14 October 2007

Ouch! It's been ages..........

Ok, sorry about that, I am now officially a bad blogger! Life has been very, very busy and I guess time just got away from me. Well to recap on the last few weeks; we have had the best school holidays EVER (according to the girls LOL) and the girls have happily gone back to school perfectly content that the Christmas holidays are going to be just as good or even better (help I'm under pressure now!).

It's funny but the time seems to go even more quickly now that I have finished work, my head is spinning by the end of some days. I think that people's expectations of you change when you don't WORK and they think that you have heaps of time to do things for them (ha ha!). Seriously the next person to say "so how is the lady of leisure" is going to get a slap! But I have to say that I am happy right now and even though I am busy, I feel content. I do miss my friends at work though. I was lucky that during the holidays I had the opportunity of catching up with some of them at an Intimo party run by my pal Kelly. It was great to see them AND to get fitted properly for a bra *blush* (rotflol!).

My FIL is still in hospital at the moment but every day is slowly better than the day before. The doctors have said that with good luck he may be home by Christmas. Fingers crossed! My dear MIL thinks that we are getting tired of her company but she is a delight to have here (she does my ironing! What's not to love?) and anyway, that's what family is for!

On the scrapping front, I am up to week 4 of the SUAS contest and so far I have been pretty happy with my entries. I haven't placed at all in the past 3 weeks (no surprise there LOL!) but I have really enjoyed the challenges well, up to now anyway! This weeks challenge is a monocromatic LO and I am finding it harder than the others. But on the plus side I really feel that I have scrapped LOs that I can be proud of. I can't wait for the big unveil at the end of the competiton so I can show them to you. I haven't really had much time to do any other LO's because the competition is pretty demanding but I did do one for Tasha the other day because she said that I only do LOs of Bella! BTW she demanded to be a Fairy Princess so here you are:

Journaling reads:
Princess Tasha wasn't going to wait around for her Prince to come! She was off into the dark, scary forest to go get him, herself!

Credits are here

Well I guess that is all the catching up from me, so I will say ta ta for now to you my family and friends!

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Carol said...

Oh good grief, what an amazingly fabulous layout, I adore that! The journalling is superb. Go Tasha Go !!!! Your poor FIL, but he has a good team behind him willing him to get better in all of you. I think I love your MIL too if she does your ironing! Thinking good thoughts for his recovery.