16 October 2009

Fabulous Friday!

I never used to appreciate Fridays as much as I should have until I stopped working them! Since starting my new job and only doing three days a week, I can tell you Fridays are now officially my favourite day of the week - followed swiftly by Mondays rofl! Fridays are my scrapbooking day. I catch up on my CT duties, I post around the place, I finish up pages, I update the PBP fan page on Facebook (and play some games while I'm there!), and I generally have a great time. Then a couple of hours before I have to get the kids from school I race around the house like a mad woman, cleaning, tidying, washing etc etc until the place is sorted. Sounds crazy doesn't it! Why don't I just spend the whole day cleaning, taking my time and not turning my house into an Indy race track. There is a simple answer - I don't want to hahaha! It's nuts but I like it :)

I wanted to share with you some pages that I posted this week using one of our new designers at Pickleberrypop - Joyce Paul! Woohoo, I really love her style, so clean and elegant!!

It's just Me!
Credits here

and My Family My Life
Credits here

and lastly using a fabulous new Collab by my sweet Dawn Inskip and Joyce

My Christmas Angel
Credits here

On the family front I finally got to see Bella play a Netball game on Wednesday night (last week I was laid up with a migraine) and I was really impressed with how she went. Not that I know much about the game but still it is always nice to see your child happy and enjoying themselves in a team environment. I think it is a wonderful experience for her to have prior to High School and she has already met two new girls through netball that will be going to the same High School so all in all I am very pleased. And added to all that, the blue Dolphins won! haha!

Here is a pic of Bella in her Netball gear after the game on Wednesday - I have cut out her two friends if you don't mind as I respect their privacy.

My cat is still hanging in there even thought the tumour is getting larger (did I mention that here or on Facebook??). Just in case I didn't mention it, Chelsea my lovely old puss has bone cancer and she doesn't have long to live. How long the Vet can't say as it is a very rare cancer in cats (dogs and people yes, but not many cats) so he has no helpful time frame to offer us. She still doesn't seem to be in any pain and the Vet said only to bring her in when her quality of life beings to fail. She is currently sleeping on the beds every night, eating tit-bits fed to her by the kids, and probably more cuddling than a dying animal really wants so until the time comes I would rather not think about the future right now.

I have had to cut out alcohol from my diet (omg) as my helpful husband saw that alcohol might be a migraine trigger and suggested strongly that I go off it for awhile and see what happens - sadly I haven't had a migraine since Saturday so I think that he might be right *sob*. It's going to be a long weekend, no chocolate, no wine, no fun BUT no headache hopefully! LOL there ARE worse things to complain about I know!

Anyway it's that time of the Friday where I will start to run around cleaning so I will catch you later!

10 October 2009

Good morning friends!

Well it has been one LOOOOOng week here I can tell you! I have been having a migraine cluster and a half and even though I am on medication they kept coming!! Last count was 5 in four days!! Eeeek. Thankfully I have come out the other end now (phew) and (touch wood) every thing has settled down again. Needless to say my scrapping, housework, parenting and work duties have all suffered to varying degrees AND I believe that I have missed two days in my P365 *sob*! But I can't complain - its over for now!

Today I am taking Bella to try on her new High School uniforms and order them so they will be ready for next year. We are going with friends of ours so the girls can giggle and have fun while her mother and I have to be resuscitated over the price of everything! Its at times like this when I wonder why we didn't go public schooling and I am pretty sure I'll think it again when we get our first semester school fees hahahaha!

I'll let you in on a secret, I am making Bella a Photo Book to commemorate her Primary School years! I have done most of the hard word so far, except for Grade 7, and I just have some class photos to scan in. I'm pretty pleased with it so far - it's not a work of art but then it isn't supposed to be, its a record of the past 9 years of her life! Of course I can't do Grade 7 yet as I want to put in photos of her graduation and certificate presentations etc etc but hopefully it will be ready by the time she for her starting High School next January! This last term is going to fly by so quickly!

I think I have a page to share with you that I did a little while ago for Cheryl with her luscious new kit La Serenissima that I held off posting until the Two Little Pixels Newsletter came out. I really loved the yummy rich blues in this kit!

Mandy Lou

Credits here

Well I have loads of things to catch up today so I had better get a move on - thanks for hanging out with me! ta ta for now!

03 October 2009

Is facebook the end of my blog?

Hmmm the jury is still out on that one at the moment but I am starting to think so. My FB page is much more up to date than my poor neglected blog. But I don't plan on letting go with out a fight and once I have come back from harvesting my Farmville crops, battling rampaging wizards on School of Magic, planting onions on my Island and dealing with blood suckers on Vampire Wars, I am SO coming back here to update my blog ROFL *stupid FB*. But I am still taking my daily photo I promise you and I am still amazed that I have made is so far throughout the year I mean wow it's October and I am still on track! And after tomorrow i will have endless netball photos to take now that Bella will be starting Summer season netball. Its a first for both of us, she has never played club netball before and I have never watched it before (or even understand it to be honest! Ball games are so not my thing!). But you know I look at it as a mother's duty to spend perfectly good scrapping time watching sweaty teenagers run around a court ROFL!

Seeing as I am here and posting I would like to share with you this page I did the other day that I love - the colours are just so vibrant and so different from all the Fall kits that we are seeing at the moment (that I have to admit that I am a bit over, please dont hate me!).

My Pretty Petals

Credits here

Oh and I have to share this page that I did for the Colour Challenge over at Pickleberrypop this month - You make me Smile!

Credits here

Ok I had better hit the road, there are a few things I need to do before I hit the hay.