01 February 2009

ADSR Week 3 & 4

Ok I got a bit behind posting these too after the holidays sorry so I will quickly pop them in now so you can see that I am still plugging along with the race. Thankfully there haven't been too many curve balls so far and there has only been one challenge that I haven't enjoyed. You may not remember that I was bragging about being able to scrap while I was away on holiday?? WRONG! The stupid photoshop wouldn't open the files so it was all a waste of time taking the laptop and the external HD with me but never mind I managed to talk to Deb via email (from the internet kiosk downstairs in the unit complex) and got all the info for Challenge 5 so I could think about it and then do it quickly once I got home and Challenge 6 was a roadblock that Deb did - so it all worked out ok LOL

So here goes ......

Challenge 5
Challenge 5 was hosted by Anita Stergiou (a fellow Aussie) whose work I have always admired so this challenge was a pleasure to do. The challenge part was that we couldn't use photos and we had to use three different and seperate frames. We were supposed to do the page about a I time where we didn't have photos or had lost the photos. So it was great timing for me as you can see from the journalling as we went kayaking during the holidays and I couldn't take my camera. I really liked how this page turned out.

Credits here

Challenge 6
This challenge was done by my race partner and super cool human being Deb. She had to scrap lift a page of mine from the gallery and turn it 45 degrees. So she did my page from Challenge 3 Baby Mine. I love what she did with it!

Deborah Rose
Credits here

Challenge 7
Now I'll be honest up front - I did not like this challenge and my mojo was a total no-show! I did not like the papers from the kit we were asked to use and I would never have chosen those colours in a pink fit BUT I guess that is why its a CHALLENGE so I can't moan too much. I wasn't even going to post it here LOL but I changed my mind as you need to see the good, the bad AND the ugly! Here's what I did with it - not loving it but what can you do!

My Little Tweety
Credits here

Challenge 8
This challenge was super fun as we had to scrap lift someone we idolise or who inspires us, and I couldn't go past someone who I am always saying I want to be when I grow up - my scrapping pal Carol! Her style is so timeless and her pages are always clean and well designed. So here is the page of Carol's that I lifted - isn't it fabulous?

Love you honey
Credits here for Carol's fab page!

Now not only did we have to lift the page, we also had to add the word "dream" in some form or other and use stars. So here is my lift of Carol's page -

Sweet Dreams.
Credits here

Ok I think I am all up-to-date now - only two weeks of racing to go and then it's all over for another year! I will miss the thrill of the un-known challenge and the fun prizes. Oh well there is always next year hehe.


Simply Vixen said...

like omg, she posted my baby picture LO for the world to see (if I only had an emoticon to use here lol)

nice work on #5, you did a much better job on yours than I did on mine lol and I so totally agree with'ya #7 just sucked, but my little tweety is just so sweet, ya worked it gf!

and #8 is a FAB lift of Carol's
(yep, she's my scrap hero too)

it's been alotta fun racing this season, and hard to believe there are only 4 more challenges to go!


Carol said...

Scrap hero? Idolise? Well I'm going to have to get Mike to come read this, he thinks I spend faaaaar too much time doing my scrapping. ha! I can only say that your lift is so far better than the original. Thank you for the beautiful compliments, I will be having sweet dreams tonight now. :-)

malacima said...

Kayaking page and This too shall pass are fantastic!!!love this cuuute pic from Deborah Rose!