07 March 2010

ADSR Challenge 7 and 8

Its just a fly by posting this evening as I am in the middle of doing dinner but I just wanted to post these pages before I forget! I have had a busy weekend scrapping, firstly I finished my page for the April edition of the Artisan Notebook, then I finished my two ADSR pages for this week! Not a lot of housework was done sadly as I am still recovering from the darn virus I got last week. Hubby and I seemed to go back down hill yesterday but we are crawling back today. I hope I am heaps better tomorrow as I am undertaking my first ever day at Bella's High School Tuckshop! Eeek I have no idea what I am doing but the lady I spoke to today seems lovely - so fingers crossed I don't cut myself or burn myself (which is invariably what happens when i go near a kitchen!).

Anyway without further ado here are my latest ADSR pages:

Challenge 7 - My Bucket List
In this challenge we were required to list 50 things that we want to do before we kick the proverbial ummm bucket!

Credits here

Challenge 8 - Someday I'm going to sit on Deb's porch
This challenge was to use the prompt "someday....." and of course it could only be about sitting on my race partner and bestest bloggy friend's front porch and having a natter and a cuppa!

Credits here

Well as I said it is a fly by posting ... I will be back tomorrow or the next day with my P365 page for the week just ending! Woohoo, I will be all caught up! Oh what a feeling!


Simply Vixen said...

aww gf sorry to hear ya'll are still sickypoo, sending get well wishes your way!!!

(at least ya have an excuse for dustbunnies lol)

just luv the clean design of your Bucket List, nice work!

ah someday... I surely cannot wait for that day, my friend (just wait til I make you a cuppachino) and another lovely page for the competition too!

Big Hugs!

Carol said...

Hope you are feeling better soonest. As for these two pages, you know how much I love the bucket list one and Deb's porch looks like a pretty good place to sit and while away the time nattering. Fabulous pages.

el altha said...

Hi.. I love your blog, so nice and creative. full with spirit and imagination.. ^_^ love much..