31 March 2009

Project 365 - 23 Mar to 29 Mar

It still freaks me out that I am still going with this project - and even my family are starting to get interested in what I am doing and are becoming more than unwilling victims of my paparazzi attacks they are even suggesting things for me to photograph. The biggest shock came from hubby when he said today that I should take a photo once a week of each of our faces so that we can have a record of how our faces change over the course of a year. I think that this interest from him has a lot to do with the fact that he is on the diet with me and I have been telling him how much slimmer his face is looking ROFL. So next week you may very well see (in addition to my project photos) a photo of the four of us - should be fun!

Ok enough blabbering - on to the project photos for last week!

Day 82
Bella knows that there is no point asking Mum to help her with her maths homework - unless I can have my calculator there next to I am frankly less than useless! Luckily Dad came home from work early and was able to help!

Day 83
It amazes me the straits I go to to take a self portrait just because I am too lazy to set up a tripod and do it properly ROFL!

Day 84
It was amazing the pile of junk mail that was in my letterbox this afternoon!

Day 85
Wow I was soooo pleased with how this photo turned out - the beams of light shooting upwards were so pretty.

Day 86
There is nothing like a sunny Autumn morning to hang out your sheets and to get that lovely fresh smell.

Day 87
As I said earlier my family are starting to take an interest in the project and Tasha decided to take her own self portrait this morning - how cute!

Day 88
What is it they say about curiosity and cats? There is nothing more irresistible to Chelsea than a tipped over box - it's a shocker of a photo but I was giggling madly and trying to do it quickly!

Well that's all from me for this weeks project - I will be back later with some scrap pages and some information about Pickleberrypop's exciting new April Challenges!!

28 March 2009

Project 365 - 16 Mar to 22 Mar & some scrapping

Yes well time certainly got away from me this last fortnight and I completely spaced about posting my photos. That's not to say that I haven't been taking them every day, because I have - faithfully. I'm just having a bit of trouble remembering about posting them LOL.

Anyway here is my catch up from last week and I will post THIS weeks tomorrow, I sort of promise LOL

Day 75
Today my big girl flew to Canberra with all the other Year Seven's of her school. We had to be at the school at 6am and that is why my photo isn't very good - it has NOTHING to do with that fact that I was trying to not to blubber all over her like an hysterical over-protective Mother LOL.

Day 76
When Mum moved on the weekend I got to have a pile of her Bromiliades from her old garden as she isn't ready to re-do the garden in her new place. I placed them in my front yard under my trees because it is shady there most of the time - I hope they do ok!

Day 77
This is a creeper that is growing on the wall between us and our next-door neighbors place - the flowers are very pretty.

Day 78
Tasha found this sweet little skink when she was grubbing around in the garden today - I dutifully took a photo as asked and then I persuaded her to release the poor terrified creature.

Day 79
This photo has ended up being my submission for the March "Up Close and Personal" Photography Challenge - it was a struggle trying to get the perfect macro shot but I managed to get this one by laying on my tummy on the dewy morning grass to stop my hands from shaking!

Day 80
Bella managed to get Gastroenteritis while on camp in Canberra and has been vomiting all over the place since she got home - she is pretty exhausted and just lays around while she can. We were over at Mums and she found my copy of Twilight there so she started reading it to make herself feel better.

Day 81
We broke our diet tonight and I think if you are going to break your diet it should be for something YUMMY! Like Nachos rofl - and they were yummy! But don't worry I have now lost 5.50 kilos so far and that is after the naughty nacho dinner so I am still on track.

Ok I have been doing a bit of scrapping as well in between forgetting to blog so here you are:

I made this page using the fabulous new collab Magical Tale between FruitLoOp Sally and Camila Designs - it went perfectly with the photo I chose of Tasha dancing in the backyard.

Credits here

I made this page using ET Designs beautiful kit Amazing World and Amazing Words - they are so much fun to use! Such yummy colours.

Your twinkling eyes
Credits here

I was trying to cheer Bella up with this page as she hasn't been well and she did smile to see herself posed among all these adorable animals! I had so much fun making this with Dawn Inskip's new kit A Brand New Day - don't you just love those doodles?

Look through the eyes of a child
Credits here

I have managed to journal on every page I have made since I wrote my article on journaling in the March Issue of the PBP Newsletter. If you are interested in reading my article on journaling "Journaling - how to keep your memories alive" you can check it out here and you might want to subscribe to the newsletter so you don't miss out on any other interesting things in future editions of the newsletter!

Rightio it's time I got some work done so I'll catch up with you later on - probably tomorrow or Monday LOL!

18 March 2009

Opps nearly forgot!

I can't believe I nearly forgot to post my P365 photos! Well I won't dilly dally - I'll great straight into it (I'm supposed to be folding the clothes LOL).

Day 68
I just can't get over how much Tasha has improved with her reading this year! Since starting Year 2 the books she brings home now are getting trickier and trickier and she is just taking it in her stride. Well done sweetheart! Mama's proud of you!

Day 69
This triphod-like plant was given to us a long time ago and we were told that it only opens it's flower bud at night. I was so excited to see not just one flower but three on this plant in the afternoon but guess what? I forgot to go down later that evening with my camera so I missed it's opening! Oh well maybe next time!

Day 70
Yes I (and the whole family really) are still going with the low-carb high-protein diet and I am pleased to announce that so far I have lost 4.50 kilos - not bad for 4 weeks effort and two of those weeks with no exercise because of my stupid ankle. Thankfully it's feeling a bit better so I started training again last night!

Day 71
It still freaks me out that my baby girl, my first born angel is in Grade 7! The Grade 7's were presented with these cool shirts this week and all the kids names are on the back so they can remember everyone. They are going to wear these when they leave for their school camp to Canberra on Monday (sob!!). It's pretty darn hard cutting these apron strings.

Day 72
School seems to be the theme for this weeks photos and today is no exception - it was crazy hair day at school today and although you can't really see it the girls hair is COVERED in glitter spray LOL. Tash really liked her hair like this and I had to do some fast talking to get out of having to do that style every day!

Day 73
Today we got the truck to move Mum's furniture (all of it) up to her new place. It was a HUGE day and we worled like dogs. My diet fell aside for the day as eating stuff not surrounded in bread was near impossible and I was too pooped to stuff around with my food. The best bit of the whole day according to the girls was getting to ride in the truck with their papa back to Brisbane - according to Tasha it was totally AWEsome!

Day 74
Because she was going away to camp Bella and I decided to take her to the hairdressers and get a little bit cut off to make it easier for her to manage. She walked out of there with about 9 inches off her hair - I nearly fainted! But I have to say she loves it to bits and I think she looks very stylish. Sigh another step towards adulthood!

OK I have to rush off and do real life stuff so I will catch up with you later!

14 March 2009

OK so I'm a day late! What's new LOL

Ok those of you who know me should realise that time frames in my personal life don't work so well for me LOL. Professionally I am a machine and stick to time frames like glue - payroll after all is ALL about cut offs and time limits! So you can't be surprised when I am a bit late when it comes to personal stuff LOL. Anyway last night Kate released her beautiful Arty Farty set of goodies and I have to tell you people that these beauties are all hand painted! Yep - painted by her own fair hand and then scanned for your digital pleasure! Available at Pickleberrypop right now you either buy them individually OR as a bundled set (and receive a great discount in the bargain!).

Have a look at the bundled set - it's great value! Just click the image to go straight to the store!

AND don't forget the gorgeous Arty Farty papers! I am seriously in love with the way these papers look!!! Just click the image to go straight to the store!

Here is a page I made from the whole kit and kaboodle of the Arty Farty goodies! - I love how it has come out!

Credits here

Ok I had best get on my way - we are moving my Mum and step-father into their new house today and it is going to be a huge day! So much to do, so little time. We have to get both cats up to Caboolture and we only have one cat cage - so two trips with yowling cats should be FUN hahahaha. Talk to you later and thanks for visiting!

12 March 2009

Some other stuff

I nearly forgot to come back and post again! I can't believe how forgetful I am, to much on my mind I guess. Well I have been busily making pages for PBP recently and I would love to share them here but first I have to show you some of the great challenges that we have going on over at PBP this month.

These two challenges each have a fantastic prize this month - completing a page for either of these challenges (and posting the link in the challenge thread) will put you in the running to win a $10 GC to the Pickleberrypop Shop and with all the wonderful designers we have in there this is a prize NOT to be missed!

If you are interested in finding out more just click on the images and it will take you straight to the challenge threads!

This is my page for this great challenge, I love this series of books and I was devestated when the author passed away in 2007. But while researching my scrap page I found out that another author is stepping into his massive shoes and will be completing the series and I couldn't be happier!

My favorite Book Set
Credits here

The gallery that Laura chose to lift, jarkab1, is just gorgeous and I had trouble choosing just one page. In the end I chose to lift this gorgeous page of jarkab1’s Mikysek

Credits here

And don't forget that we have our usual photography challenge running this month as well, this month we are asking you to get up close and personal and give your macro button a good workout!

Just click on the image to join in the fun!

I have been on a bit of a scrapping binge recently and I have made some fun pages with some of the new goodies from a couple of our fabulous new designers FruitLoOp Sally and ET Designs.

Here are two pages that I created using FruitLoOp Sally's great new kits, Simple and Peek-a-whoo?, available here

Who loves you?
Credits here

Sweetie Pie
Credits here

And here are two pages that I created using ET Designs lovely kits that you can find here.

How does your garden grow?
Credits here

The Sweetest Flower
Credits here

And one last page from me that I made for the Pickle Jar Challenge last fortnight - I really liked how it came out - the black and white looks so appealing, and I really enjoyed writing the journaling. It made me realise I haven't been doing much journaling recently - I am to change that in the future!

Credits here.

Wow that was a LO heavy post from me - but I think I have caught up on my posting so I will leave you for now.

But I will be back tomorrow night to show you some of the beautiful new stuff from the talented KateF who has been busily creating and is ready to launch some great new stuff tomorrow!

09 March 2009

Project 365 - 2 Mar to 7 Mar

Hi there everyone - well so much for my coming back this week to post about the challenges! The week sped by so quickly between work, twisting my ankle AGAIN, getting the kids to school and back, going to the dentist, the cat being sick again and dieting it has all been just a tiny bit busy. Now today I have my MIL in Hervey Bay to worry about as Cyclone Hamish begins its slow progress into the coast, where it is expected to cross at Hervey Bay this evening. I rang her this morning to make sure she was ok and she is in good spirits (we are all from Townsville so cyclones are a bit more common up there) but we are a little worried as we don't believe that the roof is cyclone bolted - so I am keeping my fingers crossed for her. I'll call again tonight to double check on her I think.

I feel a bit guilty because even though it is a bit nerve wracking up there, we are starting to see rain clouds developing and we are desperately hoping for some good rain here in Brisbane from the edges of the cyclone - rain is something that we really really need right now!

Anyway enough chatting I had better get on and post my photos (yes I'm still going!! Woohoo!!)

Day 61
Even though she is eating more she still looks very slender and frail - she got sick again at the end of the week and on Friday I had to take her to the vets again. The vet and I think we know what is triggering these attacks now, it seems because she is old her liver can't handle the chemicals in the Excelpet flea tablets and so Chelsea gets sick. We have been able to give her an antibiotic needle this time as she wasn't as far gone as she was the last time - thank heavens. She finally ate breakfast this morning, so I am hopeful that this second bout won't be as damaging to her health. Now she will only ever have good quality flea control from the vet!!!!

Day 62
The girls did some posing in the backyard for me today and while I took lots of lovely photos I picked this one to post today as Tasha has a couple of other photos of her to be posted. I really loved this photo of Bella, I love the fall of her hair!

Day 63
I was a bit surprised to come out of my office today to see this smokey haze all over the northern skyline. Apparently (as my hubby informed me) the firies are doing controlled burn offs to reduce the chance of bushfires here in the coming dry season. It is handy have a firefighter husband sometimes lol. Oh and today was the day I rolled my ankle over and while I did take a photo of my crutches and strapped ankle I thought that you all might be just a bit sick of my stupid ankle and it's need to roll over all the time so I thought the haze was more interesting ROFL

Day 64
Here is my good little Tasha showing off her Deputy Principals Gold award for excellent behaviour in the classroom. She was so proud and asked me to take a photo as soon as we got home! I'm just wondering where all this excellent behavior goes when she gets home??? Maybe she wears it all out at school LOL

Day 65
Inspired by my bloggy friend Carol, who took a very nice photo of herself in the bathroom mirror for her photo-a-day project I decided to do the same myself. Sadly the merciless lighting in the bathroom made me look like a strung out dr*g add*ct so I rushed the photo into lightroom and ran one of DYP's gorgeous presets over me and I think I look a BIT better, well certainly less like a crack wh*re now ROFL!

Day 66
Me: What's your favorite breakfast in the whole world Tasha?
Tash: Boiled eggs Mum!
Me: Don't you like cereal Tash?
Tash: Nope
Me: Don't you like fruit and yogurt Tash?
Tash: Nope
Me: How about toast?
Tash: Nope
Me: What would you like for breakfast today Tash?
Tash: Boiled Eggs Mum!
Me: Sigh!
Our regular Saturday morning conversation.

Day 67
On the other hand, Bella says to me on Sunday morning "OMG MUM!" What is on this sandwich?? I said: "what? Your bacon, egg and hash-brown sandwich hun?" "MUM there is EGG on this sandwich!! GROSS!!" sigh! This was the breakfast we had to have in order to eat in the car on our way to help my Mum move house.

Ok That is all from me for now - it has taken ages to finsh this post and I have heaps to do before I pick the girls up from school today, so I will love you and leave you. BUT I PROMISE I will be back tomorrow to post about the FABULOUS challenges that are happening over at Pickleberrypop right now - I can't let you miss out on the chance to win a $10 GC to the store now can I? If you can't wait until tomorrow to find out more why don't you click here and here to get the details???

01 March 2009

Project 365 - Feb 22 to Mar 1

Hey there, I'm popping in to post my photos for the week (on time this time) LOL. Not a lot to chat about so I will get straight to it :

Day 54
My cheeky little girl still likes posing for photos and is always willing to pop that cute smile on when Mummy points the camera at her.

Day 55
So the diet is still going along pretty well and I am trying to make sure that I make my lunch for work ahead of time so I don't have to fuss around. This is my lunch for two days, it's a bacon and zucchini slice (no pastry just egg) to be eaten with a green salad - and I have to tell you it tastes YUMMY! I snuck a bit off the edge as a part of mine stringent quality assurance program ROFL.

Day 56
Tasha started Brownie Guides this afternoon and she was thrilled to be making pancakes. She loves being in the Brownie troop as there are more kids than at Gumnuts and they do "big girl stuff" which she thinks is just great!

Day 57
Look at this cute little mushroom I found in my garden this morning!

Day 58
This morning I was woken by the sound of a noisy cacophony of raucous sound. Squabbling, screeching and being down right loud these Major Mitchell Cockatoos were having a great time across the road from us.

Day 59
Chelsea is starting to fill out a bit now that she is better and has a healthier sheen to her fur now, thank heavens.

Day 60
I got up close and personal to this Grevillia flower today, I just love the colour!

Well that is all from me for this evening, I have to go and do my 30 min workout and then do some ironing LOL. I will be back tomorrow to tell you about some of the great challenges happening at Pickleberrypop this month (you can even win a $10 GC for the PBP store - WOOHOO!!!!) oh and I have to post some LOs that I have made during the week. I have been a busy little scrapping beaver and I have created a few, so I think that they deserve their own post :). So bye from me!