20 December 2007

Blog Encyclopaedia Challenge & Merry Christmas!

The wonderful Jo over at PBP issued a challenge to compile a blog encyclopaedia about yourself, she said "It's not going to be a weekly, monthly, daily thing. You update as you want. If you do A-Z all in one week then so be it. Otherwise just take your time and work through the alphabet, no set number of topics per letter or anything."

Well I was always one to love a bit of a challenge. BUT I can't promise that I will faithfully post every week (I'll try Jo I promise!) but I'm going to give it a damn good try. So here we go - my first post in my Blog Encyclopaedia!

Credits - "A" from Pauline Rossi & Aries charm by Lemonaid Lucy

I also wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas - we are leaaving tomorrow to go to Hervey Bay and we won't be back unitl after Boxing Day so I wanted to send you all a big Christmas Hug!

Everything in the Card from the Christmas Magic kit by Paint the Moon and Holliewood Studios

So to all of you, my friends and my family, Merry Christmas, be happy, be safe be loved! And I will be back before the New Year! Ta Ta
Hugs A!

17 December 2007


I have been taking advantage of the peace and quiet around here and I have done a little bit of scrapping LOL. The kids are nice and rested now and are at the stage where they will need entertaining soon so I won't have as much time to laze around creating LOs! So anyway I'm enjoying it while I can - which is good because Natalie has been putting out a few awesome little goodies for me to play with.

And here is the LO I did with it for my Dad (told you didn't I Dad LOL!)

Another new goodie is the Live your Life mini -

And this is my darling Bella having a good laugh on the Chair Ride at the Brisbane Ekka this year!

Credits for both LO are everything by NATALIE BIRD (except the Sanded Edge Action by Atomic Cupcake)

Well anyway I have to go - I'm visiting my friend Kelly and her lovely new little baby boy (mmmm I love babies - oh and Kelly LOL) and I have a few things to do before I leave. So hugs to you all and I'll chat soon! Ta ta.

14 December 2007

Back again so soon? LOL!

Peace has finally decended on our house! Ahhhhhh the kids are on holidays at last and we have had a pretty restful week. The kids are now officially DVDed out after a couple of marathon sessions of the latest new releases, and I never want to see the inside of a DVD shop again - hah hah well at least until they want to go back! I have done MOST of the Christmas shopping, all the Christmas cards are done and ready for posting, and those of you who receive pressies from me, rest assured they will be in the mail tomorrow LOL. So I am feeling relatively before-hand with the world at the moment, but that wont last. We may, or may not, be in Brissy for Christmas, we MAY be heading up to Hervey Bay for the Christmas period, it all depends on my FIL's health. There is some talk amongst the doctors here that he may be sent back for Christmas but they haven't made any final decisions as yet but hey! there is PLENTY of time! It will be wonderful for him to be back in Hervey bay for Christmas though :).

Well I finally got some time to myself and I have finished a couple of LO's for Natalie *smile*. They are pretty different from each other as you will see but that is the beauty of Natalie's stuff - so versitile!

Sea World
Credits here and

Art is Subjective
Credits here.

Anyway I got the all clear to share with you some exciting scrapping news! Ha ha! Sorry about teasing before but I had to check LOL. Well the news is that Natalie has opened her own store! You can find all her lovely goodies at Natalie Bird Designs and for a short time only she has a wonderful sale going on and you can pick up this delicious freebie too

- so run! don't walk over to check it all out!

Well I have to go now, the kids are watching Santa Clause 3 and I promised to watch it with them so I'll be back later with more thrilling news LOL! Ta ta for now :)

10 December 2007

Ahhhh - the worst is over!

Well after a mind-blowingly busy week, it is all over! The kids are now officially on seven weeks holiday and all the break-ups and parties are done! We are going to relax and have a quiet week, catching up on some quiet time, watching DVDs and trying for some afternoon naps LOL. Well we will relax until the play-dates and friends-over things start LOL!

Do you know the best bit about Summer holidays (sarcasm alert!!!) - the kids get off school just in time for the temperature to climb to an average of 31 degrees C (if we are lucky or it might average at 35!), and the humidity leaps to about 95% (LOL) making everyone hot and cranky! Did I mention that I hate Summer? hate it, hate it, hate it! Oh well, I have an air-conditioned bedroom and so do the kids LOL.

This weekend not only marked the end of the school year at our place, but it also marked a time of birthdays here too :). Hubby and Tasha share the same birthday, Tasha turned 6 and hubby turned a little bit older than that LOL! Well Tasha had a wonderful day being the centre of attention, which is her favorite place to be! Hubby says it's just another day and he doesn't know what all the fuss is about, but I saw that he clutched his bottle of Kahlua to his chest happily LOL!

So happy birthday to two of my favorite people in the whole world - I love you both so much!

So with all this activity, I haven't had a chance to do any new LO's sorry - shhhh don't tell Natalie LOL, but I will be getting on to some asap, I promise!

Oh and I have some exciting scrapping news but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say yet, so I might have to get back to you tomorrow LOL!

One last thing before I go, I just wanted to say thank you so very much for your lovely comments, it means so much to me that you take the time to say "Hi!" and I just wanted to *hug* you :)

06 December 2007

Sorry about that - life got in the way!

OK I have been absent from my blog for a little while but I have been busy, busy, busy! I'm really wondering people, how did I do it all when I worked? I just don't know LOL!

Well since I last blogged the silly season has taken off in full swing. I honestly don't know where to start in listing what we have been up to but it includes things like, birthday parties, Christmas Litergies, Guide Camps, Christmas Concerts,Carol Singing, Christmas Card photo shoots, Christmas shopping, birthday present shopping for Tasha and hubby (who is very hard to buy for can I just tell you!), break-up parties at school and for hubby's work, CT LO's AND trying to find time to actually speak to my friends and family before December 25th! I still have a list of outstanding things to do and a couple of presents left to but after tomorrow (Bella's class break-up in the morning, a pool party at her friends place in the arvo and then an Irish Dancing concert for my Goddaughter in the evening) and most of the craziness will be OVER!! Horray!

BTW Tasha was an Angel for the Prep Christmas Litergy and I have to share with you how totally cute she looked, Mum made the costume for her (thanks so much Mum!).....

OK, on the CT front I have finished another couple of LOs using Natalie's gorgeous products. Details of which products I used and where they can be purchased can be found in the credits links - thanks for looking!
Don't forget to check Natalie's blog for a list of her great new products including
- Spring is in Bloom and
Twist It Ribbons and
Hardware Pack. Ohh do you like the new packaging? It looks really classy don't you think?

Here are my recent LO's -

Using Natalie's Dude! kit - Credits here

Feeding the Red Deer
Credits here

Little Miss Attitude
Using Natalie's Cool Attitude kit - Credits here

Tasha and Tiger
Using Natalie's awesome Hardware kit - Credits here

I had best get my act together and do some more LO's with those new goodies of Nat's before she fires me from the CT LOL. Seriously, Natalie is a designing machine and is just in a designing frenzy at teh moment - it's hard to keep up ahahahahhaha! I'll manage though because I love it all so much!

Well that is all from me today, I have to go and pick up my big girlie from school soon (Tasha finished Prep yesterday so she's at home - crazy tired after a birthday party this morning LOL), so I'll say good-bye for now!