12 July 2007

Hi there!

I know it's been a while since I started this blog but I have been doing a bit of fine tuning to in the background and I haven't actually gotten around to writing anything as a post yet - LOL!

This new world of blogging is a lot of fun and I have been having a great time trying to work out how to add a slide show and a video and the time has just gotten away from me again.

I just wanted to say very quickly, before I go, that my friend Deb (aka Vixen) and I have registered a team in the Amazing Digiscrapping Race - we are really excited (nervous, horrified, anxious) to be part of such a HUGE event!

But ... the best bit is .... check it out .... we have our own blinkie!
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Seriously, how cool is that!

I will definately be back soon to fill in all the blanks about the race and all the other things in my life going on at the mo but right now ..... I'm off to bed LOL


Michele said...

Hi Amanda - love theslide show and the whole site looks good. I will looking forward to seeing more of your work in the coming months. Keep up the good work

LOL Michele

Nancy Comelab said...

Gorgeous blog, Amanda! And good luck with the Amazing Race! ;)