31 July 2008

Hmmm it's a bit dusty here LOL

LOL it has only been a fortnight but it seems like AGES since I was last here! Well I am not sure if I have mentioned the nasty migraines I have been having over the last four months, but I nearly had a bingle in my car two weeks ago on the way to work because a migraine hit while I was driving. I had to pull over into a park and wait for the flashing, zig zagy nightmare to finish and then I carefully drove home. I had had enough by this stage and I went to the doctors to see if she could help. So after some tests, I find out I'm anemic and I have high blood pressure which I'm not sure has anything to do with the migraines but never mind, and so now I am on little pink pills daily! yay! Oh and I have to keep a diary of my migraines too LOL. So fingers crossed these pills will help keep the nasty migraines away and the nasty blood pressure down ROFL :)

In other more exciting news Tasha has finally lost her first top tooth! Thank heavens! It was really gross because it had been hanging at an awkward angle for ages, refusing to fall out no matter what. She was showing the kids at school how she could twist it round and round when POP, out it came and promptly got lost in all the confusion LOL. She had to write a note and tell the tooth fairy that she had lost it but could she still get some money, thank you very much! But seriously, doesn't she look so cute with one tooth? hehehehe

Well my big girl's 11th birthday is rolling ever closer and we finally decided that she could have a party this year! She is inviting 7 of her nearest and dearest girlfriends to a hyperbowl party, where they will play ten pin bowling, get pizza and chips and lolly bags! She is beside herself with excitement! Who would have though bowling could be so anticipated LOL. I promise faithfully to post photo of the grand affair!

Oh and my dear SIL said she would love to see some of the photos of the cousins at Hervey Bay so here you are Jane, just for you :)


Bella and Em

Bella and Em told me that they made this Sand Castle - haha NOT!

I haven't really done much scrapping recently - only three I think since I last posted, one using Natalie's cool new Balance papers, gosh I just LOVE the texture on this paper ......


Oh I did this one for a PBP Picklejar Challenge where you had to use red, two frames, book and something else but i can't remember what it was now ROFL .....


And lastly, here is a page I did using Natalie's new and very funky This Way That Way kit!


Well I had best go now, I have to go over to Pickleberrypop and check out all the fabulous 2nd Birthday Celebrations going on over there! I just love the new look site too, fresh and clean and oh sooo crisp! if you haven't been over there in a while go over now and check it out! Ok then ta ta from me :)

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Carol said...

Oh my goodness, that "Adore" layout is fabulous, what a great picture. Love everything about it, yes especially the texture.

As for the migraines I really sympathise and hope they can get to the bottom of it. Do you ever have back and neck problems? A friend of mine got his back realigned and his migraines disappeared almost overnight, something about a nerve not sitting right. I know everyone will have their own solutions for you so I'll leave it at that, and hope that the doctor can offer you some relief and get to the bottom of it.