12 February 2008

Project 365 - Feb 10,11 & 12

Well hello there, I'm surprising myself a bit by posting now but after the last marathon post I said to myself "Self! Let's not do that to ourselves again, that took TOO long!" lmao! So here I am posting my recent photos -

Feb 10
Our old lawn mower is getting a real work out these days, with more rain forecast!

Feb 11
Ahhh the sweet feeling of order! First thing in the morning, hats ready, lunches made, school ports packed, and homework folders stacked neatly, all waiting for 8.15am!

Feb 12
Rain drops on the clothes line!
OK some people might think that I am obssessing on the rain but when you haven't seen this much of it in YEARS the novelty might take a little while to wear off! Mind you, I did get rather wet on our way up to school this morning and I wasn't feeling very thrilled then LOL

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Carol said...

Hey Amanda, I've tagged you, go check out my blog.


Play along if you like.

Your photography is getting better and better.