10 February 2008

Project 365

I really have to get myself a bit more organised with this I think! I keep missing my own deadlines and stressing myself out LOL. Oh well I guess I'm not working at the moment so I have to have something to stress about don't I hahahaha.

Anyway I thought I had better catch up on my photos. They aren't terribly exciting , but then again, my life isn't all that exciting LMAO!

Feb 1
Hmmm I do love a glass every now and then LOL

Feb 2
Another one of the lovely garden spiders in my yard.

Feb 3
The recent rain has made my pink Bottle Brush flower beautifully.

Feb 4
Rain drops on red leaves and whiskers on kittens .....

Feb 5
Abandoned Ball - look at the colour of our grass! Doesn't look very drought striken at the moment does it?

Feb 6
Puss in Pot - my silly cat loves to sit in the plant pots on the front veranda and look out at the world.

Feb 7
I was fiddling with this sunset on clouds in lightroom - I like it lol

Feb 8
Chelsea just loves me - especially after dinner!

Feb 9
Tasha's first day at Gumnut Girl Guides - she loved it!

Thanks for looking and I promise that I will try hard to be a bit better about posting these - because boy, it takes AGES to post all of them LMAO!And damn , I need to cordinate the borders around the photos better next time too *sigh*, well it's only Feb so I have all year to get it right!


Carol said...

Puss in pots, oh I love it. They are funny creatures, mine loves to sit on newspapers, especially when you are reading them! LOL The study of the glass of wine is really dramatic, but Amanda, I am never going to come up there and visit you, not with spiders like that hanging round you place, yikes!

Belanna said...

OMG How big is that spider? Love the clouds...they're gorgeous!

Cheryl said...

amanda those clouds are stunning! will have to try and catch something like that myself!