30 January 2009

Im baaaack!

Wow what a great holiday! I feel relaxed and refreshed and ready to go! There is nothing like a week at the beach to clear the cobwebs from your mind. So after a lovely week we all came back ready to get on with 2009! The kids went back to school and I started my new job this week and it's all just great! I have to catch up with my 365 photos in this post so I will leave the yacking for now and just get into posting up to last Sunday to get me up to date :)

Here goes........

Day 15
This is a photo of Tasha's school book contact the rotten horrible @!#!$@ stuff! Arggg I haven't had this much trouble with covering books in years! Talk about bubbles and creases! Anyway this photo was taken before I threw the lot on the floor and nearly jumped on them - I fiddled in lightroom to give it an acid washy kinda look because it suited my frame of mind at the time.

Day 16
My cat Chelsea is starting to get used to having her photo taken now and barely glances at me when I grab the camera - lol - I'm glad because she is 16 years old this year and I am trying to get lots of photos of her in case she ummmm leaves us soon. This was taken just before I stuffed her in a cat cage to take her to Mum's while we were away, she was NOT a happy camper - I was going to take a picture of her in the cat cage but she was hissing and spitting sooooo I changed my mind LOL

Day 17
Ahhh here we are at the Gold Coast for our annual break! The first thing we do after unpacking our stuff and checking out the changes made to our unit during the year is to go for our family walk along the beach - I loved the reflection in this photo of Tasha.

Day 18
Ok I'll be honest and tell you that I'm not that keen to swim in the sea and the minute I can't touch bottom I panic - but knowing that the guys and girls from the Surf Rescue are right there makes me feel much safer and we only ever swim between the flags!!! Oh and the smaller of the two large unit complexs in the background is where we stay.

Day 19
We went up to the Currumbin Creek Rock Pools today and the water was freezing. I loved this photo of Bella perched on the rock trying to get up the nerve to jump into the icy water, her Dad was teasing her and she was scowling so much she reminded me of a Bunyip hehe

Day 20
Ahhhhh so lovely to walk along the beach in the afternoon!

Day 21
The waves were a bit choppier and bigger today when we went for our walk - I loved the look of the waves pounding against the rocks!

Day 22
Today we took a trip up to the Springbrook National Park to check out the walking tracks and the waterfalls. The weather was damp and cloudy and the photos all came out rather dark and eerie looking but I loved how this tree looked against the backdrop of fog.

Day 23
The units that we stay at have a fairly basic pool, it's not a flash lagoon or anything, but the kids get such a kick out of jumping into it after being in the surf. I can't get over Tasha's increased confidence in the water this year - last year she would only swim with her life vest on but this year she was swimming around like a little fishy! It was so great to see her playing in the pool with her sister while I lounged on the side of the pool on the banana lounge ROFL

Day 24
Like sands through an hour glass, so go the days of our holiday. I was trying to capture the lovely view from our unit before we went home the next day but the clouds obscured the view of Surfer's Paradise that you can usually see past the rocks. Never mind, there is always next year!

Day 25
Here we are on the way home - I took this photo just for you Deb! FYI my friend Deb has a passion for signs and I took this photo not long after we pulled onto the highway. No-one wanted their picture taken this morning, everyone is always a bit blue that we are going home so this has ended up my photo of the day by default LOL

OK I am all caught up with my photos for now - there will be another lot ready for posting on Sunday as I will be back into the groove. Thanks for stopping by everyone - I appreciate your lovely comments!

15 January 2009

Project 365 - days 12, 13 and 14

Hi everyone I'm just posting these here a bit earlier than Sunday this week as I will be out of town from Saturday and I am still working my way through my to-do pile. So here are the next three days of my project to share with before I go and do my exercise and then start covering the kids school books arggggh - it's a job I love to hate! I get a bit obsessive about bubbles under the contact but I have found that using an oven mitt makes the process of smoothing out the wrinkles and bubbles so much easier. Now if only I could get them to cover themselves *sigh* Although I can't really complain this year because the weather is quiet mild at the moment, normally I am sweltering in 40 degree heat and have sweat dripping off my nose!

Oh right - posting photos now LOL

Day 12
Bella reminded me that I took a photo of Tasha's new school shoes when I started last year's Project 365 so it was her turn to have HER new school shoes photographed (that girl has an amazing memeory!)

Day 13
I was lucky enough to get up early to let the cat out this morning and I was dazzled by the glorious colours of teh sky. I ran back in to get my camera but didn't stop to put my glasses on so the fact that it isn't blurry is more thanks to my camera's auto settings than any talent on my part!

Day 14
My beautiful princess insisted on posing for me today - it remains to be seen how long this enthusiasm for having her photo taken nearly daily will last lol

Well that's all from me for now - like I said before things to do - catch you later!

14 January 2009

ADSR Week 2

YAY I have finished this weeks challenge nice and early this time, mainly because I am off work and also because I will be away down the Coast for a few days from Saturday so I was trying to clear my to-do list before I start packing.

Luckily for me my wonderful hubby has arranged for me to have limited internet access while we are away so I won't miss any of my challenges so as long as we keep getting checked off we will be eligible to go in the draw for the grand prize. Deb and I had decided that the prize didn't matter it was the race that matters most but we both (I think) breathed a sigh of relief when hubby said he could fix it for me to keep racing ROFL!

So here are this week's ADSR pages...

Challenge 3 was from Gotta Pixel and it involved finding the first LO you have uploaded into a gallery and re-do it, using the same photo and the same text. I re-did the first LO in my DST gallery Baby Mine and here is my new page -

Baby Mine
Credits here

Challenge 4 was a fair bit harder and was hosted by Tangie Baxter so you KNOW it's going to be altered in some way LOL. Tangie wanted us to create a page that had Art and Soul. If you want to know more about what that means you can go here, to Tangie's blog, to read more about it.

Anyway here is my page - Altered Art isn't really my cup of tea but I do like how this turned out. I put a lot into it and if you want to read the journalling go to the credits.

This too shall pass
Credits here

Well this is all I have for now for ADSR and I now have to wait (im) patiently until Sunday for the next challenge. Oh you can check out my fab partner Deb's pages on her blog HERE, they are great AND she is doing the Project 365 too - it's a bloggy year for my pal.

Thanks for looking!

11 January 2009

Project 365 - week 2

I am really enjoying Project 365 right now! Deb's great challenge over at Pickleberrypop is really helping to keep the motivation going and I am finding it easier to remember to actually take the photos this time around .... so without further ado here are my photos for this week!

My new regime of naturopathic remedies taste revolting so they MUST be good for me! It was a blurry photo but I ran Kelsey Smith's Love and Loss lightroom preset over it and I liked how it turned out!

First thing in the morning the sun streams in through the dining room curtains - I love the light and shadow!

My poor Ficus struggling along completely neglected and under-pruned!

Chelsea was trying really hard not to look at me - she doesn't like me pointing the camera at her LOL

The wonderful farewell gifts from my friends at QBC came in this beautifully wrapped box!

I loved this photo of Bella who seems to be adopting these moody poses these days (must be adolescence arriving!eeek) - I ran a vintage lightroom preset over it to accentuate her mood (not sure whose preset it is though!

This little fellow turned up in our garden this morning - it was a surprise because we don't see many snails here - well live ones anyway. The kids were quiet excited and they thought that he looked very slippery!

Well that's all from me for another week ... keep up the good work everyone ... we can go the distance!

Scrapping up a storm!

Well I am feel pretty darn proud of myself at the moment! First I have managed to take a photo a day all week, I have completed the first two ADSR Challenges with by best bud Deb, done my part for the next PBP newsletter AND I have exercised four days out of five! Yay ME!

Deb and I are Team 99 and we have used the cool blinkie that Mel made for us in 2007 and we are once again .... the Digital Duo, saving memories for all!!

So here are my first two pages for this years ADSR!

Challenge 1 was to tear a photo into three or more pieces and focus on journalling - so that's what I did - my page is about the struggle I face making changes in my life:

Credits are here

Challenge 2 - Was a challenge! Deb and I had to do a joint page with 4 papers, 8 unique elements, 3 photos and 2 fonts PLUS it had to be something about Cabin fever!! Crikey! It was reallyhard but fun to do and Deb and I spent most of yesterday on msn trying to work out how it would all go. We had a nasty moment after we posted when we checked the forum and found out that we had got the element bit wrong but we quickly re-did it and TADA we finally finished last night and we have been signed off for both our challenges this week sucessfully! Yay!

Cabin Fever = Friends boldly going nowhere!
Credits are here

I have been doing a bit of scrapping for the PBP CT this week and I have to say it is a pleasure working with the gorgeous goodies available in store at the moment.

I made this page of my darling Bella using PST Designs new kit Sky - I really like how it came out!
Credits here

I also made this vintage page using a new kit called Winters Natural Warmth from Laitha who is a brand new designer at Pickleberrypop and she is just amazing!

Great Grandfather's Garden - 1967
Credits here

I'll be back later today with my 365 photos for the week as I am hoping to get todays done and ready for posting this afternoon. Thanks for stopping by :)

04 January 2009

And here I go ....

Well I have made a start on my first resolution and I have been taking my photo-a-day. I am probably only going to post on Sundays though because it is a bit of a pain uploading the photos daily blah blah blah so I thought that once a week is plenty. It's pretty quiet here on Sundays so I am hoping that this will be a good time to post the weeks photos. I am going to use the gorgeous photo frames from Deb's fabulous 365 Challenge over at Pickleberrypop - if you like them you can get them too by going here or clicking on the image :)

So here are my first four days for my Project 365 - I hope I can make the distance this time.

As to the other parts of my new Years resolutions I have to say i am off to a pretty good start there too. I spent some time on the phone to one of my girlfriends which resulted in me going out to see the Twilight movie with her for a nice girls time (with our eldest girls but that is ok). I LOVED the movie and I really can't wait for the rest of them now - I really loved the intensity that the characters had - just as I imagined it from the book! *happy sigh*

Oh and my other resolution to get some exercise and bring down my blood pressure naturally has seen me walking and I am going to be making an appointment with a naturopath on Monday, I think that I am on track! So yay me!

Ok I had best go - I have dinner to cook and folding to do. Talk to you later!!