30 January 2010

Two posts in two days???

I have had a lovely quiet day with a little bit of housework and a whole lot of computer time. The kids had a huge sleep in after a big week back at school and they have been happily playing together (!!! wow that hardly ever happens) and now its time to have Pizza Capers for dinner - yum yum! But before that I just wanted to post quickly with a new page I made today using Cheryl's (aka Cherpea Designs) lovely Sea Dreams kit which is available here at Two Little Pixels

Beach Bella
Credits - here

Ok I'm off now - the pizza smells delicious and I'm hungry! I know its a flying post but there isn't much more to say - oh except ............... my friend Deb won the last Digi Dare with her super cool Dear Abbey Cocoa Puffs page! Woot!!! WTG Deb! Catch you later!

29 January 2010

Project 365 - Week 3 and 4

Well we are back from our wonderful week away and already we are stressed and back into the real world as if it never really happened! I have the photos though and the memories of the balmy nights and brilliant sunny days to remind me of the good times - ahhh feel the serenity!
The school year has started and my girls are back into the grind already.

It is a big year for them both - with Bella starting High School and Tasha being all alone at school without her sister being there to help her. Bella has settled in to High School beautifully and thinks all her teacher are amazing and awesome! In fact awesome and amazing have featured strongly in any of her conversations about school in the past week. She has even started getting the bus - which for her is a huge deal as she has never ever caught public transport in her life on her on before EVER! Tasha on the other hand was freaking out about going back to school and now that she is back has settled back perfectly well, she has found that has has a number of her special friends in her class which has reconciled her quiet nicely to being alone without Bella. So so far so good! And with the girls being back at school I have a little more free time for doing some other things! Like scrapping and stuff!

Well I am trying hard to keep on top of my project and so far it has been pretty easy with holidays, and kids going back to school - a photo a day is pretty easy at this time of year! Wait until it gets to later on in the year as I feel the inspiration run out of me like water from a jug. But while I am on a roll - here are the pages that I have finished and that will bring me up to date I believe!

Week 3
Week 4
Credits - Designs by Leora

I just wanted to remind you that the fabulous template challenge at Pickleberrypop is closing soon so if you want a chance to snag a super cute template by Armina - run dont walk over here right now. I finally got a page done - one of the few that I have managed to complete since returning from holidays! Here it is .............

2010 - Back to School
Credits here

Well anyway - the kids are in bed, I have a glass of wine in my hand and hubby wants to watch a movie ao I had better head off - catch you later ..... bye!

16 January 2010

Catch you later

Just popping in to say bye as we are on the way out the door for our annual beach escape - I'll be back next week with lots of photos and a catch up post. The best thing about the holiday (apart from the sun, sea and sand!) is that I will have no end of inspiration for my P365! I am still going along well and I am keeping on top of my photo editing so all I need to do when i get back is pop the photos in the template - easy peasy!

Before I go I have to tell you about the new template challenge and the new Ohh Ahh Whats in the Pickle Jar Challenges that have just started at Pickleberrypop! If you are looking for some inspiration you cant go past these!

This month the hostess with the mostest is Armina! It's a great challenge

And Pat the Pickle has a fab new challenge and you could win a $10 GC to the store just by playing along!!

Ok the car's all packed, the kids are jiggling up and down in excitement and hubby is honking the horn - check you later!

11 January 2010

2010 with a bullet

LOL I don't suppose there would be many people who read my blog who remember the old eighties LPs like 1980 with a bullet, sorry that was inspiration for a post title today for some reason? I feel a little silly today. That could be because I have loads to do before we head off for our annual beach escape and its making me a bit crazy-loco! I have to finish getting the girls ready for school and their books all covered, I have to make my list for the coast so I don't leave anything behind, I have to pack, I have to take my P365 photo for today and tidy up because my SIL is arriving for an over night visit on her way back up to Townsville! Eeek I might just sit here for a minute and breath and relax a little bit .................... ahhhhh.

OK before I race off and tackle the list I want to share with you my first two pages of my 2010 P365 as I resolved to do (see I'm a good girl aren't I?). I am filled with enthusiasm for the project again mainly due to my friend Carol's successful completion of her 2009 project. I was thrilled to be able to see the end result and all I can say is WOW! Its FABULOUS! So I am determined to have something if not as wonderful as Carol's then at least not too contemptible! I found these amazing and simple 365 templates and they are perfect and fuss free. I think I might have overdone the ummm decoration on my pages last year and I put myself off, this way the photos are the main event and I dont have to spend hours worrying about floral placement lol.

Without any more ado here are my first two pages for 2010 - and I hope there will be 50 more to follow!

2010 - Week 1 Jan 1-3

2010 - Week 2 Jan 4-10
Credits - Designs by Leora

Before I go I have to tell you that we took the kids to see Avatar yesterday and I firmly believe that it is the BEST movie that I have seen in AGES and AGES - what wonderful graphics, what a fabulous story, what a moving message and a triumph of casting! i was a little worried that the story line would take a backseat to the amazing graphics but my fears were groundless and I spent the best three hours gazing enthralled at the screen.

Well I won't hang around rambling on and on today - so much to do and so little time - but I wanted to make sure that I stopped in and posted these pages straight away!

Later 'gator!

04 January 2010

I resolve ..........................

I resolve ................... to be a BETTER wife and Mother
I resolve ................... to be more organised and less HYSTERICAL
I resolve ................... to take a photo a day and MAKE IT past October this year!
I resolve ................... to love you MORE my poor neglected blog
I resolve ................... to love facebook LESS
I resolve ................... to find myself a nice clean P365 template and upload at LEAST weekly
I resolve ................... to spend less time making excuses & to spend more time actually DOING
I resolve ................... to make 2010 a GREAT year!

Wish me luck!!!

And a very, very, very, Happy New Year to you!!!!