19 February 2010

Week 7 and other stuff!

Yes I know .... I am slipping but really I have been so busy playing catch up with my CT and ADSR scrapping, newsletter contributions, posting and all the family stuff sometimes it get a bit much and the last place I want to sit is at the computer in the evenings (my favorite time for blogging lol)! Home life has been especially busy this week with netball training, tennis, parent information nights, netball semi-finals (which Bella's team WON woohoo! into the Grand finals now!) and I have been busy at work too! yikes!

First of all here is my latest page for the project - I am just loving these templates of Leora's - so crisp and clean, it really makes it all about the photos and not a major scrapping exercise!

Week 7
Credits - Designs by Leora

I'm so happy to be racing with ADSR season 5 with my BFF Deb and it was great fun to kick it off with this first challenge - about your partner. We had to scraplift a page of our race partner and make it all about her - so here is my page.

My race partner Deb

Credits - here

The next challenge was a bit trickier! It was courtesy of the Ar was to use 5 photos, one with the number 5 in a photo, 5 fonts/alphas in the title and 5 elements the same AND it had to be about what I love about ....... hmmm I had to pick my house because its number 5 AND I had five photos ROFL.

Here is my page - 5 things I love about ..... my house! Not terribly original but there you go ...

Credits - here

I have been such a bad CT member recently - I have only managed to get one page out so far this week for my dear Kate who recently created this way too cute kit - This Much

Heres my page - I love you this much ...!
Credits - here

On other news, I have had my very first page EVER published in a paper magazine - Australian Scrapbooking memories Vol 12 No 2 page 115!! I was just thrilled to bits to be asked by Annette to work with the digital kits that are being given away with this edition as a great promotion for digital scrapbooking!! The hardest part was only picking ONE of the great kits to use. I can't explain how thrilling it is to see a page in an actual magazine! I know I'm a bit over excited but the first time is always special right? I'm not even upset that they got my name wrong and I am apparently Amanda Cook *giggle* - but I know it's mine, my friends know its mine and that all that matters to me :)

Ok I still have loads of things to do so I had better wrap this up and stop yacking away. I'll catch you all soon!

12 February 2010

Artisan Notebook pages and ...we're RACING!

Now that the February edition of the Artisan Notebook is out I can finally post my January pages with joyful impunity! So here for your viewing pleasure (I hope lol) are my pages ......

one page is for the Just Write Challenge section .... Now and Then

Credits - here

and one is for an article on one of our talented designers over at Pickleberrypop - Carolyn Rose Kite .... Alway be with me

Credits - here

In other scrapping news Deb and I were thrilled to discover that we were allowed to register late after we discovered the ADSR season 5 team nominations had closed - Ernie and Theresa were kind enough to throw open the gates to us after they discovered that a number of people had lost touch with the site after the "troubles". So now Deb and I are racing once more in our fourth season of the Amazing Digital Scrapbooking Race so stay tuned as I struggle to cope with crazy deadlines, tricky challenges and a partner that lives across the globe while having a BLAST at the same time!! Go the Digital Duo!!! LOL

On the home front I have had another busy week and I am so pleased to be sitting here quietly catching up on my computer time and not running around in the car taking kids here there and everywhere. Bella has just dived into High School activities with gay abandon this week including trying out for the school Volleyball team! She hasn't ever played Volleyball and while she didn't get on the team I was so proud that she went along and tried out anyway! Today she is off to an Inter school Choral Workshop that will culminate in a concert for parents at 5.30pm, the girls are being instructed by one of the judges from Battle of the Choirs - very cool! My girls are both having piano lessons this year and are both in their school choirs which is very exciting but I imagine that when it comes to performance time I am probably going to be driving around like a crazy woman to get everywhere at once! Added to the mix Tasha has tennis lessons Wednesday afternoon while Bella has Netball semifinals - I might need a cheaper running car on the petrol I think if this keeps up ROFL

Ok enough wittering I had best get some homework done before I have to go get Tasha from school!

07 February 2010

Project 365 week 6 - and CT stuff

Hi there! It seems like only yesterday that I posted last - umm right it WAS only yesterday! Well I managed to take my photo for the day this morning so I am all up-to-date now. It's a great feeling.

It was nice to be on the computer today, not like yesterday! It was just so hot and humid here that I kept sticking to my bamboo tablet - YUCK! Thankfully last night a cool change came through and it rained all night! Lots of thunder too which was weird - normally we get afternoon storms but hardly ever thunder in the middle of the night and in the early morning! I'm not going to complain though its lovely and cool.

Ok I'm rambling so I'll just post my Project page and get on with it ...........

Credits - Designs by Leora

I finished a page for Cherpea Designs aka Cheryl today - she is a wonderfully patient and lovely Designer who puts up with my inability to be a good and productive CT member - so now I'm only a week behind for my CT scrapping and I can't wait to finally catch up!

I loved working with Cheryl's new Sweet Heart kit - her White series is really fresh and crisp!

Tasha Sweetheart

Credits - here

In other CT news I had a lovely offer (that I couldn't refuse) the other day to work with a new designer - Alexis-Designs. She has been around the digital scrapping community for a while now making lovely pages and she has recently started designing. She offered me a spot on her team and I'm going to help her on a casual as-I-can basis which is lovely of her to let me do that as you know how hard I find it to juggle sometimes. I haven't had a chance yet to play with her goodies but I am really looking forward to it!

On the New Years resolution front I think I am making some progress - I cleaned out my Facebook account, deleting all but three games and about 50 gaming friends, then I added a bunch of scrapbooking people so now Facebook has gone back to being about scrapping and friends & family! And I can tell you my home page is so much easier to follow now!! I am keeping up with my Project 365 and I am trying hard to be a good wife and mother - you might have to ask my family if that is working out for them! So overall I think I am still on track for success! But then again it IS only February .... rofl

OK I had better get off this computer and make a start on the cheese sauce for the Corned beef we are having for dinner!

06 February 2010

Project 365 Week 5

Wow it has been just crazy around my place this last week! Going back to work for me wasn't as bad as I thought it might be and I was actually happy to be back!! The kids are getting their routines sorted out although Tasha needs to work on the fact that year 3 has more homework than she is used to, but I am confident that things will settle down. She is now learning Piano with Bella's old Piano teacher and seems to really enjoy it and on Wednesdays she now does tennis after school Bella's netball team made the semi finals and the girls were just thrilled! The coaches are pretty excited too and say we have a good chance to bring it home this year - that remains to be seen but I am thrilled for Bella - to get to the Semies in her first season of Netball. Her playing has really improved with the support and encouragement of her great coaches! So you can see it has been all go but in between all that running around I managed to finish my week 5 P365 and do a couple of pages for Pickleberrypop!

Credits: Designs by Leora

Here is the page that I made for this month's scrap lift challenge over at Pickleberrypop - we are lifting the gorgeous gallery of Sweeet!

Not your typical Virgo

Credits - here

And here is a page that I made for the February Word Art Challenge at Pickleberrypop - it is a page that is also for my dearest friend J!

My best friend

Credits - here

Well it is terribly humid and hot here today so I might love you and leave you! Its nearly time for week 6's P365 posting lol