29 October 2007

I've become a weekly blogger LOL

Well it looks like I have become a weekly blogger doesn't it :). It has been pretty quiet here and there hasn't been anything major to report, sorry. OK to sum up the week just gone - On the home front I spent another day with the Prep kids on Tuesday and I am beginning to think that the teacher has it in for me (ha ha ha). We did paper mache (sp?) ladybettles and the glue was EVERYWHERE! One sweet darling had it all over the front of her uniform and I have been hiding from her mother ever since LOL! Good thing it is only flour & water glue! Seriously though it really is a rewarding day! I get to spend time with my youngest DD and watch her interact with other children and I also get to see my eldest at lunch when she is swarmed by little Preppies wanting to hug her (now that is FUNNY!).

Other family news is that we had Mum & Joe over for dinner on Saturday night for her birthday (which is actually today) and I made a carrot cake from scratch. Doesn't sound a lot does it? Well let me tell you that I am normally a packet mix cake kind of girl and cakes made from scratch are not usually a feature of my household. So I was as pleased as punch that I managed to make something that was actually edible :).

Lastly, my poor FIL managed to get out of ICU for a night before being rushed back again the next day with fluid built up around his heart *sigh*. Poor guy, I bet he is totally sick of ICU by now. On the plus side, they managed to get it all sorted pretty quickly and they let him spend some time out on the veranda over the weekend so he could look out at the world he hasn't seen for over 2 months.

Now the scrapping front has been a bit quiet too (my MIL really does love to do housework with me!!!) but I managed to finish the SUAS contest. I posted Challenge #6 last night and although it isn't as dazzling as many in the gallery, I was really happy with the message. We were supposed to tell of what we were going to do to "change the world" & I spoke about my children's fear that the drought will go on and I talked about the things that we can do to help conserve and protect our environment. So that was six weeks of my scrapping life finished with and I hope that I won't slump back into mojo-less land :). I can't wait until we can reveal our LO's, I really think that a couple of my LO were the best I have done.

I did manage to get a LO done for the Pickleberrypop Meme Challenge for October and it was lots of fun.

Credits are here

Well time is getting on, so I had best go get my darlings out of bed and ready for school! Can you believe that it is raining? The kids will love having to use their umbrellas :). Ta ta for now.

21 October 2007

Half bad & half good!

That about summed up my day! The half bad bit, was the horrid migraine that I had this morning, it was the worst one I have had in a LONG time. I was so ill I couldn't go to my dear friend Kelly's Baby Shower (which broke my heart!), I couldn't see properly and I had to take more pain killers than I usually do for migraines. And so this afternoon I was a bit of a space cadet. I am feeling better though, I just have a headache now.

The good bit was that by the afternoon, when hubby had to take his Mum up to the hospital for her daily visit, I sat at my computer (well I rationalised that it helped the nausea to focus on the screen LOL) and popped over to Scrap Artist to see how the Fiesta was going. I downloaded the fantastic Fiesta Kit giveaway and the colours are just brilliant! While I haven't ever been to Mexico, so I won't be able to scrap it but those fresh, bold colours can be used for any type of LO. While I was there, I checked out the challenges and decided to take part in the Pinata Contest. You had to complete four tasks to be eligible to get all four pieces of the Pinata prize and I thought "why not".

Here are the two LO's that I did for the Pinata pieces -

Hot Tamale!


Everything from the Scrap Artists Fiesta Kit

Admittedly they aren't my best work (what can I say, I had a migraine LOL) but they were fun and they helped take my mind of my throbbing head. The other two tasks were a Festive avatar & a Mexican recipe card - they are a bit too small to show to advantage here sorry, but if you are dying of curiosity here is my scrap artist gallery.

Anyway, I must go to bed because the old head is beginning to pound again *sigh!* - ta ta for now, my friends and family.

16 October 2007

A day with Prep!

I spent the day with Tasha's Prep class today and they have worn me out! I am now officially a shattered husk of a woman and I can't BELIEVE that I put my name down for EVERY Tuesday until the end of school! I must be crazy! Seriously it was exhausting but I had the best day.

The kids recorded a couple of songs for the Chrismas CD that the school is putting out this year and they were so well behaved and even though the auditorium was hot they did a wonderful job! Tasha just loved having me at school and gave me kisses and hugs every time she passed me. I must have been hugged about a hundred times by all the kids today, it's a good thing I'm chubby otherwise I would have bruised ribs. I also got to see my eldest daughter playing Tiggy in the school yard having a great old time. It was lovely to see her racing around laughing her head off because she is such a serious little thing most of the time :).

BTW - yesterday was my brother's 39th birthday. I sent him a birthday email yesterday with a LO that I did for him of the two of us at my wedding (ohhh so long ago!), I guess that because we don't talk much at all anymore I just wanted him to know that I was thinking of him. So, Happy Birthday Mark for yesterday, I hope that you had a great day. If I get a chance to resize it I will post it here for you to look at (no laughing though because seriously, bows were BIG in the '90s) LOL.

Soooo......as I am VERY tired I am heading off to bed but first I have to show you this cute little blinkie that Leenie has for snagging over at DesignsinDigital - it's adorable! Look, it's over on the side, over there, look on the right, oh never mind :).

Sorry no LO's tonight, I'm waiting for the next SUAS challenge to be posted LOL - but thanks for dropping by :)

14 October 2007

Ouch! It's been ages..........

Ok, sorry about that, I am now officially a bad blogger! Life has been very, very busy and I guess time just got away from me. Well to recap on the last few weeks; we have had the best school holidays EVER (according to the girls LOL) and the girls have happily gone back to school perfectly content that the Christmas holidays are going to be just as good or even better (help I'm under pressure now!).

It's funny but the time seems to go even more quickly now that I have finished work, my head is spinning by the end of some days. I think that people's expectations of you change when you don't WORK and they think that you have heaps of time to do things for them (ha ha!). Seriously the next person to say "so how is the lady of leisure" is going to get a slap! But I have to say that I am happy right now and even though I am busy, I feel content. I do miss my friends at work though. I was lucky that during the holidays I had the opportunity of catching up with some of them at an Intimo party run by my pal Kelly. It was great to see them AND to get fitted properly for a bra *blush* (rotflol!).

My FIL is still in hospital at the moment but every day is slowly better than the day before. The doctors have said that with good luck he may be home by Christmas. Fingers crossed! My dear MIL thinks that we are getting tired of her company but she is a delight to have here (she does my ironing! What's not to love?) and anyway, that's what family is for!

On the scrapping front, I am up to week 4 of the SUAS contest and so far I have been pretty happy with my entries. I haven't placed at all in the past 3 weeks (no surprise there LOL!) but I have really enjoyed the challenges well, up to now anyway! This weeks challenge is a monocromatic LO and I am finding it harder than the others. But on the plus side I really feel that I have scrapped LOs that I can be proud of. I can't wait for the big unveil at the end of the competiton so I can show them to you. I haven't really had much time to do any other LO's because the competition is pretty demanding but I did do one for Tasha the other day because she said that I only do LOs of Bella! BTW she demanded to be a Fairy Princess so here you are:

Journaling reads:
Princess Tasha wasn't going to wait around for her Prince to come! She was off into the dark, scary forest to go get him, herself!

Credits are here

Well I guess that is all the catching up from me, so I will say ta ta for now to you my family and friends!