27 February 2008

OK it's official - I suck.....

Well maybe not suck but I certainly am a bad blogger, photographer and scrapper. It's a good thing I'm still doing an ok job as wife and mother or I would be out on the streets by now lmao! I don't know what is wrong with me at them moment. I haven't blogged in a while and that is probably because I haven't been doing my photos and I have felt guilty I guess. Well no more.... I shall not beat myself up if I don't take my photos each day - it is really hard to do and now the kids have taken to running away when I grab the camera LOL. So I am going to post as many photos as I comfortably can - ahhh I feel better already. So maybe I shouldn't call it Project 365 anymore........ how about "photos when I remember"???

I do actually have some scrapping news after all.... ADSR Season three kicked off on Sunday and Natalie and I have finished our LOs already and they are posted and checked by admin! Yehaaaah! I really enjoyed the first Challenge - it was a template and while I don't usually like templates (exept DebF's!) anymore I found it quiet easy to use. The challenge was to use your fav colour in 50% or more of the LO and use your fav element 3 times in the LO, you also had to use photos to show your fav srappinf subject. Well of course I have two fav subjects to scrap because everything I do I do for them :)

So without further ado here is my first entry in the ADSR :)

For You

Credits here

Here is the link to Natalie's gorgeous ADSR # 1 LO My Boys. And so there you have it and now we are starting Challenge 2 today - busy, busy, busy.

Ohhh did I mention that it was 40 degrees (104 f for my US friends) here on Saturday!! omg it was so hot! I felt faint half the day and the other half the family were hiding out in my friends pool. Nasty, nasty! We have been a bit spoilt this summer as the days have been quiet mild and haven't climbed higher than 31 for the most part but that one day went right up there and then amazingly dropped down to 31 again the next day! Thankfully it is a comfortable 26 here at the moment and overcast - fingers crossed for more rain.

I do actually have some photos since the last ones I posted so here you and please excuse the glaring gaps.

Feb 19

Morning tea time - Coffee and my book (fiddled with this in Lightroom)

Feb 20

I baked biscuits! And they weren't too bad either!

Feb 21

Found my keys after looking everywhere - and they were exactly where they should have been!

Feb 22

International day at Gumnut Guides - Tasha dressed as a Samoan girl and took a plate of pineapple, bannas and paw paw to share.

Feb 24

After the 40C heat comes the rain and the tropical plants are loving it!

Ok that's me done for another large post so ta ta for now - I have to go and pick up my Mum for some shopping therapy LOL

17 February 2008

Project 365 and some LOs too!

I might start off with a couple of LO's first because all I seem to do these days is post photos LOL.

I used Natalie's fantastic kit Home Sweet Home kit for this family LO. I love the colours and I am really happy with how it turned out :)

Family Credits here

This is my LO for the last Pickle Jar Challenge over at Pickleberry Pop - I was really reluctant to use red and blue together but hey... those were the rules for the challenge so I gave it a go!


Credits here

And THIS LO was for the Designs in Digital Blog Challenge "Scrap-it-for-me" hosted by the delightful Shannon. She asked us to scrap a photo of her little man Coen as she was having trouble scrapping with it LOL. It is a gorgeous photo and I loved scrapping it for Shannon!


Credits here

Well thanks for looking at my LOs - I appreciate it :)

And now for Project 365 lol

Feb 13

I know I have shown you pictures of my puss in a pot before but this time she has flowers growing out of her butt LOL!

Feb 14

My eldest DD good naturedly reading a story to her sister before school

Feb 15

I had to take this photo of puss - it's a bit blurry but she looked so cute rolling in the sun

Feb 16

The girls were given this huge Barbie Castle by a good friend and they just love it.

Feb 17

My DDs mesmerised by the computer

Ok another long winded post, sorry about that but you should know me by now, I can't help myself. And there are still heaps of things that I could still talk about but i'll give you all a break!

12 February 2008

Project 365 - Feb 10,11 & 12

Well hello there, I'm surprising myself a bit by posting now but after the last marathon post I said to myself "Self! Let's not do that to ourselves again, that took TOO long!" lmao! So here I am posting my recent photos -

Feb 10
Our old lawn mower is getting a real work out these days, with more rain forecast!

Feb 11
Ahhh the sweet feeling of order! First thing in the morning, hats ready, lunches made, school ports packed, and homework folders stacked neatly, all waiting for 8.15am!

Feb 12
Rain drops on the clothes line!
OK some people might think that I am obssessing on the rain but when you haven't seen this much of it in YEARS the novelty might take a little while to wear off! Mind you, I did get rather wet on our way up to school this morning and I wasn't feeling very thrilled then LOL

10 February 2008

Project 365

I really have to get myself a bit more organised with this I think! I keep missing my own deadlines and stressing myself out LOL. Oh well I guess I'm not working at the moment so I have to have something to stress about don't I hahahaha.

Anyway I thought I had better catch up on my photos. They aren't terribly exciting , but then again, my life isn't all that exciting LMAO!

Feb 1
Hmmm I do love a glass every now and then LOL

Feb 2
Another one of the lovely garden spiders in my yard.

Feb 3
The recent rain has made my pink Bottle Brush flower beautifully.

Feb 4
Rain drops on red leaves and whiskers on kittens .....

Feb 5
Abandoned Ball - look at the colour of our grass! Doesn't look very drought striken at the moment does it?

Feb 6
Puss in Pot - my silly cat loves to sit in the plant pots on the front veranda and look out at the world.

Feb 7
I was fiddling with this sunset on clouds in lightroom - I like it lol

Feb 8
Chelsea just loves me - especially after dinner!

Feb 9
Tasha's first day at Gumnut Girl Guides - she loved it!

Thanks for looking and I promise that I will try hard to be a bit better about posting these - because boy, it takes AGES to post all of them LMAO!And damn , I need to cordinate the borders around the photos better next time too *sigh*, well it's only Feb so I have all year to get it right!

06 February 2008

Project 365 up to the end of January!

I have to admit I am not overly thrilled with some of these photos but these are the best of a bad bunch! I think I might have murdered my photo mojo while I was on holidays because I feel so uninspired to take photos at the moment *sigh*. Anyway here you are - my project 365 photos up to the end of January (missing a day LOL). I hope that I will get a bit more enthused for Feb's pics.

Jan 27 - I was attracted by the glorious colours in my garden today.
Jan 28 - Chelsea letting Tasha pat her :)
Jan 29 - nada!
Jan 30 - Oh the wonderful falling rain!
Jan 31 - My flag & Chimes out on the front veranda

Anyway thanks for looking and ta-ta from me for today, I'll do the rest tomorrow :)

05 February 2008

And now for some fish....... er scrapping LOL

Sorry I was being silly *smile*

So I have some pretty BIG NEWS!!! I am so pleased to announce that the wonderful, talented and enthusiastic Natalie Bird is now the proud owner of Designs in Digital Yippeeeee!!!! She is so excited and is totally committed to making DID a stand-out success! I plan to help her in my own small way as much as I can! Seriously, I have been a member of DID ever since I first stumbled onto digi-scrapping back in 2006 and it has always been a friendly, welcoming place, so I can assure you that when the opportunity came up to become more involved in the workings of the site I jumped at the chance - so there you have it - I am now Odd Job Girl at DID and I couldn't be happier! Oh and check out the new banner, isn't it BEAUTIFUL!!!

So one of my first big jobs was to host a Challenge LOL! So if you are feeling in the need for some major mojo moving come on over to DID and have a go at my Do-Over Challenge. We are taking out our old LOs, dusting off the cobwebs and old fashioned papers and giving them an extreme makeover hahahaha. Here are the ones that I did for the challenge (don't worry I can't win LOL)

Eeeek this BEFORE LO is really quite wrong on so many levels but I just love the photo! it was definitely in need of a do-over. This was a very, very early days LO and I wonder now what ever was I thinking LOL - I do wish I could remember whose papers these are so I could credit them but this LO has never been put in any gallery and the kit has been removed from my computer, and so if they are yours I'm very sorry :)

This is the AFTER LO, I went for a fantasy theme this time, I don't think I even knew what a fantasy theme WAS when I did the original LOL! Credits as always can be found here!

I'm very excited to be hosting my first challenge and I hope that everyone enjoys it - oh and btw there is a $5.00 coupon to be given away to a randomly drawn winner and it MIGHT be you if you come on over LOL!

I have really been learning a lot though, I can do an email newsletter now (not terribly well but not bad), I have learnt how to make blinkies (check it out over there!), and I have been doing a lot of posting ROFL! in amongst all that I have tried to do a couple of DID challenges too and so I do have some LOs to post here - finally!

This is my LO for the great These Days Challenge that is being run by the lovely Heathermum - it will be run each month for a year so that at the end you will have a great monument of the year just gone.

Credits here
And this is my LO for a blog challenge that was up on the DID blog that was lots of fun! I really like how this turned out!

Credits here
Oh and this is a LO that I did with Natalie's new kit called It's Love - I just adore the colours! You can pick up this gorgeous kit right here

Credits here

Well I THINK that is all the scrapping news I have for you all so now I'm off to try to catch up with my Project 365 LOL - *yawn* - well ....maybe tomorrow! Gosh I talked a lot tonight!

Eeeek - it's Tuesday!

How did it get to be Tuesday so fast? One minute it was Friday and then BAM - it's Tuesday! It's very strange and now I am so behind on my posting it's not funny! On the plus side I have been VERY slack with my 365 photos so I haven't got a lot to post about hahahaha!

On the home front, the girls have returned to school (horray!) and while Natasha's initial enthusiasm for Grade 1 has waned slightly, they are both happy to be back with their friends. Tasha thinks her teacher is the best teacher in the WHOLE world, and Bella loves her class and her new teacher is the totally awesome (apparently) Mr M&M (as the kids are calling the poor man). The funniest thing is that they are straight into homework and activities and the kids - especially Tasha! - are NOT impressed LOL! Oh and here are my cuties on their first day back at school! Don't they look so grown up *sniff*?

Here is Tasha in her Grade 1 classroom all ready to go before the gloss wore off LOL!

I love the fact that we are back in a routine again, I do so love routine. It is probably the only thing I truly miss about work, crazy hey? Talking about work I had a meeting with a Recruitment Agency in the City today and so I am starting to dip my toe back in the water. I really don't know if I'm ready to go back to work yet but I do know the bank balance would like to see me go back soonish particularly since the solar hot water system died rather spectacularly last night complete with water pouring off the roof LOL!

So Ok this is the family post so if you are family or friends (or even if you are both LOL) you don't have to read anymore because I'm going to do some scrapping posts and then my Project 365. So ta ta to you all! Love and hugs!