06 April 2009

Project 365 - 30 Mar - 5 Apr

Another week shuffles by and I am still clinging to the project by the skin of my teeth lol. As you will see from my photos this week there was a bit of a theme that hasn't been there much before - RAIN! Yes we had a few days of rain in Brisbane this week which is really exciting as our dams are now at 50% capacity which means water restrictions will be eased. Now that isn't saying I am all that happy about water restrictions being eased because I'm not really - I mean lets face it, we have had these tough water restrictions in place for a while now and we are all used to them. So it doesn't make much sense to me to ease them UNTIL our dams at 60 or 70%! Anywaaaay thats just my humble opinion!

Ok here are last weeks photos:

Day 89
My Monday chore is doing the shopping for the week. I don't mind really, it's nice to shop without the kids loudly demanding every sugar laden consumable ever created! Also the shops are usually pretty quiet which is great so I don't have to "play ram the shopping trolly"

Day 90
The view out my back door today was of a drizzly day and the streaks were raindrops! Sadly this was as good as I could get them LOL - but I am thrilled to see the grass and plants responding so quickly!

Day 91
I looked at this sitting in my lounge room and I was wondering aloud how long it has been since somebody played it - it's been over two months!!! Strangely once I mentioned giving it away to someone who might actually use it the girls have been playing it every spare minute of the since ROFL - from drought to flood in once quick sentence!

Day 92
It still is more grainier than I would have liked but I had to include this picture of a rain drop dripping from our awnings! It took a fair amount of patience to get this shot against the grey sky.

Day 93
Dear me this week is filled with shocking photos with poor lighting and bad colour and this is no exeption. I took the girls to the local shopping center to get some groceries and I thought I would treat tehm to a milkshake each. Tash looked so cute with the ice cream on her lip and that smug "I got a milkshake" smile that I whipped out my old point and shot and well.... shot LOL. Note to self - the colour is shocking hahahaha

Day 94
My beautiful girl is always willing to put on a slightly forced smile for her Mum when she has the camera in her hand - love you hun!

Day 95
There is a definite "what you looking at" moment going on here - Chelsea is looking a bit intense and wild in this photo - but I know she is really a lazy old girl who was probably wondering why I wasn't running upstairs to feed her rofl!

Ok that's all from me for tonight - later!


Brook said...

Your pictures are so lovely! I love the color and perspective you use!

Carol said...

You know I love all your photos and these are no exceptions.

Belanna said...

Ditto what Carol said! I always love seeing your photos pop into my inbox!

Just popping in to say hi and that I've been loving your articles in PBP - and I've been trying to follow your example by musing for the DSS blog - not a patch on yours though lol!!!

Keep those photos coming!!!!

Dawn said...

Gorgeous pics and memories my angel - but you can't abandon the Wii !! I confess to being a fews days behind with my pics, so best I play catch-up :) Hope you're tucking into chocolate bunnies :) xx

Melissa said...

Well done keeping up with the project. Glad to hear your dams are filling up, we'd love some of that rain down here.

ScrapManda said...

Great set of photos Amanda. Oh...I believe birthday wishes are in order too? Sorry they are late. Glad you had a nice time up at "the Bay" and got home safely with all the Easter traffic!

gabs aka evitangel said...

I especially love the pic of the bags - but all are great!