05 February 2008

Eeeek - it's Tuesday!

How did it get to be Tuesday so fast? One minute it was Friday and then BAM - it's Tuesday! It's very strange and now I am so behind on my posting it's not funny! On the plus side I have been VERY slack with my 365 photos so I haven't got a lot to post about hahahaha!

On the home front, the girls have returned to school (horray!) and while Natasha's initial enthusiasm for Grade 1 has waned slightly, they are both happy to be back with their friends. Tasha thinks her teacher is the best teacher in the WHOLE world, and Bella loves her class and her new teacher is the totally awesome (apparently) Mr M&M (as the kids are calling the poor man). The funniest thing is that they are straight into homework and activities and the kids - especially Tasha! - are NOT impressed LOL! Oh and here are my cuties on their first day back at school! Don't they look so grown up *sniff*?

Here is Tasha in her Grade 1 classroom all ready to go before the gloss wore off LOL!

I love the fact that we are back in a routine again, I do so love routine. It is probably the only thing I truly miss about work, crazy hey? Talking about work I had a meeting with a Recruitment Agency in the City today and so I am starting to dip my toe back in the water. I really don't know if I'm ready to go back to work yet but I do know the bank balance would like to see me go back soonish particularly since the solar hot water system died rather spectacularly last night complete with water pouring off the roof LOL!

So Ok this is the family post so if you are family or friends (or even if you are both LOL) you don't have to read anymore because I'm going to do some scrapping posts and then my Project 365. So ta ta to you all! Love and hugs!

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