24 July 2007

ADSR Challenge 3

Well I enjoyed this challenge so much that I'm finished already LOL. It was a fairy tale theme and you could choose either, "Once upon a time", "Three Wishes", or "If I were the Queen of the world". I picked Three Wishes because funnily enough a poem started to come into my head as soon as I saw the words. I can't believe that I wrote a poem for it (how embarassing!) but it seemed to work for the Challenge criteria and the LO just flowed around the words. FYI the photo is from our wedding. Anyway here it is -

While walking by a Willow tree, I chanced to save
A fairy Queen, who, trapped within a web, called out to me.
Then filled with joy at her escape, a gift she gave,
Of wishes granted, One …. Two …. Three.
She asked me, “What is your heart’s desiring”,
And I pondered deep on her inquiring.
Indeed what would make me the happiest,
Great wealth, so in comfort I might rest?
Unequalled power, to be free and strong,
And good health, for a life lived well and long?
No, all these things were fine, ‘twas true,
But my heart’s desire was clear in view.
I turned my thoughts from riches bright
And spoke only words I knew were right,
“Your Majesty, only these three wishes do I seek:
A breeze to softly brush my cheek,
A song to fill my heart with bliss,
And my own sweet lover’s gentle kiss.
In truth these are all the riches I need, For me,
these are Queenly gifts indeed”.
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On the Harry Potter front, I am up to chapter 18 now and I'm loving it! It's very dark but 17 year olds usually are pretty moody people LOL! I am trying not to rush it because I know that this is the last one and it will end this time when I finish the book (sigh). All good things come to an end though.

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