11 August 2007

Yikes! What a week!

Well I'm sorry that it has been a little while since I popped in here but it been a bit of a bad week! After what has been a pretty stressful time at work (understatement and a half!) I finally buckled under the pressure, they broke me and I quit! I gave a months notice and I quit the job that I have been at for eleven years. I am now gainfully "un"employed! Hubby & I decided that I needed some time to sort my head out, so I'm not looking for other work until Jan 08. During the next few months I can spend some time with the kids, get fitter, lose a bit of weight, and try to remember what it was like to be calm and happy - LOL! The kids are pretty excited at the thought of having me home and I know that once the waves of panic subside I will be happy too! So fingers crossed in Jan 08 that there are a few part-time payroll jobs on the north-side up for grabs or I'll be moving to a caravan-park coz I've had to sell the house - lmao!!!!

On the ADSR front - I have finished Challenge #8 and Deb and I are half way through #7 (its a collaborative one- yippie!)

Here is #8

Credits are here

Well enough for now - will chat later - ta ta :)

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Carol said...

Oh this is so typical of a 10 year old, and let me tell you, it's still the same at 16, LOL. Great layout, busy, fun, so perfect for the subject. Love it.