02 September 2008

A quick post on the go

Well sorry to be MIA for a while but Tasha's cold turned out to be the 'flu and she spent a week off school. I was off work for most of the time to be with her. But that should leave plenty of time for scrapping and blogging, right? WRONG! Poor little poppet just wanted Mummy to be with her all the time. I was awful to see her so limp and sick, she is usually such an active little thing and hardly ever stops but the 'flu really knocked her around. Bella was wonderful the whole time and even graciously said she didn't need to go out to dinner on her birthday because Tasha was so sick! What a girl!

Yes, my eldest baby is now a fabulous 11 year old! Pinch me someone! Where did that time go? She had a wonderful day, I made cake and she got lots of attention and gifts (thanks everyone!). She had a bowling party on Saturday with a few of her friends and had a great time! Oh and I promise I will post some photos and details soon. Until then ..... I leave you with this lovely photo of my beautiful Bella at her birthday party!

Happy Birthday my darling!

Eeek got to get ready for work, ta ta for now!

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Carol said...

See, this is what happens when you feed them, LOL. Look at what a beautiful girl Bella is, 11 years old. Love her t-shirt she's wearing too.

Sorry to hear about Tasha and the flu, it seems to be doing the rounds at the moment.