21 July 2007


Goodness I had a busy day today! First off there was the usual round of Saturday morning housework that goes hand-in-hand with full-time work, washing,dusting,tidying,vacuming etc etc blah blah blah. Then the girls and I went out and did a bit of shopping, bought some PJ's, birthday presents and got lotto for tonight's $21 mill(fingers crossed LOL). In the afternoon I took Tash to a birthday party for one of her friends, she had a wonderful time and came home tired and happy. Since then I have been keeping in touch with my ADSR partner Deb online as we collab on Challenge 2's LO. I'm pretty excited about it and I can't wait to see what she has done with her half of it :). I still find it incredible that we can be doing this when she is in the US and I'm here in Oz ....hmmmm that might be a good theme for the journalling LOL.

While I am waiting to see Deb's creation I am reading the new Harry Potter book. I know, I know! But I couldn't help it :),

I mean what could I do? There it was in the shops when I went out today and it looked so lonely I had to bring it home. I promise I won't tell you ANYTHING about it in case you are going to buy it for yourself.

Well my book calls and I am going to have to go to bed soon anyway - ta ta for now!

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Heather said...

I saw a photo from a friend in Canada, and apparently y'all have the same cover they do, which is different than the US cover. How strange is that? Now I need to find a UK cover to see which it looks like!