28 September 2008

Ahhhhh school holidays can be so relaxing

Yes even though I have been working the school holidays are still more relaxing than the usual grind - especially in the morning. No rushing around making lunches and ironing the uniforms you didn't feel like doing the night before, just a lovely breakfast chat around the table and then I swan off leaving the girls clasped tight to their Grandma's bosom! Ahhh life is good ain't it Kristie?? LOL.

But better than that is having a night out with ....*gasp* GROWN-UPS! Yes hubby and I went out on Thursday night with our friends P & J to see Toni Childs in concert! My head is still spinning from the sheer delight of going out with friends, having dinner at a pub, walking up to the Tivoli to listen to the glorious voice of Toni Childs, and then creeping back in the house at 11.30pm to find my mum cuddled up under a blanket blinking sleepily at me. ROFL it was like when I was soooo much younger sneaking in after a big night out only to find mum waiting for me with the frowny face hahaha. Now I know that a few of you might be scratching your heads wondering who the heck is Toni Childs (yes you Natalie!) so I have thoughtfully included these links to some You-Tube clips for your listening pleasure LOL

These were her more popular older songs and are still big crowd pleasers judging by the fact that everyone was singing along ROFL but I really liked the sound of her new album Keep the faith!

And to quote the great Molly Meldrum "do yourself a favour!" (now I am showing my age aren't I ROFL!)

So apart from being a dirty stop out - I had Friday off work and the kids and I slobbed around most of the day doing not a lot of much at all LOL. Bella took off to a friends at 1pm and then Tasha and I met some friends at a local park. When we got home hubby was arriving and he was wondering what we had done all day - NOTHING LOL! Ahhhhhh fabulous.

Oh and I have a scrapping front again! Yahooo. Thanks entirely to the delightful KateF who very kindly gave me some of her new stuff to play with, including these lovely papers -

They got me motivated to finish my page from Victoria's Title Work Challenge at Pickleberrypop and here is the end result -

Credits here

Then after posting the reminder over at DST that the Pickelberrypop challenges are finishing soon I realised that I still had the Template Challenge to do AND the latest Pickle Jar Challenge haha so while I was still inspired I did Len's Template Challenge straight away ROFL!

Credits here

AND then I was prowling around the internet yesterday afternoon and I stumbled across the grand opening of Vinnie Pearce's new Store/Forum- Pixel Canvas. Now I'm not sure if you are familiar with Vinnie's work but I was told about her by my friend Deb, and I fell in love with her gorgeous blog (Right Now) gifts! She does the most amazing work and I am really excited to support a fellow Southern Hemisphere dweller - Vinnie is from the land of the long White Cloud (New Zealand). Vinnie has a fun template challenge at her site and I had to give it a go using some of her gorgeous stuff -

Credits here

Well I think that that is all for now - I have to head off and finish my Pickle Jar Challenge today sometime because I want to take the girls out somewhere tomorrow - maybe over to the Redcliffe lagoon for a swim, I'm not sure. They are heading off with hubby to Hervey Bay on Tuesday for some Nanna and Poppy time and I will miss them so very very much *getting teary at the thought* so ta ta from me for now! Peace!

21 September 2008

Morning all!

Hi there! Yay the school holidays are here! Thank heavens! The kids have been so ratty recently, I am so glad that they have some quiet time at home these holidays - they really need the rest.

We did kick the holidays off in a grand way by going to see Wall-E at the movies. Tasha and I went together but Bella went with a group of friends and sat up the back of the theater ~ ahh those were the days when you sat up the back of the theatre, these days I need to sit a bit closer to the screen LOL. Tasha and I loved the movie but Bella reckons it was "really ummmm well the graphics were ok" I think she had more fun giggling with her pals. Tomorrow we are having a PJ day and are going to do nothing but sit in front of the TV in our PJs watching DVDs and eating Popcorn! Well that is the plan anyway LOL - and then it is back to work for me and the kids are going to be driving Mum and my Step-Dad up the wall for a few days. Good Luck Mum LOL~!

On the scrapping front, there is NO FRONT - LOL. I have not done a page for AGES! I just can't seem to finish them at the moment - I have about four started but none finished - grrrrrr. I have been helping Annette with the Designer Call going on at PickleberryPop at the moment and that is keeping me useful and busy (which I love). It closes on the 28th September and i can't wait to see who will be joining us!

I wanted to say a big Happy Birthday to my friend Deb who is having a Birthday tomorrow US time! So here you are my friend - a birthday card for you from me with love ;)

Credits: Everything by Ksharonk Designs except the bead alpha by Jen Ulasiewicz

September is such a big month for birthdays! I have a few friends that have their birthdays in September, my online friends Carol and Deb and one of my best-est real life friends Jane has a birthday in a few days AND four (yes FOUR) of my adorable God-Children have birthdays this month too. Two (J & H) are at the beginning of the month and two (M & B) have their birthdays today and tomorrow - I love you all!

And I just wanted to send Mel big squeezy hugs as she struggles to deal with some awful family troubles - you aren't alone Mel.

OK well that's it from me for today - I'm off to have another go at finishing a LO and maybe some housework - yeah right LOL.

Hugs to you all!

14 September 2008

Passing through again......

Just because it is Sunday I thought I would pop in and say "Hi!" sooo Um "Hi!" LOL. Not a lot going on here ~ work, home, work, home etc etc etc. I am looking forward to the school holidays coming up (even though I am working for 90% of them) if only to break up the routine a bit rofl. We all seem to have emerged from the cold & flu season at last and while there are lingering coughs around the house we are all pretty healthy at the moment. Tasha has finally lost both her top teeth and she looks absolutely adorable at the moment. Funny how it is cute to have missing teeth when you are six but not so much when you are an adult.


9th September 2008

Not a lot of scrapping going on I'm afraid ~ the mojo train has left the station well and truly although I did manage to do the latest Pickle Jar Challenge and it was plenty of fun!

Best Dad
Credits here

Hmm next I might have a go at Victoria's Title Work Challenge @ PBP ~ it looks like a great place to get some inspiration.

I have been having a blast working with Annette and Kate over at Pickleberrypop ~ they are a really fun and friendly pair of chickies! AND I have to show you my new blinkie! I feel very special! And big thanks to Tara for making it for me!

Oh and before I go, I just wanted to say - Happy Birthday Carol! Facebook reminded me it was your birthday and I couldn't let it go past with out making a little bit of a fuss LOL!
Credits: Kaye Winiecki - Paper Cuts & Alpha, Something Blue Studios - Paper Overlay, Katie Pertit - Tag & Staple.

Well I'm off to peel vegies for dinner so chow for now and take care ~ Thanks for looking!

08 September 2008

A tricky challenge .... but heaps of fun

I haven't scrapped for a while for one reason or another and I have really been lacking the motivation to scrap as well. So I was pretty damn excited to see the September challenges pop up over at Pickleberrypop. And ooohhhhh the Solids Only challenge hosted by Ann-Marie is FABULOUS! It's hard but then it wouldn't really be a challenge if it was easy now would it LOL.

And do you see those lovely papers by Ann-Marie?? Well if you pop over to this thread and check out the challenge you can get them for FREE! Yes free! Seriously, how cool is that?

Anyway I felt pretty inspired by the challenge and here is the page that I did for it!

Always be joyful!

Credits here

Well I had planned to post some photos of my big girl's birthday but soo many of them had other kids in them so I won't post them sorry. But there were lots of smiling faces and happy kids.

Ok, got to go, emails to send things & to do LOL

02 September 2008

A quick post on the go

Well sorry to be MIA for a while but Tasha's cold turned out to be the 'flu and she spent a week off school. I was off work for most of the time to be with her. But that should leave plenty of time for scrapping and blogging, right? WRONG! Poor little poppet just wanted Mummy to be with her all the time. I was awful to see her so limp and sick, she is usually such an active little thing and hardly ever stops but the 'flu really knocked her around. Bella was wonderful the whole time and even graciously said she didn't need to go out to dinner on her birthday because Tasha was so sick! What a girl!

Yes, my eldest baby is now a fabulous 11 year old! Pinch me someone! Where did that time go? She had a wonderful day, I made cake and she got lots of attention and gifts (thanks everyone!). She had a bowling party on Saturday with a few of her friends and had a great time! Oh and I promise I will post some photos and details soon. Until then ..... I leave you with this lovely photo of my beautiful Bella at her birthday party!

Happy Birthday my darling!

Eeek got to get ready for work, ta ta for now!