22 February 2009

Project 365 - Feb 16 to Feb 22

I have just realised that I have entered into the DANGER ZONE as far as my Project 365 is concerned. It was this time last year that I bailed on my project (in fact the last photo I posted was the 24 Feb 2008!) and I was thinking about it today. I can't say that my enthusiasm has waned as yet and I am still taking my photo a day regularly. I have even had a couple of days this week where I had to try to decide between two photos for posting ROFL. I guess the difference this year is that I am not worrying so much about interesting or different photos, this year if it makes me happy and if it reflects a moment in my day then that is good enough for me.

So far its working pretty well LOL anyway here are this weeks photos -

Day 47
And here it is - the beginning of the next stage of my ultimate extreme make-over by my naturopath Penny. Now that she has settled my nerves she is now focusing her considerable interest in all things about me to my waist-line (and hip-line and my butt rofl). I am about to embark on the KetoSlim program and I shall keep you all informed as to my progress - if you are interested LOL actually I'll tell you anyway even if you are not haha. D-Day is next Monday so wish me luck!

Day 48
Tasha was so proud of her first spelling test (as was I!), she got 10 out of 10! She bought it home just so I could take a photo of it LOL - she is sooo the child of a scrapbooker!

Day 49
Here is Bella playing on the swing in the backyard. She even stopped the swing for me so I could take the photo in focus - so considerate - look at the pose will you LOL

Day 50
Now this was a photo I took early in the morning when I was letting the cat out. The morning sun made the brick work on our veranda glow an unearthly devilish red. I loved the shadow of the coach light too hehe

Day 51
Today was a nasty hot and humid day so it was no surprise to see this line of clouds building up over our house. This was taken from out in the backyard looking over my roof. Tasha was carrying on and crying because she was convinced that I was going to be struck by lightening so I could only get a couple of photos. It looked very impressive but turned out to be a whole lot of bluster and not a lot of substance. There was only a small amount of rain out of this storm sadly and it didn't cool it down at all - sigh!

Day 52
The recent rain here in Brisbane, even though it is only a small amount of rain compared to our Northern friends and family, has seen an explosion of Bottlebrush flowers in our backyard tree. The Rainbow lorikeets are having a field day at the moment screaming and squabbling in the tree and making a cake of themselves. They move around so much that it is a bit hard to get them in focus but after many many many photos I was pretty happy with this one. If only they would sit still and look at me like the kids do but no!! ROFL!

Day 53

Nice looking family shot hey? You would think that we had all come together spontaneously, all delighted to have our picture taken. HA! There was a massive amount of cajoling and begging from me to get the loves of my life to leave their many and varied pursuits to come downstairs and have a photo taken with me! You can't see the sighing and complaining that went on behind the scenes and hubby telling the kids to just hurry up and smile so they could get it over with asap - sigh!

Well I think that is enough rambling from me for one evening - I am heading off to gorge myself on corned meat, cabbage, potatoes, carrots and cheese sauce tonight before my life as I know ceases ROFL. Tomorrow I shall wave farewell to breads, cereals, potatoes,wine, chocolate and coffee so tonight I shall eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow.......... we shall DIET rofl! Hmmmm Juno has a newish kit at PBP to help document your weight loss journey! I might have to go grab it!

Ok then - tata from me!


Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda, loving your 'project' journey and photo's and stories are fab - I especially like the morning sunlight shot, and the storm and... Good luck with the healthy regime, I kind of promised myself a fitness plan - except mine just consists of walking and Wii Fit! xx

katef said...

Oh these photos are all fabulous... and that family portrait is awesome, I am so impressed that despite the complaining you still managed it!

Jenny said...

Great photos!!! Love the family photo especially. :)

amson said...

Love your photos Amanda and especially the early morning shot. I know what you mean about keeping up with the challenge. I've missed a few days but am jumping back in. Also how did you manage to get everyone looking good in the family photo!

Simply Vixen said...

amazing shots this week gf!

and you know, I'm sending healthy, slimming thoughts your way!!!
Good Luck, and Hugs!