24 September 2007

Just wanted to share

Hi there my family & friends

I really just wanted to share a LO that I did tonight of my hubby and I. The photo is ghastly and out of focus but I grunged it up with an Urban Acid Action to give a bit of ompfh. I had to use it because it is one of the rare photos ever taken of just the two of us (that happens a lot when you have kids LOL). I was feeling all lovey tonight and I was thinking of the things that have changed over the twenty-two years that we have been together and smiling over the one thing that hasn't - Love.

So I'll leave you with it, I'm not posting it anywhere else so the credits are everything by Christina Renee. Nighty, night!

23 September 2007


I really should be in bed but .... I thought that I would quickly post before I go because I am not (repeat NOT) going to turn on my computer at all tomorrow! I spend WAY too much time on the damn thing LOL!

So for my family & friends who have no interest in digiscrapping - a quick note about the family! School holidays have just started and my cherubs are delighted to have me home for the whole two weeks :). I am happy to BE home lmao! We started the holidays by sorting out the winter clothes and putting them away, and pulling out the summer clothes and making sure they still fit! What fun! Tasha is very much improved thankfully and she seems to be able to hear much better with her sore ear now. Bell is fine, just acting like a typical pre-teen girl at the moment (but enough about that LOL). Apart from that, my dear MIL is still here as my FIL is STILL in ICU, so we went and spent some lovely girly time yesterday, window shopping and sipping Chai Lattes at Westfield - heaven!

As for digiscrapping, I have finished my first LO for the Stand Up and Scrap Contest (SUAS for those of us too lazy to type it out all the time) and while I can't show it to you, I am happy with it (now). So just to keep busy, I did this OTHER LO for a challenge at Pickleberrypop and I rather like how this one turned out!

So on that note I will leave you with it as I am yawning so much my jaw is aching :)
You at 2

Credits can be found at my Pickleberrypop Gallery here.

Night night.

19 September 2007

Quick hello

Just a quick HI before I go and pick up the eldest girl from school :). Well poor old Tasha had a middle and outer ear infection and now that we are all dosed up with antibiotics, drops, Nurofen & Claranaise (sp) syryp all is now well on the home front - LOL. That girl MUST go back to school tomorrow as she is going stir-crazy at home and she really is well enough to do so - but she is a bit deaf in her sore ear so I kept her home for another (and the last!) day.

On the scrapping front - I thouhgt that I had best give my creative juices a work out because the Stand Up and Scrap Contest starts tomorrow and I didn't want to be stale. So I tried my hand at the LO you can see below. It is a bit busier than I am usually inclined to do but, what the heck, live a little I say!

Credits here

Well I had best get on my way because it is nearly that time - take care my family & friends - ta ta :)

15 September 2007

Fixing the Mojo

I think I may have found the answer to my missing Mojo! With much encouragement (read nagging LOL) from my pal Deb, I registered today for the "Stand Up and Scrap Contest".

It is a wonderful concept that gives participants the opportunity to contribute to The Alliance for Climate Protection and buy the most AMAZING kit I have ever seen! Now I know that I have no chance in hell of winning, or frankly even get a place, but I really enjoy the challenge of stretching myself artisticly and forcing myself to do things that I wouldn't normally attempt. So there you are - I'm now an anonomous number in a sea of other participants (who are incredibly talented and equally anonomous!) - I can't post my LO's here on my blog because then you would know they were by me LOL but I am so looking forward to it :).

On the home front, all is good. Amazingly my dear FIL is hanging in there!!! It is so wonderful and he has even woken for the first time in a fortnight, so fingers crossed for his recovery!

I had a lovely day on Friday because the Prep kids had a display of their Museum project that they invited the parents to come and view. This is the first time that I have been able to go to something like this for so long and I loved it. The kids put on a little dance which was just adorable! I LOVE not working!!! Bella had a "totally MAD' night (her words not mine!) on Friday night because the school had a year 5/6 & 7 disco and she went and cut a rug (my words not her's - lmao!). The noise was incredible, we could hear it from our place, but she had a wonderful time. She looked so grown up that I felt all misty eyed but she just laughed at me!

Tasha has developed a temp, upset stomach and an ear ache this weekend so she has been kept on the couch with movies all day. Anyway I will have to go to bed soon because Tash was up last night throwing up and I need to catch up on my beauty sleep (lots and lots of it!). So good night family & friends - ta ta!

11 September 2007

Hi there!

It has been a little while since I last blogged because real life has been so very busy up until now! I finally finished work on Friday and it was a lovely, sad day. Everyone made a fuss and I felt very loved and very sad to go - after all I had been there for eleven years (but I still went LOL).

My FIL is still in ICU after his surgery and we are taking my dear MIL up there daily to sit with him. The whole business is so very exhausting for everyone and my poor MIL is worn out with worry and stress. But sadly, all we can do at the moment is be there for them both, that is what families are for.

I wish I could find my mojo (has anyone seen it around???) as I would love to do a scrap for my MIL of my FIL in his bowls rig but when I sit down at the computer I find myself staring off into space. So if you see my mojo lying around please return to sender OK!

Well I had best get back to staring off into space as it is nearly time to pick up the kids from school...... ta ta for now ......

01 September 2007

Ouch! It's been a while!

.....and so I had best catch up! Well as you might remember last weekend it was my darling Bella's 10th birthday and we spent the day at Sea World to celebrate. We had a fantastic day and the weather, the crowd numbers and the kids were amazing. Bella went on the corkscrew for the first time ever and while I think that it might be a while before she goes near it again (lmao!) she is now starting to think that it might have been "sort-of" OK. She had a great day and if I don't get a chance to send you all emails (I'll explain later in the post) I just wanted to thank friends and family for their cards and gifts - she was spoilt appallingly! But I still love you all :).

Here are some photos from the day - there were so many to chose from!

I haven't spent much time on the computer this week sadly, because hubby's Mum is staying with us while her partner is having surgery, and my computer is in the guest room - I am having serious withdrawls and I am trying to sneak time online when ever I can. I love having her here as she is the sweetest dear but damn, she goes to bed early LOL! This of course means that there has been no scrapping at all for me and I'm afraid I might start twitching soon! Thank heavens the ADSR has finished otherwise I might be in tears by now.

Speaking of the ADSR here are my last two entries :)
Challenge # 11 - was to scrap your favorite movie & what it meant to you, so anyone who knows me would know that this was a "no-brainer" for me! Lord of the Rings trilogy!!!

Challenge # 12 was the last LO for the race and was a scrap-lift of your favorite LO, by your partner, done during the race - that was easy! I loved Deb's Challenge # 3 LO

As usual credits are available at my DST gallery here
I am sad the race is over - I had a great time and I really enjoyed doing the challenges with my wonderful scrapping partner Deb! So all I can say is CONGRATS to the GIGI Girls for wining and "bring it on" for the next race.

Well I had better go, real life and house work are still to be caught up on, so I have to say ta ta for now!