29 January 2010

Project 365 - Week 3 and 4

Well we are back from our wonderful week away and already we are stressed and back into the real world as if it never really happened! I have the photos though and the memories of the balmy nights and brilliant sunny days to remind me of the good times - ahhh feel the serenity!
The school year has started and my girls are back into the grind already.

It is a big year for them both - with Bella starting High School and Tasha being all alone at school without her sister being there to help her. Bella has settled in to High School beautifully and thinks all her teacher are amazing and awesome! In fact awesome and amazing have featured strongly in any of her conversations about school in the past week. She has even started getting the bus - which for her is a huge deal as she has never ever caught public transport in her life on her on before EVER! Tasha on the other hand was freaking out about going back to school and now that she is back has settled back perfectly well, she has found that has has a number of her special friends in her class which has reconciled her quiet nicely to being alone without Bella. So so far so good! And with the girls being back at school I have a little more free time for doing some other things! Like scrapping and stuff!

Well I am trying hard to keep on top of my project and so far it has been pretty easy with holidays, and kids going back to school - a photo a day is pretty easy at this time of year! Wait until it gets to later on in the year as I feel the inspiration run out of me like water from a jug. But while I am on a roll - here are the pages that I have finished and that will bring me up to date I believe!

Week 3
Week 4
Credits - Designs by Leora

I just wanted to remind you that the fabulous template challenge at Pickleberrypop is closing soon so if you want a chance to snag a super cute template by Armina - run dont walk over here right now. I finally got a page done - one of the few that I have managed to complete since returning from holidays! Here it is .............

2010 - Back to School
Credits here

Well anyway - the kids are in bed, I have a glass of wine in my hand and hubby wants to watch a movie ao I had better head off - catch you later ..... bye!


Simply Vixen said...

woohoo gf
your holiday must have been just what'ya needed, eh? sure looks beautiful!

great p365 fotos too!
keep up the good work lol
really, I mean it!

(as for me, I have fotos taken, and edited, and that's about it) sigh

am luv'n the Back2School page!
spiffy uniforms, cool hat!
the girls are as gorgeous as ever!

nicely done gf!
Big Hugs!

Scrapalinquent Sandy said...

I love the Back To School Page of your 2 gorgeous girls!!

amson said...

Your photos are wonderful and using the same template. Great choice and easy! So pleased you had a great holiday.

Carol said...

Honestly Amanda, this template you're using is fabulous. It lets the photos shine! You won't regret doing this, I just got my book back from shutterfly today and I'm in love with it. Even on my most boring weeks, I'm sitting here like a mad woman grinning at the pictures and journalling. Keep it up.