11 January 2010

2010 with a bullet

LOL I don't suppose there would be many people who read my blog who remember the old eighties LPs like 1980 with a bullet, sorry that was inspiration for a post title today for some reason? I feel a little silly today. That could be because I have loads to do before we head off for our annual beach escape and its making me a bit crazy-loco! I have to finish getting the girls ready for school and their books all covered, I have to make my list for the coast so I don't leave anything behind, I have to pack, I have to take my P365 photo for today and tidy up because my SIL is arriving for an over night visit on her way back up to Townsville! Eeek I might just sit here for a minute and breath and relax a little bit .................... ahhhhh.

OK before I race off and tackle the list I want to share with you my first two pages of my 2010 P365 as I resolved to do (see I'm a good girl aren't I?). I am filled with enthusiasm for the project again mainly due to my friend Carol's successful completion of her 2009 project. I was thrilled to be able to see the end result and all I can say is WOW! Its FABULOUS! So I am determined to have something if not as wonderful as Carol's then at least not too contemptible! I found these amazing and simple 365 templates and they are perfect and fuss free. I think I might have overdone the ummm decoration on my pages last year and I put myself off, this way the photos are the main event and I dont have to spend hours worrying about floral placement lol.

Without any more ado here are my first two pages for 2010 - and I hope there will be 50 more to follow!

2010 - Week 1 Jan 1-3

2010 - Week 2 Jan 4-10
Credits - Designs by Leora

Before I go I have to tell you that we took the kids to see Avatar yesterday and I firmly believe that it is the BEST movie that I have seen in AGES and AGES - what wonderful graphics, what a fabulous story, what a moving message and a triumph of casting! i was a little worried that the story line would take a backseat to the amazing graphics but my fears were groundless and I spent the best three hours gazing enthralled at the screen.

Well I won't hang around rambling on and on today - so much to do and so little time - but I wanted to make sure that I stopped in and posted these pages straight away!

Later 'gator!

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Carol said...

Oh Amanda, you say the nicest things, thank you. I'm anxiously awaiting the printed copy in the mail now.

Love your template and yes, if I had my time to do over, simple is best. So I am going on record here to say Amanda, that you can dooooo eeeeet !!!!!!