31 July 2008

Hmmm it's a bit dusty here LOL

LOL it has only been a fortnight but it seems like AGES since I was last here! Well I am not sure if I have mentioned the nasty migraines I have been having over the last four months, but I nearly had a bingle in my car two weeks ago on the way to work because a migraine hit while I was driving. I had to pull over into a park and wait for the flashing, zig zagy nightmare to finish and then I carefully drove home. I had had enough by this stage and I went to the doctors to see if she could help. So after some tests, I find out I'm anemic and I have high blood pressure which I'm not sure has anything to do with the migraines but never mind, and so now I am on little pink pills daily! yay! Oh and I have to keep a diary of my migraines too LOL. So fingers crossed these pills will help keep the nasty migraines away and the nasty blood pressure down ROFL :)

In other more exciting news Tasha has finally lost her first top tooth! Thank heavens! It was really gross because it had been hanging at an awkward angle for ages, refusing to fall out no matter what. She was showing the kids at school how she could twist it round and round when POP, out it came and promptly got lost in all the confusion LOL. She had to write a note and tell the tooth fairy that she had lost it but could she still get some money, thank you very much! But seriously, doesn't she look so cute with one tooth? hehehehe

Well my big girl's 11th birthday is rolling ever closer and we finally decided that she could have a party this year! She is inviting 7 of her nearest and dearest girlfriends to a hyperbowl party, where they will play ten pin bowling, get pizza and chips and lolly bags! She is beside herself with excitement! Who would have though bowling could be so anticipated LOL. I promise faithfully to post photo of the grand affair!

Oh and my dear SIL said she would love to see some of the photos of the cousins at Hervey Bay so here you are Jane, just for you :)


Bella and Em

Bella and Em told me that they made this Sand Castle - haha NOT!

I haven't really done much scrapping recently - only three I think since I last posted, one using Natalie's cool new Balance papers, gosh I just LOVE the texture on this paper ......


Oh I did this one for a PBP Picklejar Challenge where you had to use red, two frames, book and something else but i can't remember what it was now ROFL .....


And lastly, here is a page I did using Natalie's new and very funky This Way That Way kit!


Well I had best go now, I have to go over to Pickleberrypop and check out all the fabulous 2nd Birthday Celebrations going on over there! I just love the new look site too, fresh and clean and oh sooo crisp! if you haven't been over there in a while go over now and check it out! Ok then ta ta from me :)

13 July 2008

Back from a quick break..........

Well it is the June school holidays here at the moment and the girls are spending a lot of time with Mum, they have cooked and shopped, and gone to the museum and the art gallery but they still complain when they have to go out anywhere, I think that they miss the playstation and the computer hahahaha. It is a real pain working while the kids are on holidays but I am so lucky I have my Mum and Step Dad to look after the girls for me! Love ya to bits Ma! Mwah!

So we decided to go to Hervey Bay to visit hubby's Mum & Step Dad last weekend as we had to bail last time because of colds and stuff. We left Friday night after I finished work for a change and I don't think we will be doing that again for a while LOL. We didn't get in to Hervey Bay until 10.15pm and poor MIL and FIL were waiting patiently for us to get there (they normally go to bed at 8pm). Poor Tasha tried sleeping in the car but kept waking up and was getting quiet grumpy. The semi-trailers on the road at night were a bit scary too some of them looked like cities they were so big and covered in bright lights LOL!

Anyway we had a nice relaxing time and I managed to get through Book one of Stephanie Meyers Twilight series in a day. Fabulous book and now I might have to go out tomorrow and get the next two in the series LOL! The weather was shocking and rained off an on the whole time we were there but it is always nice for the girls to spend time with their Cousin Em (who was holidaying down in Hervey from Townsville). We did manage to grab a little beach time but it was too cold to swim so they just ran up and down the beach and paddled a bit.

Jane if you are reading my blog I have some great photos of the girls with Em but I won't post them here without your permission so let me know if you want to see them OK?

Ok - on the scrapping front I have not done a page all week! Omg I think that this is a record and not a good one! I do have a Pickle Jar Challenge to do by the 15th July and I have started it about four times but I hate them all LOL. I do have to get a page done because pat the Pickle has visited and left a beautiful participation gift by Ann-Marie. Soo hopefully the deadline will force me into creating something hahahaha.

Oh and in some great scrapping news, Natalie has a really great deal going on at the moment! You can buy her whole store at Natalie Bird Designs for $25.00!! Can you believe that?????

What a deal! just click the ad and you can go and check all the lovely goodies in the store right now!

Ok that's it from me for now, I have about four loads of washing to fold and put away and the grocery shopping to do today so I had better get back to real life for a while LOL. ta ta for now!

02 July 2008

Well it hasn't been as long this time!

You know I've said it before but I'll say it again for good measure - time goes by soooo very quickly! It seems like yesterday I did my last post and yet a week has marched along. What takes up all this time? Life! Life does, it sweeps you up and hurtles you along, faster and faster until you are giddy and breathless. It's funny that when I was younger I don't remember this headlong race in time, life flowed along in a smooth and steady shamble. It is almost like as you get older your life race is on a great big slope and the nearer you get to the end the faster you run. Hmmmmm, something to think about as you go to sleep tonight LOL.

So what started that rambling discourse on the progress of time? Well quiet frankly it revolves around my lack of that precious commodity. Since going back to work I have felt that I am slowly being dragged back into hysteria, there aren't enough hours in the day to do all the things I need and want to. Housework, work and family obligations all build until, like Mt Etna, something explodes (usually my temper). I am sitting here recovering from a violent weeping jag that basically revolved entirely around trying to organise my daughters social life - while I'm at work mind you - and coordinate minor (HA!) incidentals like pick ups and drop offs and minding for the other daughter while they are both on school holidays. And I am pooped! It sounds silly now that I type it but it was all a big deal about two hours ago I can tell you LOL! Hmm I wonder if I'm menopausal (sp? dont have time to check LOL) hahahaha.

I guess I am frustrated because I really enjoyed my time at home and last holidays were nowhere near this stressful. Admittedly we didn't have much money to do much but........ Oh well there is my whinge and now I'm done! I think I feel better now - so thanks for sticking with me through that!

So this weekend just gone, I took the girls to see Disney on Ice Mickey and Minne's Amazing Adventure, and they loved it! We had brilliant seats only about 5-6 rows from the rink (one of the advantages to working I guess LOL) and Tasha was beside herself with excitement at the thought of seeing Ariel LOL. I didn't take my camera because I thought you weren't allowed to take photos but in the beginning they said to the audience that they were welcome to take photos! I was so cross at first but I am glad now that I didn't because I got to watch the show without worrying about the shots and if they were good ones and if I need the flash etc etc. So it turned out really well. I think we may be going back to see the Disney Princess's on Ice later in the year LOL.

Well this is a bit sad! I don't think that I have many recent pages to show you today because of the meltdown I have been experiencing this week getting a bit in the way of my creative juices so I only have the one - here is a page I did on Monday for the Pickleberrypop Pickle jar challenge that closed on the 30th June 2008 :) - I just scraped in on the deadline LOL.

Credits are here

Thanks so much for sticking with me until the end of this rambling rant - I promise I will be more cheery next time.