09 March 2009

Project 365 - 2 Mar to 7 Mar

Hi there everyone - well so much for my coming back this week to post about the challenges! The week sped by so quickly between work, twisting my ankle AGAIN, getting the kids to school and back, going to the dentist, the cat being sick again and dieting it has all been just a tiny bit busy. Now today I have my MIL in Hervey Bay to worry about as Cyclone Hamish begins its slow progress into the coast, where it is expected to cross at Hervey Bay this evening. I rang her this morning to make sure she was ok and she is in good spirits (we are all from Townsville so cyclones are a bit more common up there) but we are a little worried as we don't believe that the roof is cyclone bolted - so I am keeping my fingers crossed for her. I'll call again tonight to double check on her I think.

I feel a bit guilty because even though it is a bit nerve wracking up there, we are starting to see rain clouds developing and we are desperately hoping for some good rain here in Brisbane from the edges of the cyclone - rain is something that we really really need right now!

Anyway enough chatting I had better get on and post my photos (yes I'm still going!! Woohoo!!)

Day 61
Even though she is eating more she still looks very slender and frail - she got sick again at the end of the week and on Friday I had to take her to the vets again. The vet and I think we know what is triggering these attacks now, it seems because she is old her liver can't handle the chemicals in the Excelpet flea tablets and so Chelsea gets sick. We have been able to give her an antibiotic needle this time as she wasn't as far gone as she was the last time - thank heavens. She finally ate breakfast this morning, so I am hopeful that this second bout won't be as damaging to her health. Now she will only ever have good quality flea control from the vet!!!!

Day 62
The girls did some posing in the backyard for me today and while I took lots of lovely photos I picked this one to post today as Tasha has a couple of other photos of her to be posted. I really loved this photo of Bella, I love the fall of her hair!

Day 63
I was a bit surprised to come out of my office today to see this smokey haze all over the northern skyline. Apparently (as my hubby informed me) the firies are doing controlled burn offs to reduce the chance of bushfires here in the coming dry season. It is handy have a firefighter husband sometimes lol. Oh and today was the day I rolled my ankle over and while I did take a photo of my crutches and strapped ankle I thought that you all might be just a bit sick of my stupid ankle and it's need to roll over all the time so I thought the haze was more interesting ROFL

Day 64
Here is my good little Tasha showing off her Deputy Principals Gold award for excellent behaviour in the classroom. She was so proud and asked me to take a photo as soon as we got home! I'm just wondering where all this excellent behavior goes when she gets home??? Maybe she wears it all out at school LOL

Day 65
Inspired by my bloggy friend Carol, who took a very nice photo of herself in the bathroom mirror for her photo-a-day project I decided to do the same myself. Sadly the merciless lighting in the bathroom made me look like a strung out dr*g add*ct so I rushed the photo into lightroom and ran one of DYP's gorgeous presets over me and I think I look a BIT better, well certainly less like a crack wh*re now ROFL!

Day 66
Me: What's your favorite breakfast in the whole world Tasha?
Tash: Boiled eggs Mum!
Me: Don't you like cereal Tash?
Tash: Nope
Me: Don't you like fruit and yogurt Tash?
Tash: Nope
Me: How about toast?
Tash: Nope
Me: What would you like for breakfast today Tash?
Tash: Boiled Eggs Mum!
Me: Sigh!
Our regular Saturday morning conversation.

Day 67
On the other hand, Bella says to me on Sunday morning "OMG MUM!" What is on this sandwich?? I said: "what? Your bacon, egg and hash-brown sandwich hun?" "MUM there is EGG on this sandwich!! GROSS!!" sigh! This was the breakfast we had to have in order to eat in the car on our way to help my Mum move house.

Ok That is all from me for now - it has taken ages to finsh this post and I have heaps to do before I pick the girls up from school today, so I will love you and leave you. BUT I PROMISE I will be back tomorrow to post about the FABULOUS challenges that are happening over at Pickleberrypop right now - I can't let you miss out on the chance to win a $10 GC to the store now can I? If you can't wait until tomorrow to find out more why don't you click here and here to get the details???


Annierose said...

Give yourself a big pat on the back - you've got further than you have before - and the photos are great Amanda!!

I've tried the 'bathroom mirror' trick - I felt just like you did! Love to know how others do it and they look so good - Photoshop?

Annie xx

Carol said...

Oh my gosh, so many great photographs. Firstly Chelsea is looking so forlorn there. I just do the Revolution on the back of the neck with Bo, no taking tablets. I hope she's back to her beautiful healthy self soon.

And yes well the bathroom lighting really isn't that great is it? Why do you think I have the camera stuck in front of my face in mine! ha.

Lots of things going on in your life, hope it all settles down soon.

gabs aka evitangel said...

wow - your photos are awesome!