18 March 2009

Opps nearly forgot!

I can't believe I nearly forgot to post my P365 photos! Well I won't dilly dally - I'll great straight into it (I'm supposed to be folding the clothes LOL).

Day 68
I just can't get over how much Tasha has improved with her reading this year! Since starting Year 2 the books she brings home now are getting trickier and trickier and she is just taking it in her stride. Well done sweetheart! Mama's proud of you!

Day 69
This triphod-like plant was given to us a long time ago and we were told that it only opens it's flower bud at night. I was so excited to see not just one flower but three on this plant in the afternoon but guess what? I forgot to go down later that evening with my camera so I missed it's opening! Oh well maybe next time!

Day 70
Yes I (and the whole family really) are still going with the low-carb high-protein diet and I am pleased to announce that so far I have lost 4.50 kilos - not bad for 4 weeks effort and two of those weeks with no exercise because of my stupid ankle. Thankfully it's feeling a bit better so I started training again last night!

Day 71
It still freaks me out that my baby girl, my first born angel is in Grade 7! The Grade 7's were presented with these cool shirts this week and all the kids names are on the back so they can remember everyone. They are going to wear these when they leave for their school camp to Canberra on Monday (sob!!). It's pretty darn hard cutting these apron strings.

Day 72
School seems to be the theme for this weeks photos and today is no exception - it was crazy hair day at school today and although you can't really see it the girls hair is COVERED in glitter spray LOL. Tash really liked her hair like this and I had to do some fast talking to get out of having to do that style every day!

Day 73
Today we got the truck to move Mum's furniture (all of it) up to her new place. It was a HUGE day and we worled like dogs. My diet fell aside for the day as eating stuff not surrounded in bread was near impossible and I was too pooped to stuff around with my food. The best bit of the whole day according to the girls was getting to ride in the truck with their papa back to Brisbane - according to Tasha it was totally AWEsome!

Day 74
Because she was going away to camp Bella and I decided to take her to the hairdressers and get a little bit cut off to make it easier for her to manage. She walked out of there with about 9 inches off her hair - I nearly fainted! But I have to say she loves it to bits and I think she looks very stylish. Sigh another step towards adulthood!

OK I have to rush off and do real life stuff so I will catch up with you later!


Carol said...

Beautifully set out, love the veggies photo, so bright and colourful.

Brook said...

It's a joy and a sorrow to see your babies growing up so quickly. I do enjoy your daughter's reading choices. Sometimes it is hard for me to get my students intereseted in non fiction! Keep her reading.

Anonymous said...

just loving the veggies for dinner and the crazy hair days - I love them all... think we're doing great to get this far LOL Have a fab w/e xx

gabs aka evitangel said...

love the crazy hair day-shot - it's gorgeous