15 January 2009

Project 365 - days 12, 13 and 14

Hi everyone I'm just posting these here a bit earlier than Sunday this week as I will be out of town from Saturday and I am still working my way through my to-do pile. So here are the next three days of my project to share with before I go and do my exercise and then start covering the kids school books arggggh - it's a job I love to hate! I get a bit obsessive about bubbles under the contact but I have found that using an oven mitt makes the process of smoothing out the wrinkles and bubbles so much easier. Now if only I could get them to cover themselves *sigh* Although I can't really complain this year because the weather is quiet mild at the moment, normally I am sweltering in 40 degree heat and have sweat dripping off my nose!

Oh right - posting photos now LOL

Day 12
Bella reminded me that I took a photo of Tasha's new school shoes when I started last year's Project 365 so it was her turn to have HER new school shoes photographed (that girl has an amazing memeory!)

Day 13
I was lucky enough to get up early to let the cat out this morning and I was dazzled by the glorious colours of teh sky. I ran back in to get my camera but didn't stop to put my glasses on so the fact that it isn't blurry is more thanks to my camera's auto settings than any talent on my part!

Day 14
My beautiful princess insisted on posing for me today - it remains to be seen how long this enthusiasm for having her photo taken nearly daily will last lol

Well that's all from me for now - like I said before things to do - catch you later!


Teacher Spice said...

These photos are awesome! I love the portrait of Tasha...and that sunset photo is AMAZING!!!!! I think its so cute that your DD wanted you to take a picture of her new shoes! The important things, you know? Great job!

Carol said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Love the shine on those shoes, Tasha looks as if she can do no wrong??? te he. She is stunning. And that sunset, wowee!

Jenny said...

Tasha is just beautiful, and that sunrise photo is amazing...maybe I should get up earlier so I can catch more sunrises! LOL

Sharon said...

Wow Amanda, what a fantastic sunrise tp capture. All those colours are amazing. And you've given me some inspiration to take a shot of my DS5.5's new school shoes as he starts Prep this year.

Anonymous said...

Loving your photo's hun ... a very happy Australia Day xx

Simply Vixen said...

oh, I remember 'new' school shoes haha, and like omg just look @ that beautiful sunrise, sure don't have colors like that here in Pennsylvania, wish Tasha could send some enthusiasm this way cuz everytime I bring out the camera, my Mom just starts making faces at me lol

fab fotos gf!!!