24 February 2009

ADSR final challenge!

Well I guess all good things must come to an end and the ADSR has finally wound up for 2009. I enjoyed myself lots, scrapped outside of my comfort zone on occasion and spent some quality msn time with my bestest bloggy pal Deb, what more can anyone ask for!

So Deb and I decided to go ahead and do Challenge #13 even though it was an optional challenge because we didn't really want the race to end. Challenge 13 was hosted by NDISB and had to be a two page LO with a list of requirements - here is mine!

Credits are here

Well that's it for another year so it's back to my usual CT scrapping schedule and getting back into being more help over at PBP as I have been sadly slack recently.

Oh and I have to tell you it is now day two of my Low Card High Protein Diet and I am actually not feeling hungry at all which is unusual for me, normal when i hear the word Diet I feel hungry! I have found it hard to make up a protein rich breakfast in the small amount of time I have in the morning sooo I have gone and bought the KetoSlim shake mix today to have for breakfast. I am hoping that the mornings will be heaps easier now. Anyway that's all from me, thanks for popping by.

22 February 2009

Project 365 - Feb 16 to Feb 22

I have just realised that I have entered into the DANGER ZONE as far as my Project 365 is concerned. It was this time last year that I bailed on my project (in fact the last photo I posted was the 24 Feb 2008!) and I was thinking about it today. I can't say that my enthusiasm has waned as yet and I am still taking my photo a day regularly. I have even had a couple of days this week where I had to try to decide between two photos for posting ROFL. I guess the difference this year is that I am not worrying so much about interesting or different photos, this year if it makes me happy and if it reflects a moment in my day then that is good enough for me.

So far its working pretty well LOL anyway here are this weeks photos -

Day 47
And here it is - the beginning of the next stage of my ultimate extreme make-over by my naturopath Penny. Now that she has settled my nerves she is now focusing her considerable interest in all things about me to my waist-line (and hip-line and my butt rofl). I am about to embark on the KetoSlim program and I shall keep you all informed as to my progress - if you are interested LOL actually I'll tell you anyway even if you are not haha. D-Day is next Monday so wish me luck!

Day 48
Tasha was so proud of her first spelling test (as was I!), she got 10 out of 10! She bought it home just so I could take a photo of it LOL - she is sooo the child of a scrapbooker!

Day 49
Here is Bella playing on the swing in the backyard. She even stopped the swing for me so I could take the photo in focus - so considerate - look at the pose will you LOL

Day 50
Now this was a photo I took early in the morning when I was letting the cat out. The morning sun made the brick work on our veranda glow an unearthly devilish red. I loved the shadow of the coach light too hehe

Day 51
Today was a nasty hot and humid day so it was no surprise to see this line of clouds building up over our house. This was taken from out in the backyard looking over my roof. Tasha was carrying on and crying because she was convinced that I was going to be struck by lightening so I could only get a couple of photos. It looked very impressive but turned out to be a whole lot of bluster and not a lot of substance. There was only a small amount of rain out of this storm sadly and it didn't cool it down at all - sigh!

Day 52
The recent rain here in Brisbane, even though it is only a small amount of rain compared to our Northern friends and family, has seen an explosion of Bottlebrush flowers in our backyard tree. The Rainbow lorikeets are having a field day at the moment screaming and squabbling in the tree and making a cake of themselves. They move around so much that it is a bit hard to get them in focus but after many many many photos I was pretty happy with this one. If only they would sit still and look at me like the kids do but no!! ROFL!

Day 53

Nice looking family shot hey? You would think that we had all come together spontaneously, all delighted to have our picture taken. HA! There was a massive amount of cajoling and begging from me to get the loves of my life to leave their many and varied pursuits to come downstairs and have a photo taken with me! You can't see the sighing and complaining that went on behind the scenes and hubby telling the kids to just hurry up and smile so they could get it over with asap - sigh!

Well I think that is enough rambling from me for one evening - I am heading off to gorge myself on corned meat, cabbage, potatoes, carrots and cheese sauce tonight before my life as I know ceases ROFL. Tomorrow I shall wave farewell to breads, cereals, potatoes,wine, chocolate and coffee so tonight I shall eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow.......... we shall DIET rofl! Hmmmm Juno has a newish kit at PBP to help document your weight loss journey! I might have to go grab it!

Ok then - tata from me!

19 February 2009

Project 365 - Feb 9 to Feb 15

Ummmmmm Better late than never I always say LOL. Now I have been taking photos each day, I just haven't got my butt in gear to post them here LOL. My only excuse is ....actually I don't have one, I'm just too tired in the evening to sit down and post rofl! So before I feel sleepy again I'll post quickly LOL

Day 40
There couldn't be anything else today, the news from the Victorian bushfires just gets worse and worse. I don't get the paper but I wanted to preseve the memory some how and I snapped a shot of the morning news program on TV. I am going to be giving a donation to the Red Cross Victoria Bushfire Appeal and I encourage every one to consider making a donation as well. It's such a tragic day and I just need to do something to help.

Day 41
This lovely spotty crouton is just leaping up to the sky at the moment after some rain and some fertilizer! It was so small not that long ago.

Day 42
Year 7 has kicked off with a regime of nightly homework - we have worked out a schedule for all the family to follow that lets Bella sit down to do her homework undisturbed. It seems to be working nicely so far.

Day 43
After not eating since Saturday, becoming weak and listless, going to the vets on monday, getting antibiotics pills and having her temperature taken in a very unpleasent way, biting Mum (making her get an infected finger and a tetanus shot) when she tried to admisiter the aforementioned life saving pills, and being kept inside like a damn house cat Chelsea has had a bad week. Luckily the antibiotics seem to be working and she ate a little bit for the first time since Saturday! Phew!

Day 44
A little rain fell today and dappled the leaves of my verandah ficus, I loved the look of the drops beading and then falling. It took quiet a few shots to get this picture LOL

Day 45

All is forgiven now that Chelsea is feeling better, and she loves me again although she is still having to take her pills each day.

Day 46
How I love this little contraption! It is the easiest way to get a pill down the back of my uncooperative cat's throat! It saved me having any more infected fingers from being bitten that's for sure, once was enough for me this week!

And now for some scrapping LOL

I actually managed to do some pages this week in amongst it all, some ADSR and some CT pages.

On the CT front this week I had a wonderful time using DebF's gorgeous Happyness kit - you will be amazed at how versatile it is and the colours are just fabulous! Have a look at it - isn't it fun???

And here are my pages using Happyness - I couldn't stop at just one!

Credits here

I actually made this page for this fortnight's great Pickle Jar Challenge - Kaye out did herself again!

Some kind of Wonderful
Credits here

And now for the ADSR pages LOL - yes it is nearly all over *sob* I can't believe that 6 weeks have just flown by. Luckily NDISB have set an extra Challenge #13 and Deb and I are there! Can't wait to give that one a go. Anyway enough yapping here are my pages up to Challenge #12.

Challenge 10
Credits here

I had fun interviewing my partner Deb, she didn't have fun answering "those darn questions" LOL, I had fun scrapping the page, she didn't have fun having her photo on here three times ROFL! Another great Challenge! And Deb I think you look lovely sweetie!

Challenge 11
Credits here

This challenge was to scrap a question - you don't have to answer it, it's just a question that you have always wondered about so here is mine..... For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by the idea that there might be life on Mars. I have been reading about NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Spirit’s landing on Mars since it landed inside Gusev Crater back in January 2004. This photo is the panorama shot of the landing site. How cool it that!

Challenge 12
Credits here

This challenge was a fun one, we got to scrap together which is always a wonderful thing. I love scrapping with my buddy Deb! We had to explain why we scrapbook LOL and here is my page :) . If you want to read the journaling go here. It's always a great time scrapping with you Deb!

And now ........ yawn ...... I'm tired, so i might go to bed. I really do need to do just an ordinary post about nothing much but the Project 365 and the ADSR is taking over my life at the moment so my posts are a bit boring sorry :). Maybe next time LOL ..... yawn....... Night!

08 February 2009

Project 365 - Feb 1 to Feb 8

Well we are slowly falling into a routine now with the new job and being back at school. The change to my schedule is taking a bit to get used to I must admit as I am getting up so much earlier than I used to. At the moment I am often very tired by the end of the day BUT, it is so great to be home with the kids every afternoon. It's great to be able to be there to help with homework, practice and to be there to make dinner each night. Hubby is enjoying not having to make dinner as well so it is a win-win situation all around. Now just to get used to getting up at 5.30 am LMAO.

Enough chatting, lets get onto the project for this week, I can't believe I am still going with it LOL. It's pretty funny but this week is pretty much all about Bella LOL, she certainly does have the lion's share of photos!

Day 32
Deb happened to mention that she thought that hubby might be camera shy and as a matter of fact he IS! I managed to cajole, threaten and harass this one out of him but he wasn't terribly impressed! This is a freebie lightroom preset by the clever Kelsey Smith, Chocolate.

Day 33
These flowers are shockers to grow, they love LOTS of rain and they only bloom when there is a lot of rain. They must have been desperate because we haven't had lots of rain by any means but we have had some. I love the bold colours!

Day 34
I was so proud of Bella, it was her school swimming carnival today and she got a third in breast stroke, which is a major deal for my non-athletic eldest child. And to add to her fabulous day, her house won the points total for the carnival and they normally don't win! Go Kirby!

Day 35
Chelsea was rolling around in the grass at my feet looking so cute while I was trying to hang out the clothes. Now that I think about it, I'm wondering why I had my camera downstairs while I'm hanging out washing LOL

Day 36
Bella finally got her certificates from the Trinity College London for her Piano exams today, considering the exams were taken in November it seems like they came from the UK via steam boat! But she was soooo proud (as was I!) of her completion with distinction!

Day 37
Here is my big Grade 7 girl with her Mission statement and her leadership badge pinned proudly to her lapel. The Grade 7's had a special Mass today and were presented their badges in front of the majority of the school (and parents!) by the new Parish Priest Father Gabrielle.

Today needed a double photo because one of the other Mum's there was kind enough to take Bella and my photo for me. I so often don't get a look in at these sorts of things and it was so nice of her to do this for me! So yay! I was a part of my daughters life for once people LOL

Day 38
S is for Scary, Scream, Shiver and SPIDER! It's only a Golden Orb Spider out near hubby's shed but man!, is she HUGE! Yikes! I was looking for Chelsea in the garden and I nearly put my face into the web - shiver!

Day 39
Today we thought we would muck around and do some posing, but I think the sun was still a bit bright so there is a certain amount of squinting going on here but Tasha was having a grand old time!

OK one last thing to post about - I have only done Challenge #9 so far for ADSR this week so I will post that tonight here and do a catch up post during the week. Here is my Challenge #9 LO - Family. It was a challenge that required us to scrap about something to do with generations, and to use some lace and some vintage stuff, so here is mine :). This is Hubby's family when we all got together after my FIL returned home from a long stint in hospital as a celebration of Life and Family!

Credits here

Ok I think that is all from me for now - I have to go to the naturopath's tomorrow and she is going to put me on a DIET (gag) but she prefers to call it a lifestyle change *sigh* but I know it is for my own good so i am going to be very positive about it!! I also have to take my cat to the vets tomorrow to so fingers crossed for me please as she hasn't been very well this weekend.

Oh and as a last thing before I go - I just want to wish all my friends down south all the very best during these awful fires and I hope and pray that you all stay safe tomorrow. I also want to wish all the very best to my family and friends living up north in flood ravaged North Queensland, stay safe and out of the way of roaming crocs OK??? Love you all, please stay safe!!!!!

01 February 2009

Project 365 - Jan 26 to Jan 31

Ok so I'm back on track with my Sunday posting now and I have even scrapped a page for the PBP CT so I have had a very productive day. Now all I need to do is finish my article for the next newsletter and I will be feeling pretty good LOL

Here are this weeks photos for your perusal:

Day 26
Here are my kids - made in Australia and growing strong with security and freedom - we really are the lucky country!

Day 27
Yahoooooo it's back to school tomorrow, the last of the books are packed in the backpacks tonight, the lunch boxes are placed on the kitchen bench and the water bottles are filled and in the fridge! Bring it on!!

Day 28
OK people this is what happens when you start your new job on the same day that the kids go back to school - you ask, very nicely mind you, if your husband would very much mind taking a photo of the kids before he takes them to school - not a big ask really. But what happens when you get home to inspect the photos - you find that there is only ONE photo and the kids both had their eyes closed. Now I am a patient woman, really I am but I ask you!! ONE photo!! *sigh*

Day 29
We have a caramel lover in our family, not a caramel TART lover mind you, just caramel! So how do you eat just caramel from a caramel tart?? With a spoon!

Day 30
Now I have to admit that I have always envied ladies who lunch, it was always something that seemed so luxurious, so decadent. Now that I only work Tues, Wed & Thursday's I now have two days off a week for a little me time. So when my bestie J suggested lunch as she was on holidays - I was so excited. I am now a lady who lunches LOL (admitedly it has only been the once so far!)

Day 31
I wonder why I bought the Playstation?? So I could watch Tasha lounge on the couch gripped by her obsession? I wanted to make the photo a bit more edgy so I ran a lightroom action called Dream on it - I like how it came out.

Well that's me for another week - happy snapping fellow addicts!!

ADSR Week 3 & 4

Ok I got a bit behind posting these too after the holidays sorry so I will quickly pop them in now so you can see that I am still plugging along with the race. Thankfully there haven't been too many curve balls so far and there has only been one challenge that I haven't enjoyed. You may not remember that I was bragging about being able to scrap while I was away on holiday?? WRONG! The stupid photoshop wouldn't open the files so it was all a waste of time taking the laptop and the external HD with me but never mind I managed to talk to Deb via email (from the internet kiosk downstairs in the unit complex) and got all the info for Challenge 5 so I could think about it and then do it quickly once I got home and Challenge 6 was a roadblock that Deb did - so it all worked out ok LOL

So here goes ......

Challenge 5
Challenge 5 was hosted by Anita Stergiou (a fellow Aussie) whose work I have always admired so this challenge was a pleasure to do. The challenge part was that we couldn't use photos and we had to use three different and seperate frames. We were supposed to do the page about a I time where we didn't have photos or had lost the photos. So it was great timing for me as you can see from the journalling as we went kayaking during the holidays and I couldn't take my camera. I really liked how this page turned out.

Credits here

Challenge 6
This challenge was done by my race partner and super cool human being Deb. She had to scrap lift a page of mine from the gallery and turn it 45 degrees. So she did my page from Challenge 3 Baby Mine. I love what she did with it!

Deborah Rose
Credits here

Challenge 7
Now I'll be honest up front - I did not like this challenge and my mojo was a total no-show! I did not like the papers from the kit we were asked to use and I would never have chosen those colours in a pink fit BUT I guess that is why its a CHALLENGE so I can't moan too much. I wasn't even going to post it here LOL but I changed my mind as you need to see the good, the bad AND the ugly! Here's what I did with it - not loving it but what can you do!

My Little Tweety
Credits here

Challenge 8
This challenge was super fun as we had to scrap lift someone we idolise or who inspires us, and I couldn't go past someone who I am always saying I want to be when I grow up - my scrapping pal Carol! Her style is so timeless and her pages are always clean and well designed. So here is the page of Carol's that I lifted - isn't it fabulous?

Love you honey
Credits here for Carol's fab page!

Now not only did we have to lift the page, we also had to add the word "dream" in some form or other and use stars. So here is my lift of Carol's page -

Sweet Dreams.
Credits here

Ok I think I am all up-to-date now - only two weeks of racing to go and then it's all over for another year! I will miss the thrill of the un-known challenge and the fun prizes. Oh well there is always next year hehe.