25 June 2008

Making changes

I can't believe how long its been since I last posted! It really only feels like just the other day, honestly! Life just speeds by these days and I find it hard to keep up. So what have I been up to recently? Not a lot LOL! Just work, home and scrapping! Is there any more to life?

So after being away for a while I'm finding it hard to know where to start so how about I get straight to it!

Those of you who know me well will know that I am a bit of a lazy cow but recently I made a move to make it a bit more official - I applied for a guest CT stint with the lovely Kate Fairlie of Lazy Cow Designs fame. Her lazy cow attitude towards CTing suites me really well and guess what, she felt that I had what it takes and TADA, it's official I am now a true blue Guest Lazy Cow. I would show you my super cute Guest CT blinkie but blogger gobbles animated gifs up now like nobodies business so if you want to see it you can click on the credits to this page

You are ......Bella!

Credits here

This is a page using Kate's lovely new kit called Night garden - filled with such gorgeous rich midnight colours!

On other CT news Anna Benjamin has created the most wonderfully grungy papers that you have ever seen and an alpha that is so rusty it leaves stains LOL. welcome everyone to Garage Band!

This was such a fun gritty pack of papers to work with! here is my effort with them - I'm sorry I don't have any hard-core rock stars to show you, just my girls trying to be COOL!!

Credits here

And now to my dear Natalie! Well she has finally slowed down on the designing but still manages to produce enough to keep me busy and on my toes. Here is one of her latest and funkiest kits called Soul Sisters

And here is the LO I did using it - I was really happy with the boldness of the colours and the freshness of the elements!

Credits here

Ok so that is nearly it from me tonight - you would not believe how long it has taken me to post this LOL. I did want to talk quickly about the fabulous new book I read on the weekend by Stephanie Meyer called The Host which was an un-put-downable read, aliens, true love and a nice bit of moral theorising and I was in heaven! I was a bit put off by the theme of teenage romance in the other Vampire series that she has also written but after reading The Host and hearing Sharon rave about it I am probably going to pick the Vampire series up this weekend coming LOL - I hope I can still manage to scrap this weekend too! LOL

I just wanted to make one final comment - about my blog post title "Making Changes", I really want to be a more proactive blogger and I have promised myself that I will be making some changes here!

I will be here more often! I promise!

10 June 2008

I've been a bit quiet

Yes I know I've been a bit quiet but I do have a good excuse. After the tonsillitis grudgingly gave way to the antibiotics and bid me a fond farewell, I found to my utter horror that I had developed a head cold. Now while I know intellectually that it is impossible to catch a cold via the internet, I would like to point out that my friend Carol is currently in the grips of a nasty cold - coincidence?? I DON'T THINK SO! LOL. Only joking Carol......

Well I tried to take it easy this weekend and I didn't do much housework at all. Tasha has a cold too so we lay around not doing much at all, and of course Bella was happy playing on the computer for all hours. Hubby was working like a demon in the back room to prepare the new wardrobes (plastering, sanding and painting) for the doors which we hope will arrive this week - yippee! He is such a clever man and so handy to have around. I wonder what jobs I can think of for him next LOL!

When I did get off my sick bed (again) I felt that I needed to catch up on my posting around the boards and to work on my CT commitments so I posted for ages and then did a LO with Natalie's great new kit - Over the Rainbow, available at Pickleberrypop

And here is my LO - Tasha in the Park

Credits as always are here

In other CT news - The lovely Anna Benjamin @ Studio Anna is putting out later in the week these super cute Butterflies called Madam Butterfly, in both Swarms and Singles

and I had lots of fun using them on this LO.

Butterfly Princess

Credits here

Ok then well it's late now so I had best head off for the night. I am hoping that once I shake off this cold I will be back and posting like mad again. So ta ta from me for tonight!

04 June 2008

Hello World!

Oh wow what an incredibly awful and yet wonderful week I have just had! Sounds confusing? Well it is a bit I guess LOL. The awful part was the gross bout of tonsillitis that I experienced in the last week that I am (thankfully) recovering from now – thank heavens for the wonder of modern medicine and those fabulous antibiotics LOL. Lucky the old tonsil’s didn’t abscess and I am now out of the worst part – yippee! But of course during my period of ill health the family went to hell in a hand-basket and the house now looks like a cluster bomb has exploded in it! So what is so wonderful about having tonsillitis at your age?? I hear you ask! Well actually nothing! Nothing at all!

As usual scrapping provides me with the most wonderful moments in my life (outside of the kids, hubby and my friends of course!!!). Natalie surprised my little cotton socks off by using one of my Los in the DST insider to highlight her gorgeous kit The Valley! Now I can’t tell you how exciting that is for me, it is the closest that I will ever get to being famous in the scrapping world and I was just tickled pink that Natalie likes that page! So if anyone has access to a copy of the DST insider, there I am on page 13, well my “I Promise” LO is anyway LOL! Such a thrill.

And because I was so happy, both to be featured AND to be rid of the dreaded lurgie I decided to create a desktop for June using Natalie’s gorgeous Vogue Collection Part 1 (after running it past Nat of course to give away as my very first EVER blog freebie here!!) – oh and I used the delightful Kylie Clark’s squished alpha brush too – very cool!!

If you are interested HERE is the link and it contains two sizes of Desktop ummm 1024 x 768 and 1280 x 1024, enjoy! I hope you enjoy my first attempt and let me know if you like it and I MIGHT make another one for July LOL! Of course the freebie doesn't have the way cute photo of my cat in it LOL!!

Well anyway, I had better run along as while I am loads better I am still really tired by the end of the day. I really just wanted to pop in and blow my own horn for a little bit LOL! So ta ta for now! Hugs