30 January 2010

Two posts in two days???

I have had a lovely quiet day with a little bit of housework and a whole lot of computer time. The kids had a huge sleep in after a big week back at school and they have been happily playing together (!!! wow that hardly ever happens) and now its time to have Pizza Capers for dinner - yum yum! But before that I just wanted to post quickly with a new page I made today using Cheryl's (aka Cherpea Designs) lovely Sea Dreams kit which is available here at Two Little Pixels

Beach Bella
Credits - here

Ok I'm off now - the pizza smells delicious and I'm hungry! I know its a flying post but there isn't much more to say - oh except ............... my friend Deb won the last Digi Dare with her super cool Dear Abbey Cocoa Puffs page! Woot!!! WTG Deb! Catch you later!


Melissa said...

That really is a beautiful photo of your daughter and your page really compliments it.

Simply Vixen said...

oooooooooooh the beach
so nice to see on a snowin, blowin, freezin' cold nite... alas, I can dream of the beach *sigh*

fab foto of bella, great page too!
thanks for the DigiDare plug gf!

um, what's a pizza caper? lol