26 April 2009

Project 365 & some scrapping

Ok so I MEANT to come back and post last weeks photos but I guess I forgot LOL. I jumped on here today to do some posting about my scrapping and thought opppps I'm a bit behind! hahaha oh well I put my photos on a LO again so here you are - April 13 through to April 19.

Credits - DebF - Year in Review template and everything else from ksharonk designs.

Now I have been doing a bit of CT scrapping over the last week and I would love to share my pages with you. Sharon had put the delicious kit Sophisticate in the PBP store last Friday and I couldn't wait to use it. The papers are so yummy and the kit is very elegant!

Baby's got the bluest eyes
Credits here

We asked and she delivered - Dawn made some fabulous doodled page borders with some handy notebook style papers for us to play with after one of the CT girls made a request for them. The pack is called Daydreamer and you can get it here from the PBP store. They are so much fun and I had a great time making this page - chock full of Dawn Inskip goodies!

Bella you are so ..........
Credits here

This page was made with a seriously GORGEOUS kit from Deb Fisher Designs called Simply Wonderful - and it really is simply wonderful! The colours are just delicious and the elements are adorable.

Wonderful Tasha
Credits here

Now I am not usually a HUGE fan of templates (except for Deb's!) and usually I am a bit slack when it comes to using them as part of my CT duties but when I saw the Template Pack 20 templates from Kristin's Scrap Designs I really wanted to use them. I love the blended bit that is included in the template - I have never been able to do that very well so it is great to have all the hard work done for me! I also used Kristin's cute kit A Taste of Summer.

Credits here

Not a lot going on here at home this past week. Hubby is recovering from his hernia surgery on Tuesday and we have been staying close to home to look after him. He is getting better each day and I am really glad that he elected to have the key-hole surgery as it looks like he will be all better in a week or two as long as he doesn't try to do too much.

Apart from that Bella and I went to the ANZAC Day march yesterday - her school has been marching as part of the Geebung-Zillmere RSL's march for a few years now but we never seem to get there. Yesterday was Bella's last chance to march with her school as she is in Grade 7 and she really wanted to march for the memory of those brave men and women who died to keep us free, so we both made the effort to attend. It was very touching to see the children so serious and the veterans really appreciated the rousing applause they were given at the end of the service. My camera batteries were failing me (why me!!!) so my photos are a bit shoddy but I wanted to share this particular photo with you that (for me) was so moving and so represented what was wonderful about the day.....

See how patiently the LightHorseman sits there letting the children pet his his horse, the whole time they are peppering him with a hundred questions which he answers with a kind humor.

That's all from me for today - I hope you all have a great one!

18 April 2009

A Happy Easter-birthday-weekend away!

I've been a bit slack about posting this last week sorry but I have been recovering from a busy busy FUN busy Easter weekend and I just wasn't in a blogging mood. But I thought I had better catch up before another week over took me and I fall incredibly behind in my project posting. I hope you don't mind - I took a leaf out of my pal Carol's book and put my photos for the past week into a page rather than post them all individually - so here you have my week in review for the period April 6 to April 12.

Everything - including the Photo-a-day template - comes from the talented Deb Fisher. I haven't posted it anywhere but here and i probably won't because I am feeling very lazy :)

I alluded to the fact in the post title that there was a birthday over the Easter weekend - yes it was mine, I am now a year older and hopefully a little wiser. I had a lovely day and I was spoilt rotten by everyone. My lovely MIL cooked my favorite meals for me and I was bathed in love and affection! I did put on 1.50 kilos (groan) from all that loving but I am working really hard now to get it off again and get back into my weight loss regime. It is very scary how easy it is to slip off the wagon and become a bit lazy with your eating habits again. I guess it is because a high protein low carb diet can be a bit hard to manage especially at lunch time, when everyone is tucking in to rolls and sandwiches! Anyway ....... when I got back home to Brisbane after being away I found this adorable birthday card made for me by Carol posted at PBP - isn't she a love? Thanks hun - I love it :)

It's been a bit quiet on the scrapping front for me this past week I have to admit but I did manage to get a page done before we took off to Hervey Bay for Easter with Kate's funtastic Easter kit - Hopping Mad! here's my page - Eggs in trees!

Credits here

Seriously aren't those bunnies adorable??? Have a look at all the fun goodies in the Hopping Mad kit

Ok that's all from me right now - I have a few things cooking in the background that are taking up my time including getting my PBP challenge for next month sorted out, and some other bits and pieces so I had better get back to it. Catch you later!

06 April 2009

Project 365 - 30 Mar - 5 Apr

Another week shuffles by and I am still clinging to the project by the skin of my teeth lol. As you will see from my photos this week there was a bit of a theme that hasn't been there much before - RAIN! Yes we had a few days of rain in Brisbane this week which is really exciting as our dams are now at 50% capacity which means water restrictions will be eased. Now that isn't saying I am all that happy about water restrictions being eased because I'm not really - I mean lets face it, we have had these tough water restrictions in place for a while now and we are all used to them. So it doesn't make much sense to me to ease them UNTIL our dams at 60 or 70%! Anywaaaay thats just my humble opinion!

Ok here are last weeks photos:

Day 89
My Monday chore is doing the shopping for the week. I don't mind really, it's nice to shop without the kids loudly demanding every sugar laden consumable ever created! Also the shops are usually pretty quiet which is great so I don't have to "play ram the shopping trolly"

Day 90
The view out my back door today was of a drizzly day and the streaks were raindrops! Sadly this was as good as I could get them LOL - but I am thrilled to see the grass and plants responding so quickly!

Day 91
I looked at this sitting in my lounge room and I was wondering aloud how long it has been since somebody played it - it's been over two months!!! Strangely once I mentioned giving it away to someone who might actually use it the girls have been playing it every spare minute of the since ROFL - from drought to flood in once quick sentence!

Day 92
It still is more grainier than I would have liked but I had to include this picture of a rain drop dripping from our awnings! It took a fair amount of patience to get this shot against the grey sky.

Day 93
Dear me this week is filled with shocking photos with poor lighting and bad colour and this is no exeption. I took the girls to the local shopping center to get some groceries and I thought I would treat tehm to a milkshake each. Tash looked so cute with the ice cream on her lip and that smug "I got a milkshake" smile that I whipped out my old point and shot and well.... shot LOL. Note to self - the colour is shocking hahahaha

Day 94
My beautiful girl is always willing to put on a slightly forced smile for her Mum when she has the camera in her hand - love you hun!

Day 95
There is a definite "what you looking at" moment going on here - Chelsea is looking a bit intense and wild in this photo - but I know she is really a lazy old girl who was probably wondering why I wasn't running upstairs to feed her rofl!

Ok that's all from me for tonight - later!

04 April 2009

A bit of Spring Cleaning (in Autumn)

I decided my blog needed a bit of a face lift - sooooo tada! Here is my new blog banner - yep that's all I did!! Oh I did change my clock too! I used that cute alpha of Bren Boone's and if you like it you can still get it at DSA in the Freebies section here. I did kind of cheat off DSA because DSA's site header looks so nice - I wanted to have my own LOL.

BUT I honestly can NOT be bothered doing anything fancier on my blog like those gorgeous background pages and stuff - I mean I like to look at them but I can't be stuffed doing one on here. Plus I kind of like the clean look of the white background especially while I am doing my Project 365 LOL.

Some scrapping has been done!

Yes I have been doing a bit of scrapping last week - I think I am all scrapped out right now but I do have a thought for another page bubbling away in the back of my mind LOL so maybe I can squeeze another one out today some time haha!

Ok where to start? Ummm how about I start with the pages that I made for the great new April Challenges available at Pickleberrypop right now?

Right then - first up we have a fabulous Scraplift Challenge where we have been challenged by our talented CT member Cass to lift a page from one of my bestest bloggy pals and super scrapping wonder woman Carollee (who Deb and I both want to be when we grow up LOL) - participants in this challenge go in to the draw to win a $10 GC to the Pickleberrypop Store!!

Here is the page that I made to advertise the challenge - You are my everything

Credits here

I lifted Carol's adorable Love Reigns page

Credits here

The other challenge we have at PBP this month is our fun White Space Challenge hosted by the lovely Lisa - and participants can win a $10 GC to the store via a random draw!

Here is the page that I made to advertise this fun challenge - I would like to frame you

Credits here

Ok next would be some CT pages - I made a page for Laitha using her delightful Rainbow's Touch kit

Day by Day
Credits here

Now in addition to being on the PBP Team I also have the pleasure of being on KateF's (aka Lazy Cow Designs) personal team and she made an adorable new kit called Gelati Party during the week that I just HAD to scrap with.

Available here at Pickleberrypop!

Here is the page I made with this yummy kit: Choc-Mint Ice Cream YUM!

Credits here

Oh and I have to mention that this page was mentioned on the Gallery Standouts blog in the April 2nd post! I was so thrilled to be mentioned - it's never happened to me before! woohoo!

In addition to the lovely kit Kate also whipped up a matching Alpha-wood that is just adorable!

Available here at Pickleberrypop

Here is the page I made using these fabulous litle alpha's - Who am I?

Credits here

Oh and do you like the font I used? It's a Lazy Cow font called BORED

Like it??? Do your REALLY like it? Do you LOVE it?? Do you want it? Do you NEED it??? Of course you do!!!! LOL Well you can get it right now for FREE (yes free!!) from the Lazy Cow Designs blog - it's a cracker of a font, I love it so! So what are you still doing sitting here? I know you want it, so off you go LOL.

Ok that's all from me for today - I'll be back in a couple of days with my Project photos for this week :) ta ta from me!