26 October 2010

abandonment issues

This blog has been temporarily abandoned ..... never fear I may be back blogging in the future ... I will pop in and keep an eye on my blogger friends though :)

yes I have abandonment issues .... but its all ok

26 July 2010

Grab Bag reminder, freebie ... and thanks!

Just a quick reminder that Cherpea Designs July 2010 Grab Bags will only be available until July 30 so if you want to snag them at the amazingly ridiculous price of $3.00 US you had better hurry!

Cherpea's Personal Use and Commercial Use bags are just full of yummy goodies and you will definitely kick yourself later if you miss out on such a steal!!

And WOW thanks everyone who has grabbed my QP freebie - I'm so chuffed that some people actually liked it enough to take the time to download it hehe! If you haven't grabbed it yet please feel free to do so - it will be available until the 30th.

Download HERE

Check out my previous post for the links to the other Cherpea CT girl's blogs to grab their gorgeous QP freebies as well!!

Don't forget if you would like to win a free Personal Use Grab Bag just repost this blog post or post on Facebook and come back and leave me the link and you could go into the running. I have decided to extend the deadline to the 29th July to give you all a bit more of an opportunity to participate :)

In addition to all this Grab Bag fun Pickleberrypop has some VERY exciting things coming up in the near future that I wish I could share with you all but I'm afraid you will have to wait and see what is ahead!! hehehe

And oh my! Just wait until you see what's coming up from the lovely Kaye Winiecki in August too *happydance*

Catch you later!

23 July 2010

A Cherpea Blog Hop with freebies and chance to WIN!

I promised you earlier tonight that Cheryl had been working on some fabulous goodies and now I can reveal that it is Grab Bag time at Two Little Pixels and she has 2 ... yes TWO great new Grab Bags in the store tonight! And they are a steal at only $3.00US!! WOW!! There is a lovely Personal Use Grab bag that is stuffed full of gorgeous goodies.... the previews are linked so click away!!!!

and a Commercial Use Grab Bag that has three fantastic goodies inside that will help you out with all your digital designing needs!

And did I mention that they are only $3.00 US each lol ... I did? Opps hehe! but you have to hurry they are only in the store for a week and then they are broken up and placed in the store at full price!

Now I COULD post sneak peeks here and reveal all to you but that would be cheating soooo instead I hid the previews inside the zip for the FREEBIE QP that I made using the yummy goodies. So if you like the QP feel free to grab it here and have a peek inside for the previews!

But wait.... theres more!


Thats right you get a chance to win Cherpea's Personal Use Grab Bag for FREE just by reposting this blog post OR posting on Facebook ... how easy is that?? Leave me a comment with the link to your post in the next two days (closing 25th July @ midnight my time) and I will pick out a random winner - it doesn't get any easier!


And guess what?? Thats NOT all .... some of the other Cherpea chicks have made some yummy QPs using the lovely Grab Bag goodies and you can find them below .... so what are you still doing here? Go have fun! But dont forget to come back and post your repost or Facebook links in the comments so that you can go in the draw to WIN WIN WIN .........

Next stop...

Manuela (flohbock)


Margote's Blog



Have fun and I'll catch you on the flipside!!

Busy busy busy .....

Things have been happily tooting along here at my place .. work..home..kids..scrap .. the usual. We just finished the school holidays and the kids are struggling a little to get back into the swing of things - knowing my luck they will just get themselves sorted and they will be back on holidays for the September break lol.

But apart from that everything is going really well. Pippi is settling in nicely and it feels like we have had her with us always. We do have a couple of small issues with her but that is to be expected with a rescued dog - she suffers from separation anxiety, she is very aggressive towards other dogs (little dog syndrome) and she has food issues - but apart from that she is the most adorable loving little dog you ever did see. She has hubby wrapped firmly around her little paw! She has some cute bling now with her name and phone number on it and she is now FINALLY registered with the local council (thats a whole other story!). Here are a couple of recent photos of her - do you think she is looking happier?
I used Katie Pertiet's cute curled frames for this

In scrapping news - things have been pretty active at all my digi-places. Over at Pickleberrypop we have just sent out our latest newsletter which is super stuffed with sales, treats, tips and laughs. If you aren't subscribed .. why not? Click HERE to fix that up straight away lol! On the 15th July we also had our Monthly ScrapNchat which I really enjoy hosting - you should come along to the next one - I seriously laugh so much I nearly fall off my chair! We hold a chat every third Thursday night of the month @9pm EST - the next one will be .... 19th August!

I have been doing a bit of scrapping over at Pickleberrypop with some of the fun kits out at the moment - here are a couple of recent pages! Using Armina's Lovely kit

Beautiful Inside and Out

Credits here

And this fun page was made using Digilicious Designs' E-E-I-O Bundle and is about the great day we had when Tasha's Kindy class went to a Farm for the day!

Farm Visit

Credits here

Over at the Lilypad Kaye Winiecki has been making some totally fun goodies! Her BYOC pieces this month were too adorable - check out my page using them.

NOT Scared of the dark!

Credits here

And she got together with the gorgeous Rubia from Studio Basic to make this super mouth-watering collab called Hey Girlfriend - the colours are to-die-for! Of course I had to use it to scrap a page about one of my bestest friends in world - Jane!

The Best!

Credits here

And over at Two Little Pixels Cheryl has been creating up a storm BUT I can't tell you about that right now ... it's a surprise for later tonight shhhhhh .... you will have to come back later to find out whats been happening at Cherpea Designs and I might have a little something something to share with you .... lol

So don't forget to come back later ok????

27 June 2010

Some awesome news!

I am so EXCITED!!
I have a new blinkie to add to my collection .... check it out ....... I'm now a proud member of Kaye Winiecki's CT!! Woot woot!

Thats right - I'm so thrilled! Kaye locked the door to the forum so I couldn't get away from her team which was hilarious as I was planning different strategies to get her to let me stay includung hanging on to the door frame as she dragged me out ROFL. Thankfully she is letting me stay and physical violence was unnecessary.

Its so much fun working with Kaye and her felty goodness! And she really has some amazing Collaboration partners too! This month I was overwhelmed to work with this AWESOME Birthday collab between Kaye, Karah Fredricks and Kate Hadfield called Bring on the CAKE!

and here is the page I made with it - Tasha's 8th birthday!

Credits here

Well I have loads of other things to say but its dinner time and Merlin is on in a minute so I had better rush off - I'll be back in a bit!

18 June 2010

A quick hello from me ....

Just popping in to say HI ... online is the only place I can say anything at all as I lost my voice a couple of days ago and I've gone from sounding like a chipmunk to sounding like a squeaky toy and now I am almost mute apart from grunting noises LOL ..... dont you love Winter and colds and flu????

Anyway I'm just stopping by to show you a page I made for the latest Template Challenge at Pickleberrypop starring my adorable Pippi!

Here is my page - Welcome Pippi! I thought you might like to see this Carol ;)

Credits here

Ok its not a great night for me coughing wise so I will leave it here for now and catch you on the flip side!

13 June 2010

I found my muse ....

and her name is Pippi! Say hello to the nice people Pippi!

She is a twelve month old black and tan Terrier X and she is the tiniest little thing, not a heck of a lot bigger than a chihuahua.

She is a Best Friends Rescue dog and has been fostered after being neglected and starved. We adopted her yesterday and we already love her to bits. It is taking her a remarkably short time to settle in, she was on the couch last night with the girls watching TV,

she slept on a little bed in Tasha's room (where both girls slept) and stayed there all night, no wandering around whimpering.

She waited until this morning to do her business which was a pleasant surprise as we were not expecting her to be house trained! It is hard to tell with adopted dogs where they are at with their training. Right now she is sitting in her bed having a nice grooming session at my feet after running around the backyard with Bella like a crazy dog until her toes got cold :).

I really want to thank you Carol for your lovely and supportive comment and helpful email - you are quite right in everything you said and it really doesn't matter if you are the only person in the world to read my blog because I do it for me (and you and Deb lol). I guess I was having a moment but I'm better now. And you are also right in that I have at least one photo each week and I can very easily scale down my ambitions with regard to P365 and settle (happily and less stressfully) with a P52! So thank you my friend, for being ... well ... my friend.

And now I guess I should catch you up with some scrapping news ... I have been guesting this month with the fabulously talented Kaye Winiecki ... and I have to tell you this woman is a talented and productive designing machine! So far I have had the privilege of working with her BYOC pieces and a fabulous collaboration with Sandra Edwards aka FruitLoOp Sally called Summer Skies and Fire Flies. its been a ball and here are a couple of pages from me using these wonderful goodies!

This is my page Touch Tank Fun Day - using Kaye's yummy BYOC pieces

credits here

and my page Water Park using the Collab - its so much fun to be doing Summery pages when you are wearing fluffy socks on your feet to keep your tootsies warm lol

Credits here

And I just had to use Kaye's fabulous scrap kit - Click 2 Scrap for this page the mamarrazzi!

Credits here

On the subject of scrapping my friend and scrapping cohort Deb badgered me into doing a digidare this week umm I think it was #182 a lift and flip challenge so I did my first dare page and lifted one of her fabulous pages (of course lol).

So here is my first ever digi dare page - My girls using Kaye's Spring Promenade Collab with Jena Desai

Credits here

and here is Deb's page that I lifted - Mexican Standoff

Well I think I have rambled on for long enough one day so I will go and pat the dog and do some other things before the day gets too advanced - bye for now :)

06 June 2010

Epic FAIL!

Yes another epic fail on my part - my P365 has gone the way of the dodo and become extinct .....sigh! I could offer a lot of excuses like - my point and shoot died a month or two ago and I couldn't be stuffed carrying my big one around everywhere - but its not the only reason. I had dropped off before my point and shoot passed away. I guess I just lacked the commitment and enthusiasm for the project this year, well at least the whole 365 part of it. So I probably COULD still do a project 52 or maybe a Project 12 instead. Hmmmm maybe all is not lost.

I also haven't blogged because sometimes I wonder if I am all alone here at this blog site? Apart from the lovely Carol and Deb I really don't think anyone really reads my blog so it all seems just a tiny bit pointless. I feel like I am waffling away to myself sometimes hehe.

Anyway ..... at the moment I'm thinking about blogging and whether to do it or not ........

Not sure...........

02 April 2010

Weeks ummm 12 and 13? Where did that time go?

I really have no excuse other than I am completely forgetful and that is pretty much it - I did my Project pages at the beginning of the week but totally forgot to post them but I am here at last so tada ... here are my latest P365 pages :) I'm so pleased that I am still going along with my Project 365 this year and that I am keeping up to date with my pages - this template by Leora seriously makes the whole process so painless and I really believe that this year I might make it AND if I do Carol I am going to get them put into a photo-book!!

Week 12
Credits - Designs by Leora

Week 13
Credits - Designs by Leora

As you can see from my project pages life has been a whole lot of "the everyday" stuff going on around here. School, work, housework, shopping and sleeping has all been on the agenda. I think we have forgotten how to go out and relax! It is hard for Bella at the moment as she gets used to the demands of high school homework and assignments and I have to say I have been very proud of her efforts. Tasha is also getting used to a more rigorous homework agenda then she has been used to in grades one and two so there has been a lot of heads down and tails up!

The kids are showing signs of being desperate for a pet to help ease the sadness of Chelsea's passing. We are currently in the process of working on hubby/dad to give in and let us get a dog. So watch this space for further developments ... the nagging has only just begun lol

I have some scrapping pages to share with you that I have done recently for my band of talented designers!

This is the first of no doubt many Easter pages I will be doing in the foreseeable future -

Easter Egg Stash - using a combination of Lindsay Jane's Spring Garden kit and her Spring Garden Easter mini

Credits - here

My next page is using the lovely scrap kit Diamond Mist by FruitLoOp Sally - I Love You

Credits here

I created a page for Cheryl using her yummy new Daddy papers - such gorgeous texture - and a whole pile of other lovely things too that are all available at Two Little Pixels - You are all I need

Credits here

One last page from me tonight - My Sweet Tasha - using Spring's Grace by Alexis_Designs - such a cute whimsical kit!

Credits here

Well I think that that is enough from me for another night - I dont want to bore you to death with my hobby/mania anymore lol so its goodnight from me ...

21 March 2010

Week 10 and 11 and some pages ...

Well I'm sorry but I haven't been here for a bit - the ADSR and CT requirements have been taking up a fair whack of my time but the race (for me) is over now for another year so I am hoping to have a little more spare time for you my dear blog! Speaking of ADSR here are my last few pages ...

Challenge 9 - Create Art!

credits here

Challenge 10 - Life is our Canvas

Credits here

Challenge 11 - A little birdie told me ......

Credits here

Now the final challenge is being done by the lovely Deb as a roadblock and is a card and envelope - apparently there was some drama about the last challenge but we dont buy into all that rubbish so as long as we get checked off we are happy. We have had another fabulous race and all kudos to the team at NDISB for all their hard work, we cant wait until season 6!!

I had better post my P365 pages now - I am only two weeks behind and while the photos aren't anything amazing they are of my day-to-day life in all its humdrum glory lol

Week 10
Credits - Designs by Leora

Week 11
Credits - Designs by Leora

Now at the risk of boring you stupid (are you still awake??) here are a couple of CT pages that I have managed to squeeze in amongst all the other bits and bobs that I have been doing.

This is my page for the current PBP Template Challenge - when I saw the circles I immediately though ... beach! Luckily Carolyn Kite had just put out this adorable beach kit sooo tada!

Credits here

This is a page using the goodies of a brand new designer at Pickleberrypop - Bohemian Art! So excited to have her lovely goodies to play with! This page was using her kit - Imagine

Family is LOVE

Credits here

I just had to use this adorable kit by Dawn Inskip - Rainy Days and Mondays - so yummy!

It never rains, it pours!

Credits here

Luckily for me I had these great pics of the girls splashing in the gutter when I saw this fun new kit of KateF's - Dibble Dabble - look at the funky fresh colours and those too cute ducks!!

Splashing about

Credits here

Now hopefully I am up-to-date with all my posting. I really dont haven en excuse for being late in posting next week soooo I shall say adieu for now and you can expect to see me posting within the week!

07 March 2010

ADSR Challenge 7 and 8

Its just a fly by posting this evening as I am in the middle of doing dinner but I just wanted to post these pages before I forget! I have had a busy weekend scrapping, firstly I finished my page for the April edition of the Artisan Notebook, then I finished my two ADSR pages for this week! Not a lot of housework was done sadly as I am still recovering from the darn virus I got last week. Hubby and I seemed to go back down hill yesterday but we are crawling back today. I hope I am heaps better tomorrow as I am undertaking my first ever day at Bella's High School Tuckshop! Eeek I have no idea what I am doing but the lady I spoke to today seems lovely - so fingers crossed I don't cut myself or burn myself (which is invariably what happens when i go near a kitchen!).

Anyway without further ado here are my latest ADSR pages:

Challenge 7 - My Bucket List
In this challenge we were required to list 50 things that we want to do before we kick the proverbial ummm bucket!

Credits here

Challenge 8 - Someday I'm going to sit on Deb's porch
This challenge was to use the prompt "someday....." and of course it could only be about sitting on my race partner and bestest bloggy friend's front porch and having a natter and a cuppa!

Credits here

Well as I said it is a fly by posting ... I will be back tomorrow or the next day with my P365 page for the week just ending! Woohoo, I will be all caught up! Oh what a feeling!

05 March 2010

Weeks 8 and 9 and some ADSR pages

Eeek I can't believe its been two weeks since I posted last! It seems like only yesterday but man it's been pretty busy so I guess the old adage is true - time flies when you are having fun (hmmm not sure about FUN exactly!). Things have been flying along here until this week when we all ground to a halt with a yucky virus that struck down the whole family. Sore throats, headaches and fevers abound, the kids had two days off school, I had two days off work (1 for them and 1 for me) and Tony even took a day off for the kids too. But thankfully after an icky few days we seem to be emerging out the other side. Needless to say that did cramp my scrapping style but I have been going a bit over board the last couple of weeks as you will no doubt see from my post.

Since I last posted Bella's underdog netball team came up trumps when they took home the trophy and grabbed first place from the season favorites! A more exciting game I have yet to see as they were tied all the way through the game until the final quarter - when suddenly the girls got in front and stayed there! Woohoo Bella played better than I have ever seen her and Tony and I were soo proud of her!! The girls all went crazy at the end and didn't even let the other teams less than sportsman like behaviour upset them. Bella hasn't even won a Trophy before and it was a huge moment for her! Apart from Netball she has been enjoying high School still and seems to be settling into the new routine really well. She does need to get a bit more organised though but we are working on that :)

Tasha has been bugging us for a Hannah Montana guitar since her birthday but we have been trying to put her off (I mean 70 dollars for a part wood part cardboard piece of rubbish that will fall apart the minute she strums it seems crazy to me). Tony had a brilliant idea and suggested we buy her a proper guitar off ebay rather than the rubbishy one and we were so lucky to win an auction for one right here in Brisbane for only $10 more than the Hannah Montana one! its fabulous, great condition and will last Tasha for ever. Mum has bravely stepped up to the plate to offer to teach Tasha the basics so Tasha is going to have a busy year as on top of Piano lessons, tennis lessons, choir practice and Netball Nippers starting in three weeks, she is now going to learn guitar! Thank heavens I was never that busy as a child I feel pooped just thinking about it!

Well I guess I have rambled on for a while now so I had better start posting some P365 pages and ADSR pages so I can get on with the rest of my day (now that I am feeling better i had better do SOME housework lol)

Week 8
Credits - Designs by Leora

Week 9
Credits - Designs by Leora

Deb and I are still going with the ADSR season 5 and are having a great time - although I admit to leaving my pages until the weekend most of the time and then tearing through a page quickly to make the deadline. I like to live on the edge rofl.

Challenge 3 - Beautiful
This was a selective colouring challenge so I wanted to use this photo of Tasha with her beautiful eyes which went perfectly with this great kit by Trish Jones - Rock the House - On the Table

Credits here

Challenge 4 - ATC
This challenge was so much fun - I keep forgetting how much I enjoy doing altered art! Card number 1 and 3 are mine and Card 2 and 4 are Deb's - we had to do a combined preview for the challenge but we each had to do two cards each - too fun! Aren't Deb's awesome?

Credits here

Challenge 5 - Chocolate
The name of this challenge says it all - Chocolate I love you so ...... lol

Credits here

Challenge 6 - This one is for me
To date this is my least favorite challenge EVER! But it is only because I was way out of my comfort zone with the number of elements we had to use and the number of steps that had to be completed - eek! It was a trial but this is the end result - a bit to umm fussy for my liking but it passed the judges criteria so I call it DONE. Mind you it was a pleasure working with Alexis Designs delicious goodies Cappuccino and Sweet Victorian Violette - yummy!

Credits here

well I believe that I have rattled on for a while now but I think I am pretty caught up - I have lots of other scrap pages done and I will try to come back soon and post the others for your amusement. So until then - live long and prosper!

19 February 2010

Week 7 and other stuff!

Yes I know .... I am slipping but really I have been so busy playing catch up with my CT and ADSR scrapping, newsletter contributions, posting and all the family stuff sometimes it get a bit much and the last place I want to sit is at the computer in the evenings (my favorite time for blogging lol)! Home life has been especially busy this week with netball training, tennis, parent information nights, netball semi-finals (which Bella's team WON woohoo! into the Grand finals now!) and I have been busy at work too! yikes!

First of all here is my latest page for the project - I am just loving these templates of Leora's - so crisp and clean, it really makes it all about the photos and not a major scrapping exercise!

Week 7
Credits - Designs by Leora

I'm so happy to be racing with ADSR season 5 with my BFF Deb and it was great fun to kick it off with this first challenge - about your partner. We had to scraplift a page of our race partner and make it all about her - so here is my page.

My race partner Deb

Credits - here

The next challenge was a bit trickier! It was courtesy of the Ar was to use 5 photos, one with the number 5 in a photo, 5 fonts/alphas in the title and 5 elements the same AND it had to be about what I love about ....... hmmm I had to pick my house because its number 5 AND I had five photos ROFL.

Here is my page - 5 things I love about ..... my house! Not terribly original but there you go ...

Credits - here

I have been such a bad CT member recently - I have only managed to get one page out so far this week for my dear Kate who recently created this way too cute kit - This Much

Heres my page - I love you this much ...!
Credits - here

On other news, I have had my very first page EVER published in a paper magazine - Australian Scrapbooking memories Vol 12 No 2 page 115!! I was just thrilled to bits to be asked by Annette to work with the digital kits that are being given away with this edition as a great promotion for digital scrapbooking!! The hardest part was only picking ONE of the great kits to use. I can't explain how thrilling it is to see a page in an actual magazine! I know I'm a bit over excited but the first time is always special right? I'm not even upset that they got my name wrong and I am apparently Amanda Cook *giggle* - but I know it's mine, my friends know its mine and that all that matters to me :)

Ok I still have loads of things to do so I had better wrap this up and stop yacking away. I'll catch you all soon!

12 February 2010

Artisan Notebook pages and ...we're RACING!

Now that the February edition of the Artisan Notebook is out I can finally post my January pages with joyful impunity! So here for your viewing pleasure (I hope lol) are my pages ......

one page is for the Just Write Challenge section .... Now and Then

Credits - here

and one is for an article on one of our talented designers over at Pickleberrypop - Carolyn Rose Kite .... Alway be with me

Credits - here

In other scrapping news Deb and I were thrilled to discover that we were allowed to register late after we discovered the ADSR season 5 team nominations had closed - Ernie and Theresa were kind enough to throw open the gates to us after they discovered that a number of people had lost touch with the site after the "troubles". So now Deb and I are racing once more in our fourth season of the Amazing Digital Scrapbooking Race so stay tuned as I struggle to cope with crazy deadlines, tricky challenges and a partner that lives across the globe while having a BLAST at the same time!! Go the Digital Duo!!! LOL

On the home front I have had another busy week and I am so pleased to be sitting here quietly catching up on my computer time and not running around in the car taking kids here there and everywhere. Bella has just dived into High School activities with gay abandon this week including trying out for the school Volleyball team! She hasn't ever played Volleyball and while she didn't get on the team I was so proud that she went along and tried out anyway! Today she is off to an Inter school Choral Workshop that will culminate in a concert for parents at 5.30pm, the girls are being instructed by one of the judges from Battle of the Choirs - very cool! My girls are both having piano lessons this year and are both in their school choirs which is very exciting but I imagine that when it comes to performance time I am probably going to be driving around like a crazy woman to get everywhere at once! Added to the mix Tasha has tennis lessons Wednesday afternoon while Bella has Netball semifinals - I might need a cheaper running car on the petrol I think if this keeps up ROFL

Ok enough wittering I had best get some homework done before I have to go get Tasha from school!