22 August 2007

Wild & Windy Wednesday

Well as you might already know it is blowing a gale here and has been since yesterday! I am loving the rain (not enough of it though) but the wind is starting to make me feel a bit wild :). The poor cat can't stand it and jumps on the bed with me the minute I get in and at the moment she is sitting there glaring at me, waiting for me to go to bed LOL! Not a lot to report apart from the crazy wind, we are all well and life is rolling along as it does. Boy this working full time does eat away at your week though and leaves you spending the whole weekend cleaning. But we have something special to do this weekend that doesn't involve cleaning - it is my darling eldest daughter's tenth birthday and we are heading off to spend the day at Sea World. It is her favorite place to go because she just LOVES sharks and adores the Polar Bears there too! I will definately have to post some pics! Thank heavens I managed to talk her out of a party! Yikes :)

On the scrapping front I am gathering my thoughts for ADSR #11 which is about your favorite movie and how it has affected your life - that bit isn't hard - hello LOTR all the way - but I'm just trying to pull it all together in my head :)

So I will say ta ta for now and I'll talk/post later because the cat wants me to go to bed LOL!

19 August 2007

Paper Moons Rock!

I wanted to shout out a big "Horray" because a wonderfully talented friend of mine, Anna Benjamin (aka Paper Moons), is breaking out into selling her gorgeous designs and I am so excited for her - go and check out her blog to get all the details but .... here is my first LO with her beautiful new marbled bookbinder papers! Don't they just ROCK!

These papers were all hand painted by the talented Anna and they have so much amazing detail that I'm just speechless (yes me! speechless!). If you do pop over to her blog she has these papers at a fantastic price of only $1.00US for a pack of ten papers. One pack is made up of soft pastel colours and the other pack is stuffed with lovely & rich colours.

PLUS there is a little freebie treat there just for stopping by!

Now it doesn't get any better than that does it! Good luck my friend, I know you will take the scrapping world by storm :)

18 August 2007


It's Saturday morning here and everyone (except me) is still asleep, so I thought I would quickly catch up with my blog :). This week has gone by so quickly that my head is spinning - I mean where did the week GO???? Most of it was just work BUT on Thursday we went to the Ekka! Now it has been a couple of years since we were last there and we had we promised to take the kids - yikes! I was a pretty reluctant to go with the 'flu being so nasty this year but I'm very glad we went. It was not crowded at all and we had a great time. The kids had a ball!

Click on them to see it WAY bigger - LOL!

On the ADSR front, I finished challenge #9 quite easily because the challenge was to do a layout about an embarrassing moment, journal it, put on at least two ribbons and a tag :). Well those of you who know me will know that my whole life is a series of embarrassing moments - so I had plenty of food for thought. I ended up picking the most recent of my moments - LOL.


Credits are here

Well it's time to get stuck into the housework so I had best be off - ta ta

15 August 2007

Time just flies when you are having fun - I think!

Well the dust is starting to settle after I handed in my resignation and I have to say, I'm feeling HEAPS better about doing it! I felt a bit freaked out at first but I'm OK now - LOL! I was so freaked out that I forgot to mention that it was a special day for us on the 11th August. It was our seventeenth wedding anniversary and hubby & I went out for dinner and saw the new Harry Potter movie! It was really lovely just to have some adult time, just the two of us :)

Here is how we looked this time 17 years ago - we were SO cute!

I'm so lucky to be married to my best friend.

On the ADSR front - I love what Deb did to my Challenge #7 LO! The rubber bands are fantastic :) - have a look!

Credits are here.

Well not much more to add - all is going along swimmingly here and no other news to report. I hope that this finds you, my family and friends, all happy and well. Ta ta

11 August 2007

Yikes! What a week!

Well I'm sorry that it has been a little while since I popped in here but it been a bit of a bad week! After what has been a pretty stressful time at work (understatement and a half!) I finally buckled under the pressure, they broke me and I quit! I gave a months notice and I quit the job that I have been at for eleven years. I am now gainfully "un"employed! Hubby & I decided that I needed some time to sort my head out, so I'm not looking for other work until Jan 08. During the next few months I can spend some time with the kids, get fitter, lose a bit of weight, and try to remember what it was like to be calm and happy - LOL! The kids are pretty excited at the thought of having me home and I know that once the waves of panic subside I will be happy too! So fingers crossed in Jan 08 that there are a few part-time payroll jobs on the north-side up for grabs or I'll be moving to a caravan-park coz I've had to sell the house - lmao!!!!

On the ADSR front - I have finished Challenge #8 and Deb and I are half way through #7 (its a collaborative one- yippie!)

Here is #8

Credits are here

Well enough for now - will chat later - ta ta :)

06 August 2007

OM Goodness

I stumbled across a thread at DST that linked back to Amanda Heimann's blog and she had this YouTube video on it that just blew my mind. I haven't laughed so much in ages and it proves to me that parenthood is a universal condition. Watch this for a laugh and a bit of a tear :)

Follow this link to go to the video - if I put it on my blog the music clip I have drowns out the words of the song which are the best bit - try it, you wont be sorry!

Nighty night :)

05 August 2007

ADSR # 6

Wow this challenge was REALLY hard! The rules were that we had to .............
"create a "messy" style layout. Please use a solid paper and only 2 patterns for any paper extras. You must use at least 15 elements and no more than two elements can be from the same designer. Please do not use the same element repetitively more than twice as this counts as your two items per designer. Use this roadblock to challenge your creativity and to think outside your normal scrapping box. The messier the better and please feel free to use more than 15 elements as that is the minimum requirement only. We would also love to see some fancy title work (an alpha used for your title work can be considered one element) and there should be at least a tiny bit of journaling. Include dates, location and names somewhere on the layout."

I must have done 4 LO's (and canned half of them!) before I hit on the idea of this one. I suppose on the plus side, I now have a couple of LO's in the works for later on, just sitting in my "to-do" folder - lmao!

So here it is :

Credits are here - and there are a LOT of them!

On the home front, all is quiet and no-one is sick, or lice riddled at the moment - lol! We are having lunch with our DFs today and I'm looking forward to it :). I think that the Singstar will make an appearance by the end of the afternoon ha ha! Anyway I'll chat later - ta ta and thanks for looking :)