15 July 2007


Well I have finished my first ever attempt at a blog banner - What do you think? I have used papers and a gorgeous flower by the lovely and talented Anna, one of Nancy Comelab's gorgeous vintage frames, Lisa Whitney's great blanket stitch & ksharonk's versatile staples - oh and of course a picture of my lovely girls to finish it off :).

I think that I have fiddled around with this blog enough for now so I had best go and do some folding and then start ironing school uniforms or I will be up late tonight doing it :)

Ta ta for now ......


Carol said...

I can't believe you've had this blog since 27th May and this is the first we've heard of it!!!!!!! Wet noodle alert! LOL

Fabulous fabulous, and you *think* you won't have much to say. I thought the same. Now I'm a total social commentary! LOL

Looking forward to reading more. Now pop some of your gorgeous scrapbooking layouts on here so everyone can drool at how absolutely talented you are!

Heather said...

Love the header, actually, the whole thing is quite nicely laid out! Can't wait to read more (I'd love to know the answer to the new shirt + paint equation myself! Though not as much as "what inspired you to leave an orange crayon in the pocket of your school uniform so they ALL came out of the wash with orange streaks" one).

LVMommy22 said...

super! your header turned out so well!

carol's right: you must post some LOs here!

here's an odd one for you: my DD can't keep a single piece of clothing clean to save her life. i accept this. so i bought her a top that happened to come with a white skirt. the outfit was so deeply discounted that i could justify throwing out the skirt after the first wearing. she's worn the skirt twice now, to school no less, and hasn't gotten a single thing on it! what's up with that?!

:) M

Cluey Girly said...

Hiya Cous!!!

I've got to agree with Carol here.... you've had this since MAY!!! Tut tut tut.... LOL.

LOVE love love the slide show, but then I always love your pictures. Banner's cool too!

Can't wait to see what else happens in here. Well done my artistic clever Cousin!!

Love n hugs to you and yours, as always.

xxx (By the way, Cluey Girly is Yvette, if you hadn't guessed by now! Hahahah....)