16 October 2007

A day with Prep!

I spent the day with Tasha's Prep class today and they have worn me out! I am now officially a shattered husk of a woman and I can't BELIEVE that I put my name down for EVERY Tuesday until the end of school! I must be crazy! Seriously it was exhausting but I had the best day.

The kids recorded a couple of songs for the Chrismas CD that the school is putting out this year and they were so well behaved and even though the auditorium was hot they did a wonderful job! Tasha just loved having me at school and gave me kisses and hugs every time she passed me. I must have been hugged about a hundred times by all the kids today, it's a good thing I'm chubby otherwise I would have bruised ribs. I also got to see my eldest daughter playing Tiggy in the school yard having a great old time. It was lovely to see her racing around laughing her head off because she is such a serious little thing most of the time :).

BTW - yesterday was my brother's 39th birthday. I sent him a birthday email yesterday with a LO that I did for him of the two of us at my wedding (ohhh so long ago!), I guess that because we don't talk much at all anymore I just wanted him to know that I was thinking of him. So, Happy Birthday Mark for yesterday, I hope that you had a great day. If I get a chance to resize it I will post it here for you to look at (no laughing though because seriously, bows were BIG in the '90s) LOL.

Soooo......as I am VERY tired I am heading off to bed but first I have to show you this cute little blinkie that Leenie has for snagging over at DesignsinDigital - it's adorable! Look, it's over on the side, over there, look on the right, oh never mind :).

Sorry no LO's tonight, I'm waiting for the next SUAS challenge to be posted LOL - but thanks for dropping by :)

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Leenie said...

Oh Amanda... you must be mad volunteering to work with the Preppies one day a week!!! ROFL... I spent a little while with some grade 1's today and that was enough! LOL ;)

Speaking of which... I'd better go and help my kids with their homework!!! It never ends... LOL