photo and seeing how much we are changing each year! I did this page for the Pickle Jar Challenge - thanks Pat!

Cuddles from my Kitty
using FruitLoOp Sally's Organic Artisty

Credits here

My silly cat is terrified of the birds in our backyard and hides from them in the bushes all the time. But when I come out into the backyard to hang out washing she always runs over to me meowing - as if to show the birds she's not scared - this is one of the few times she lets me pick her up and give her a cuddle

I'm a bit stunned to see that I have scrapped 5 pages in the space of a week and a couple of days! If I keep this up I am going to fall into a mojo rut soon rofl!

Well that is all from me today - I will be back tomorrow with this week's Project page and I can say that with confidence because it's all finished except for todays photo LOL so I will have no excuse hahaha.

23 May 2009

Project 365 - 11 May to 17 May

Well another week goes by and I realise that I still haven't posted my last Project page here. Maybe I just like to work behind the deadline LOL. I have managed to get last weeks page finished and maybe if I REALLY concentrate I will actually post my current weeks page on Monday!

Project 365 - May 11 to May 17

Credits - Paper & template - DebF, stitching,paper & Staples - ksharonk, Alpha - FruitLoOp Sally!

It's been a busy week really with lots going on at home and work. I had Tasha home sick on Monday, a busy day at work on Tuesday and then Wednesday this week was particularly exciting/scary when we had the biggest "rain event" here in Brisbane since the 70's (so I have heard). There was so much rain that we had widespread flooding across the city. At work my car is parked in a side street and all morning the water ran down the road steadily. but after staying at the gutter level all morning it suddenly rose high enough to put an inch of water in my car.

I ran out and moved my car to higher ground in the street (soaking my shoes and my trousers to the knees in the process) only to find that when I went to leave work that afternoon I had to wade through thigh deep water just to get out of my work place. Here is what the road where I was parking in the morning looked like when I went home - can you see a gap between two submerged cars on the left hand side? That is where I WAS parked - omg!

At the end of the trees is a main intersection and it was just chaos down there, detours helped ease the problem though. Wow what a day! The trip home was exciting as a few streets on the way home were closed. I can't complain though, so many people lost their household possessions and their cars! So I am really lucky!

Anyway - it's late and I will come back and post some pages that I have made tomorrow! I promise! tata!

11 May 2009

Project 365 TWO weeks LOL

Yes I am so very, very slack and I have gotten so behind in my posting. So rather than beat myself up I am going to just post two full weeks of photos and consider myself all caught up lol. I am finding myself very tired at the moment and all I seem to want to do is surf around the net for a bit in the evenings and then go to bed. I'm going to be upping my exercise regime this week so i am hoping that my energy levels will improve. I have plateaued in my weight loss journey (giggle I hated it in Biggest Loser when they said "my weight loss journey"!) a bit over the last few weeks and I think I need a kick start back into it again so I can be a few more kgs lighter when I go back to Townsville in June. Even though it will be nearly Winter then Townsville is still pretty much shorts and teeshirt weather all year round and I would like to look a little better in the shorts before then lol!

So without further ado here are the past two weeks Project photos for your perusal.

Project 365 - April 27 to May 3

Credits - Paper & template - DebF, stitching,paper, flourish & Staples - ksharonk, Alpha - FruitLoOp Sally!

Project 365 - May 4 to May 10

Credits - Paper & template - DebF, stitching,paper, & Staples - ksharonk, Alpha - FruitLoOp Sally & P365 stuff from Flergs!

There has been a little (very little) scrapping going on here LOL. And here are a few pages that I have made recently for your viewing pleasure!

Once I was - for the Poetry Challenge I am hosting this month over @ PBP using PST Designs gorgeous kit Ever - come on over and scrap a page with a poem and you could win a $10 GC to the Pickleberrypop Store!!

Credits here

Happy you are OK - I had fun using this fun kit Happy Time!

Credits here

Celebrate! For the Scraplift Challenge @ PBP - using Joanne Bain's cool Parte' kit!

Credits here

And lastly but by no means least - Abbey Medieval Festival using Dawn Inskip's fantastic Imagination kit!

Credits here

Well that is all from me today - I have been working on this post for the better part of the morning and I KNOW that I have loads of other things that need to be done today.

02 May 2009

Project 365 - Apr 20 to Apr 26 & a GREAT reveal!

Hi everyone, how is everything going with you? Things have been a bit messed up here with me unfortunately *sniff* I got another migraine on Wednesday and it has taken me until today to shake the darn thing! I am pretty sure I know what triggered it (lunch at an Asian cafe) but I'm not sure WHAT in lunch triggered it (they say there is no msg in their products). It was pretty nasty and I felt so fragile for three days, I couldn't even look outside the windows because the light hurt - but anyway I'm better now and I won't be eating THERE again so all's well that ends well!

I have finally finished last weeks Project photos and I have created another page for it - it really is an easy way of showing off the photos :)

Credits: DebF's Year in Review template & paper & everything else from ksharonk designs.

There are lots of things going on in the background that I am working on and I can't wait to share some of them with you but until then you will have to make do with this BIG REVEAL!!

Here is the GORGEOUS Free kit with purchase available from Pickleberrypop right now .......

The Enchanted Pickleberry Tree
{inter}-National Scrapbooking Day at pickleberrypop.com, 1st to 3rd May, 2009

All digital products 30% off,
except for commercial use, most 20% off!

Spend $15AUD (approx. $10USD) or more and receive The Enchanted Pickleberry Tree Part 1 FREE!


Spend $22AUD (approx. $15USD) or more and receive The Enchanted Pickleberry Tree Part 1 AND The Enchanted Pickleberry Tree Part 2 FREE!
* see full conditions in store

Isn't FANTABULOUS??????? I love it to bits.

I had a play with this gorgeous kit last week and came up with these three very different pages to show how versatile this kit is!

Credits here

The Magic in a Book
Credits here

You make me Believe
Credits here

Well that is all from me right now - I have lots of stores to check out for iNSD as I have decided to spend some of my hard earned cash on some of the fabulous sales that will be going on over the weekend. I hope you all have a great weekend too!!!!