31 July 2007


I can't believe I'm finished this already LOL. The idea of this challenge just jumped out at me and the LO just burst into life - pretty funny hey!

Credits are here and if you can't read the writing just check out the credits link as the copy there is bigger and easier to read! I am so not typing that journaling out again - lmao!

Hey I forgot to mention that I finished Harry Potter ages ago! Sorry about that :). Anyway I just wanted to say that I was very happy with the ending and I felt it ended just as it should (no plot spoilers for anyone who hasn't read it yet LOL). Now I'm going to dig out my copies of Susan Cooper's "Over Sea Under Stone" novels to re-read because I have heard a rumour from some friends in the US who tell me there is going to be a movie released in October based on this series. I remember that I loved this series so much that I had the set shipped to me in Townsville from the UK! I hope that the movie does it justice!

Well I'm for an early night as I STILL have this damn sore throat so ta ta for now - mwa!


Toni said...

LOL, I'd just commented on this in the DID gallery, love the structure of this layout.

Leenie said...

Blog looks great Amanda... great LO for the ADSR too... oh and I read your post about head lice.... tell me 'bout it sister! Hate the buggers!

Carol said...

Ooooh I like everything about this, it just makes me want to look closer. Love it Amanda.