08 February 2009

Project 365 - Feb 1 to Feb 8

Well we are slowly falling into a routine now with the new job and being back at school. The change to my schedule is taking a bit to get used to I must admit as I am getting up so much earlier than I used to. At the moment I am often very tired by the end of the day BUT, it is so great to be home with the kids every afternoon. It's great to be able to be there to help with homework, practice and to be there to make dinner each night. Hubby is enjoying not having to make dinner as well so it is a win-win situation all around. Now just to get used to getting up at 5.30 am LMAO.

Enough chatting, lets get onto the project for this week, I can't believe I am still going with it LOL. It's pretty funny but this week is pretty much all about Bella LOL, she certainly does have the lion's share of photos!

Day 32
Deb happened to mention that she thought that hubby might be camera shy and as a matter of fact he IS! I managed to cajole, threaten and harass this one out of him but he wasn't terribly impressed! This is a freebie lightroom preset by the clever Kelsey Smith, Chocolate.

Day 33
These flowers are shockers to grow, they love LOTS of rain and they only bloom when there is a lot of rain. They must have been desperate because we haven't had lots of rain by any means but we have had some. I love the bold colours!

Day 34
I was so proud of Bella, it was her school swimming carnival today and she got a third in breast stroke, which is a major deal for my non-athletic eldest child. And to add to her fabulous day, her house won the points total for the carnival and they normally don't win! Go Kirby!

Day 35
Chelsea was rolling around in the grass at my feet looking so cute while I was trying to hang out the clothes. Now that I think about it, I'm wondering why I had my camera downstairs while I'm hanging out washing LOL

Day 36
Bella finally got her certificates from the Trinity College London for her Piano exams today, considering the exams were taken in November it seems like they came from the UK via steam boat! But she was soooo proud (as was I!) of her completion with distinction!

Day 37
Here is my big Grade 7 girl with her Mission statement and her leadership badge pinned proudly to her lapel. The Grade 7's had a special Mass today and were presented their badges in front of the majority of the school (and parents!) by the new Parish Priest Father Gabrielle.

Today needed a double photo because one of the other Mum's there was kind enough to take Bella and my photo for me. I so often don't get a look in at these sorts of things and it was so nice of her to do this for me! So yay! I was a part of my daughters life for once people LOL

Day 38
S is for Scary, Scream, Shiver and SPIDER! It's only a Golden Orb Spider out near hubby's shed but man!, is she HUGE! Yikes! I was looking for Chelsea in the garden and I nearly put my face into the web - shiver!

Day 39
Today we thought we would muck around and do some posing, but I think the sun was still a bit bright so there is a certain amount of squinting going on here but Tasha was having a grand old time!

OK one last thing to post about - I have only done Challenge #9 so far for ADSR this week so I will post that tonight here and do a catch up post during the week. Here is my Challenge #9 LO - Family. It was a challenge that required us to scrap about something to do with generations, and to use some lace and some vintage stuff, so here is mine :). This is Hubby's family when we all got together after my FIL returned home from a long stint in hospital as a celebration of Life and Family!

Credits here

Ok I think that is all from me for now - I have to go to the naturopath's tomorrow and she is going to put me on a DIET (gag) but she prefers to call it a lifestyle change *sigh* but I know it is for my own good so i am going to be very positive about it!! I also have to take my cat to the vets tomorrow to so fingers crossed for me please as she hasn't been very well this weekend.

Oh and as a last thing before I go - I just want to wish all my friends down south all the very best during these awful fires and I hope and pray that you all stay safe tomorrow. I also want to wish all the very best to my family and friends living up north in flood ravaged North Queensland, stay safe and out of the way of roaming crocs OK??? Love you all, please stay safe!!!!!


Jenny said...

My DH doesn't like to be photographed, either, and it took me a whole month also to get him to agree to a photo. LOL

Congrats to your DD on her music exam!

Awesome photos! :)

Carol said...

Come on girl, you know you were going to take a picture of the washing in the basket or the washing line or the undies flapping in the breeze, don't you?!? hehe Great photos.

Annierose said...

Hey Amanda - you rock! Great photos! Love your 365 challenge!

ScrapManda said...

Well done with all your photos! I'm only doing weekly but already struggling! Like the suggestion above about the washing in a basket!! LOL! I can do that!

I go into work early too (5.30am train) - your body soon gets used to it and it's great being home in the PM with the children!

Simply Vixen said...

YAY I see hubs! (just knew you could get that foto) lol and I just LUV the pic of Chelsea (great shot there gf)

thanks bunches for sharing another week in the life of p365 with us!