28 July 2007

ADSR Challenge 4

Hmmm I had a bit of trouble with this LO :(. It took ages to come together and I'm NOT entirely sure that it works but as a good friend of mine (M:) ) said, it is about finishing the race and not how popular your LO's are, that matters! So anyway I've finished it and that's that!

So here it is:

Credits are here

Just wanted to share some exciting scrapbooking news with you! The wonderfully talented Carol has been selected to be a guest Creative Team Member for one of our very favorite designers ksharonk - horray! So pop over to her blog and check out her fabulous LO's.

On the home front, we have recovered from our recent infestation of "hair lice"!!! Yuck! I washed everything there was to wash in HOT water (water restriction be damned!) and have treated and gone over everyones hair with (if you will forgive me) a fine tooth comb! That was enough drama for one week and apart from me losing my voice because of this head cold all has been good at home :). So I will say ta ta for now.

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Carol said...

Awwww, thank you for the vote of confidence. Love the layout, you look so, so, so ... Learned!!!