31 July 2007


I can't believe I'm finished this already LOL. The idea of this challenge just jumped out at me and the LO just burst into life - pretty funny hey!

Credits are here and if you can't read the writing just check out the credits link as the copy there is bigger and easier to read! I am so not typing that journaling out again - lmao!

Hey I forgot to mention that I finished Harry Potter ages ago! Sorry about that :). Anyway I just wanted to say that I was very happy with the ending and I felt it ended just as it should (no plot spoilers for anyone who hasn't read it yet LOL). Now I'm going to dig out my copies of Susan Cooper's "Over Sea Under Stone" novels to re-read because I have heard a rumour from some friends in the US who tell me there is going to be a movie released in October based on this series. I remember that I loved this series so much that I had the set shipped to me in Townsville from the UK! I hope that the movie does it justice!

Well I'm for an early night as I STILL have this damn sore throat so ta ta for now - mwa!

28 July 2007

ADSR Challenge 4

Hmmm I had a bit of trouble with this LO :(. It took ages to come together and I'm NOT entirely sure that it works but as a good friend of mine (M:) ) said, it is about finishing the race and not how popular your LO's are, that matters! So anyway I've finished it and that's that!

So here it is:

Credits are here

Just wanted to share some exciting scrapbooking news with you! The wonderfully talented Carol has been selected to be a guest Creative Team Member for one of our very favorite designers ksharonk - horray! So pop over to her blog and check out her fabulous LO's.

On the home front, we have recovered from our recent infestation of "hair lice"!!! Yuck! I washed everything there was to wash in HOT water (water restriction be damned!) and have treated and gone over everyones hair with (if you will forgive me) a fine tooth comb! That was enough drama for one week and apart from me losing my voice because of this head cold all has been good at home :). So I will say ta ta for now.

24 July 2007

ADSR Challenge 3

Well I enjoyed this challenge so much that I'm finished already LOL. It was a fairy tale theme and you could choose either, "Once upon a time", "Three Wishes", or "If I were the Queen of the world". I picked Three Wishes because funnily enough a poem started to come into my head as soon as I saw the words. I can't believe that I wrote a poem for it (how embarassing!) but it seemed to work for the Challenge criteria and the LO just flowed around the words. FYI the photo is from our wedding. Anyway here it is -

While walking by a Willow tree, I chanced to save
A fairy Queen, who, trapped within a web, called out to me.
Then filled with joy at her escape, a gift she gave,
Of wishes granted, One …. Two …. Three.
She asked me, “What is your heart’s desiring”,
And I pondered deep on her inquiring.
Indeed what would make me the happiest,
Great wealth, so in comfort I might rest?
Unequalled power, to be free and strong,
And good health, for a life lived well and long?
No, all these things were fine, ‘twas true,
But my heart’s desire was clear in view.
I turned my thoughts from riches bright
And spoke only words I knew were right,
“Your Majesty, only these three wishes do I seek:
A breeze to softly brush my cheek,
A song to fill my heart with bliss,
And my own sweet lover’s gentle kiss.
In truth these are all the riches I need, For me,
these are Queenly gifts indeed”.
Credits here

On the Harry Potter front, I am up to chapter 18 now and I'm loving it! It's very dark but 17 year olds usually are pretty moody people LOL! I am trying not to rush it because I know that this is the last one and it will end this time when I finish the book (sigh). All good things come to an end though.

22 July 2007

ADSR Challenge 2

Well I can tell you I had the best time doing this Collab LO with Deb and after a lot of backwards and forwards msn'ing we are finished. I'm really happy with it and I love the warm colours that we chose and I really like how is is cluttered and messy :). So without further ado, I give you ADSR Challenge 2 Friendship Desktop LO (drum roll please)


I can't wait to get started on the next challenge (I happened to notice that they have put it up a bit early @ KB and friends) as it looks like it might be a good challenge to try some altered art. Never done that before but I'll give anything a go once LOL.

Anyway I had best get back to my family and my Harry Potter book so bye for now.

21 July 2007


Goodness I had a busy day today! First off there was the usual round of Saturday morning housework that goes hand-in-hand with full-time work, washing,dusting,tidying,vacuming etc etc blah blah blah. Then the girls and I went out and did a bit of shopping, bought some PJ's, birthday presents and got lotto for tonight's $21 mill(fingers crossed LOL). In the afternoon I took Tash to a birthday party for one of her friends, she had a wonderful time and came home tired and happy. Since then I have been keeping in touch with my ADSR partner Deb online as we collab on Challenge 2's LO. I'm pretty excited about it and I can't wait to see what she has done with her half of it :). I still find it incredible that we can be doing this when she is in the US and I'm here in Oz ....hmmmm that might be a good theme for the journalling LOL.

While I am waiting to see Deb's creation I am reading the new Harry Potter book. I know, I know! But I couldn't help it :),

I mean what could I do? There it was in the shops when I went out today and it looked so lonely I had to bring it home. I promise I won't tell you ANYTHING about it in case you are going to buy it for yourself.

Well my book calls and I am going to have to go to bed soon anyway - ta ta for now!

19 July 2007

ADSR - Challenge 1 - LO

Well we have finished the first challenge and while I'm not THRILLED with mine, it isn't actually hideous LOL!.

Credits available here

Deb & I have posted them at DST & at the official gallery at NDSB, and now we are ready for challenge 2. Now this is going to be a lot of fun and is being hosted by the fabulous people at Pickleberrypop and can I tell you, the prize for completing the challenge is fantastic!

Oh, and don't forget if you get a chance, pop in and leave my wonderful race partner Deb (aka Vixen or, the better half of this Digital Duo!) some love on her fab Challenge LO!

Well I won't ramble on as it is really cold here in Brisbane (getting to 4 degrees C tonight brrrr) and my toes are freezing!

16 July 2007

ADSR - Challenge 1

And we are off and racing ..... I'm so excited. here is Challenge 1 as set out on the ADSR blog ....

So the first challenge, should you accept it, is to scrap something museum-related. It can be a museum you've been to, one you'd like to go to, or an exhibit you'd LOVE to see in your lifetime. Maybe a famous painting or work of art you've always wanted to see in person, because let's face it, printed poster reproductions just don't even come close.

And because this is The Amazing Digi Scrapping Race and nothing is ever that easy, you must use the word "Amazing" somewhere on your layout. It can be in the photograph itself, in your title, or journaling, etc. Up to you how and where it is incorporated.

I have already started my LO so stay posted for the finished product - I can't promise it will be perfect but it will get done - LMAO!

Ta Ta

Abbey Medieval Festival

On the 7th July we all went to the Abbey Medieval Festival as we have done for the last couple of years. It is always a great day out and I love seeing everyone dressed up in "ye olde" costumes! I, of course, wouldn't dress up if you paid me, but the girls wore costumes this year made by my talented Mum (which were gorgeous) so I thought that I would pop in a couple of photos for you......

Vintage Frames by Nancy Comelab

Well that is me finished for another day ... work tomorrow so I had best get to bed (sigh!)

15 July 2007


Well I have finished my first ever attempt at a blog banner - What do you think? I have used papers and a gorgeous flower by the lovely and talented Anna, one of Nancy Comelab's gorgeous vintage frames, Lisa Whitney's great blanket stitch & ksharonk's versatile staples - oh and of course a picture of my lovely girls to finish it off :).

I think that I have fiddled around with this blog enough for now so I had best go and do some folding and then start ironing school uniforms or I will be up late tonight doing it :)

Ta ta for now ......

Still under Construction

Well I'm still plodding along pretty-ing up my little piece of cyber space! As you can see I'm stuffing around with one of Shabby Princess' blog banner's at the moment but I hope that I can soon try my hand at making one of my own - finger's crossed. I can't spend too much time in blogsville at the mo because we have hubby's Mum & Step Dad visiting so I'm banned from my 'puter for the short term - lol (not that I mind 'cause I love them both!). Anyway must get going with the day ... so ta ta for now.

PS thanks for the sweet comment Nancy - it made my morning :) - Oh & THANKS MUM for leaving me some love on my blog too LOL

12 July 2007

Hi there!

I know it's been a while since I started this blog but I have been doing a bit of fine tuning to in the background and I haven't actually gotten around to writing anything as a post yet - LOL!

This new world of blogging is a lot of fun and I have been having a great time trying to work out how to add a slide show and a video and the time has just gotten away from me again.

I just wanted to say very quickly, before I go, that my friend Deb (aka Vixen) and I have registered a team in the Amazing Digiscrapping Race - we are really excited (nervous, horrified, anxious) to be part of such a HUGE event!

But ... the best bit is .... check it out .... we have our own blinkie!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Seriously, how cool is that!

I will definately be back soon to fill in all the blanks about the race and all the other things in my life going on at the mo but right now ..... I'm off to bed LOL