28 March 2009

Project 365 - 16 Mar to 22 Mar & some scrapping

Yes well time certainly got away from me this last fortnight and I completely spaced about posting my photos. That's not to say that I haven't been taking them every day, because I have - faithfully. I'm just having a bit of trouble remembering about posting them LOL.

Anyway here is my catch up from last week and I will post THIS weeks tomorrow, I sort of promise LOL

Day 75
Today my big girl flew to Canberra with all the other Year Seven's of her school. We had to be at the school at 6am and that is why my photo isn't very good - it has NOTHING to do with that fact that I was trying to not to blubber all over her like an hysterical over-protective Mother LOL.

Day 76
When Mum moved on the weekend I got to have a pile of her Bromiliades from her old garden as she isn't ready to re-do the garden in her new place. I placed them in my front yard under my trees because it is shady there most of the time - I hope they do ok!

Day 77
This is a creeper that is growing on the wall between us and our next-door neighbors place - the flowers are very pretty.

Day 78
Tasha found this sweet little skink when she was grubbing around in the garden today - I dutifully took a photo as asked and then I persuaded her to release the poor terrified creature.

Day 79
This photo has ended up being my submission for the March "Up Close and Personal" Photography Challenge - it was a struggle trying to get the perfect macro shot but I managed to get this one by laying on my tummy on the dewy morning grass to stop my hands from shaking!

Day 80
Bella managed to get Gastroenteritis while on camp in Canberra and has been vomiting all over the place since she got home - she is pretty exhausted and just lays around while she can. We were over at Mums and she found my copy of Twilight there so she started reading it to make herself feel better.

Day 81
We broke our diet tonight and I think if you are going to break your diet it should be for something YUMMY! Like Nachos rofl - and they were yummy! But don't worry I have now lost 5.50 kilos so far and that is after the naughty nacho dinner so I am still on track.

Ok I have been doing a bit of scrapping as well in between forgetting to blog so here you are:

I made this page using the fabulous new collab Magical Tale between FruitLoOp Sally and Camila Designs - it went perfectly with the photo I chose of Tasha dancing in the backyard.

Credits here

I made this page using ET Designs beautiful kit Amazing World and Amazing Words - they are so much fun to use! Such yummy colours.

Your twinkling eyes
Credits here

I was trying to cheer Bella up with this page as she hasn't been well and she did smile to see herself posed among all these adorable animals! I had so much fun making this with Dawn Inskip's new kit A Brand New Day - don't you just love those doodles?

Look through the eyes of a child
Credits here

I have managed to journal on every page I have made since I wrote my article on journaling in the March Issue of the PBP Newsletter. If you are interested in reading my article on journaling "Journaling - how to keep your memories alive" you can check it out here and you might want to subscribe to the newsletter so you don't miss out on any other interesting things in future editions of the newsletter!

Rightio it's time I got some work done so I'll catch up with you later on - probably tomorrow or Monday LOL!


Carol said...

Good girl on the journalling, you know how I feel about journalling!!! Love the photos, but mostly congratulations on the weight loss. GO YOU !!!!! That's fabulous. And I think you need to break out every now and then (although I'm wondering where the guacamole and sour cream are in that photo? Hmmmm? Nachos aren't nachos with those little beauties married up with it).

Success Coach - Kristi said...

Your layouts ROCK! Can't get over the pics of Bella and Tasha are wonderful models for mama!!!! You are a woman of extreme talent and personality, my friend! Hugs-Kristi (ps...Congrats on losing weight!!!!! Even though I don't know ..... what's a kilo!?!?!?)